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Indica Vanilla Kush - Cuttings - In Rockwool - 2014

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This grow will start with Vanilla Kush cuttings rooted in Rockwool cubes. The cuttings were dipped in Clonex rooting gel. The Rockwool cubes were soaked for several minutes in a solution of 1 teaspoon of Clonex clone solution per quart of water with the PH adjusted to 5.5. The cuttings were placed in a humidity dome and misted with the same solution as the Rockwool was soaked in once a day for three days.

Light is provided by a four foot, four tube 5400K T5 54 watt per tube fluorescent fixture. The fixture is placed 14 inches above the humidity dome and is on 24 hours.

I am now at one week and have flushed the Rockwool with Clonex clone solution at two teaspoons per quart of water with the PH adjusted to 5.8 and opened the vents on the humidity dome. I plan on removing the humidity dome in a couple days, provided the cuttings are doing ok. You may note in the photo that I have a heating pad under the humidity dome, but it is not being used.

way to go man! ill be sitting in for the ride. never cloned with rockwool before, always used jiffy cubes (come with nutes you just soak in water then place cutting in with gel)

but i do have a bag of rockwool i will need to use soon

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Due to my grow room not being ready, I have transplanted three clones into solo cups filled with sunshine advanced mix 4. The mix was soaked with a solution of 1 teaspoon of Clonex clone solution per quart of water with the PH adjusted to 5.9. Still waiting on root development on the remaining 4 cuttings. The light is about 8 inches above the clones.

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Week three, I now have four clones and I am waiting on three more cuttings to develop roots. I will be taking more cuttings soon. Since I decided to transplant into cups, there is no rush to get the grow room done. I have worked on it and have four, three gallon pots ready. Temperature is stable at 80 degrees with humidity at 55 percent. The grow area is 7 foot by 15 foot by 6.5 foot high, with two 600 watt MH lights, and an eight inch carbon filter.

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Cutting number five is showing roots and number six is “stuck” in the rock wool, the seventh cutting damped off, so it looks like I have a 50% success rate with the clones. The humidity dome is starting to grow some spots of algae on the perlite so I will clean it with a bleach solution to prepare it for fresh cuttings.
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I have taken six additional cuttings and followed the same method as at the beginning of this journal, with the following changes. I soaked the rock wool in plain PH adjusted water, cut the rock wool halfway through to hold the cuttings better instead of using the predrilled holes, and misted the cuttings once. I am hoping for a total of eight clones, but can handle twelve. My next post will be in a couple weeks, with pictures.


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I'm in dude, I'm growing some vanilla kush at the moment too from barneys farm.

How long did you wait before you considered the clones to be duds? Sometimes they can take much longer to root then the others.

50% is better than 0% that's for sure :D

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Welcome aboard DSXJ. On the first batch of duds, the stems had withered up, this was after the first week in the humidity dome. I think this was due to insufficient contact with the rock wool. At the third week, I bumped the dome and the last one literally fell out of the rock wool. I was initially expecting roots at two weeks. They finally showed after three weeks. I am trying a slightly different method with the fresh cuttings to see if I can get a better success rate.
Those look like some small cuttings happyplant... Try to find some with an extra set of leaves on them and stick them nice and far into your rockwool starter cube by cutting off the bottom set of leaves. Make sure to put your cuttings into the rockwool as quickly as possible after cutting them from the mother plant. Don't use the hole that comes pre-made in the rockwool cubes; It's too large.

Here's a great link for one of the best rockwool cloning methods.

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Hi shanker65, yes the cuttings are quite small, I could not get any larger ones at the time. The second set of cuttings are about twice the size of the original ones. I thought the holes in the rock wool were part of the problem, thanks for confirming this and thanks for the great link to the cloning guide. I love growing these plants, and I enjoy the learning experience!


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Bigger clones means bigger roots to support, then in turn means longer wait times for it to develop more roots to support its self before coming out of the humidity dome. Thats my 2 cents about bigger clones.

I have taken small clones in my day, infact my last batch was much much smaller then yours are ( Some literally 2-2 1/2" ). I would have had a better success rate but when I brought them to my friend they were unrooted and as soon as I got there I set them in the dome on the couch for two seconds and his dog jumped up and owned 3 of them. The rest survived though, so I guess I truly got 100%
I'll usually clip my clone, throw it in my water solution with a touch of micro nutes and make a second cut under the water drawing water in instead of air then taking it out of the water into the clone gel/powder and into medium. Pulling it out of the water will have a bubble of water on the end of the cut protecting the cut while it enters the gel/powder and safely into medium. I've had really great success rates this way, and instead of cutting the leaves at the tips I remove the lowest sets of leaves entirely. Less plant less roots for it to start and support its self.
Very nice! journal is about to really get going with all them popped ;)