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Newbie Grow with a BloomBox


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Oh and both of my HPS bulbs blew out within one months time. BC Northern Lights replaced both of them for free.

Ok, thanks for that info Alientic, I will call them again. I left a message with my rep but no reply. They aren't the highest quality bulb life-wise to be sure, but I am seeing really decent results, will post pics asap. Still trying to score me a canister though.


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Absolutely get the Co2 going. It helps with the higher temps that can occur with this box. You'll like the results. Put them in flower ASAP if you have not already done so.

Still shopping for one Doc, I am in week 4 of the 12/12 now, wait till you see the next pics, I had to cut the strings I tied them down with, damn things are still growing and the strings started cutting into the main stalks, actually lost another top off a side branch. FYI, Himalayan Gold is not for a short box grow, the description did say tall for an indica and it is just that.

Not sure what to do as most are touching the glass, weird, not seeing a whole lot of heat stress being right up on the lamp. What I am seeing is what I've never seen in real life, trichomes and resin :) Gotta have a bottle by this weekend.


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Looking good from a fellow newb! I was very close to buying a bloombox or supercloset, but realized I had more time than money, so I built my own. A while ago you asked about taking better pics. Does your camera have a mode that allows you to set the white balance? Check you directions as most do (even small P&S). Once you know how to do this, get a plain white piece of paper and put it under the HPS and set the white balance to the paper. For example, on my sony p&s I go to the white balance setting, point the lens at the paper and push the set button. That way the camera will think the orange-yellow of the hps is actually white and adjust the color. YOu can check my pics and see the ones I took with the white balance set and the ones from my cell phone.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks Jamn49, will give the camera trick a try. I am hoping this box pays for itself in my not paying market price for my meds. Been actually eating crappy advil for my jacked shoulder. I vowed the next time I vape it will be with my own stuff. No more wondering who grew or where my supply was grown. Hard to do that in good conscience knowing what is going down on our southern borders, I always hope that it was local grown but ya never know.


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Just starting week 5 of flower, lost the top of one this week due to growth and the string cut through the stalk...gonna pick up some wire to avoid that again, ended up having to cut them all loose as they were all starting to get split by the strings..ugh, live and learn. Just started with CO2 yesterday, wish I picked up a bottle a couple weeks ago.... Here are the latest pics after my res change today....enjoy...


The whole garden...

And, I guess I can call this bud porn??











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Week 6 and the ladies appear to be bloomin well, still battling high PH, starting to get some yellowing at the leaf tips, some of the leafs are starting to droop. Here are some pics after my res change and a little over a week of CO2. I think the girls like that gas.










I gave a shot at cloning this week, seems they want to just wilt, I think the clone dome is plenty humid and the temp is sitting around 79 F. Will post pics tomorrow. Definitely have to have something ready for after this harvest....
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The time has come to chop the ladies down, week 8, been flushing the last few days. Will send a smoke report and final weight after I cut and dry em out. Here are the most recent pics from today. Enjoy....


The Garden


Pretty Flowers :)


The himilayan gold towering over the papaya in the front


HG Cola


Papaya Close up


More HG Colas


Bag seed Mom, she kinda stinks just sitting in veg, wonder how the cuttings will be flowering?


Clones, started off with 12, looks like these ones are gonna make it, roots are starting to protrude through the hydroton (thanks for the hydroton tips guys, you know who you are)


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Let met take the this time to thank all of my supporters in my first try at indoor gardening, you guys and gals are top notch herbalists and just pretty much kick ass in general. If not for your help and guidance these ladies would not be stanking up the room today. I hope I can learn as much as you guys know so I can pass on the info and help like you all helped me.

Happy Mothers Day


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You did great. They look yummylicious!

Now a proper dry and cure and you'll be stylin!

I'm really happy for you and can't wait to see what you do next bro!

Have a great day.

Thanks SF, you as well as a few others were a huge help, I did trim some of the light wispy flowers from the lower branches last week and they were surprisingly smooth almost sweet to the taste and pretty stoney. I might have reverted to lightweight status so it doesn't say much as I swore not to smoke unless it was my own and that was well over 8 weeks ago. None the less, it works :) I was second guessing the bloombox purchase for a while there but I think it's a great purchase for anyone who is not a DIY type person. Thanks again for your help in getting my first grow out of the way.

Won't be long before I break out me old Volcano ....


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plants are looking good.
keep it up.
but your right you definately need something already vegging for when you chop these ladies down.

Thanks for the support Bear. The girls come down tomorrow, hell maybe tonight. It looks like most of my clones are taking off, just followed the directions from threads on this kick ass site, I was worried for a while as they were all looking ill but most have some good roots coming in and should be ready for the bloom side in another week or two.

Smoke report to follow in the next couple weeks....:439:


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look'in good


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Yup, chop completed. Got em in the dryer now. Not sure of the weight yet, will get to that when they dry. The more I look at the results the more I am thinking I might have 3 strains. The 3 papaya were smaller and had the fruity smell so pretty identifyable, same for the himilayan gold, 3 monsters that pretty much equaled the other 6 plants in total amount and 3 oddballs that look nothing like the 2 strains I am sure about.

In hindsight I wish I took picks of the HG colas before cutting them up, they were about as big around as a beer can and at least a foot long, meaty and a different skunky stank to them. By the time I was finished cutting and manicuring, my fingers were stuck together, rolled the resulting goo into a ball and partook :) I was out for the rest of the night. Will upload pics of the flowers in the dryer sometime over the weekend. Gotta clean the box for the next transfer from veg. My clones are alive, alive I tell you, muhahahaha. If I can do it, anyone can. Thanks for your support peeps. Smoke report next week, unless I find me some smaller dry pickens tonight.
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