1st Grow - Ebb-N-Grow : Afghan Kush, White Widow, Bag Seed!


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Standard Data:
What strain is it? 1 Clone (Bag Seed) 4-Afghan Kush 5-White Widow
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? ???
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Week 6 Veg
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Hydro
Hydro System? CAP Ebb-n-Grow / 12 Buckets
Growing Medium? Sure to Grow Inserts
Water Source and PPM/PH? Tap Water at 190ppm, PH 7.0
Size of light? 1000w on Light Mover
Is it aircooled? No
Temp of Room? 80f
RH of Room? 55-60%
PH of res? 5.9
Temp of res? 74.5
Any Pests ? Just the Wife
How often are you watering? 8x15min
Type and strength of ferts used? General Hydro/Flora - Current 1280 ppm
Other stuff? CO2, 1500ppm, Humidifier (set to 60%), 2x265gph Pumps in Res, CanFan/CanFilter, Timers, etc.

Background Info:
So, perhaps a little background is in order. This is really my 2nd ever grow, but the 1st using the CAP system. I ordered the CAP system while I've got a little General Hydroponics EcoGrower going. It's almost harvest time, but I've got Hermies in the batch, and I really didn't know what I was doing, basically I was experimenting using bag seeds and getting my feet wet (pun) with Hydro.

Here's a thread if you're interested in the Hermie battle:
Newb: Male or Female? Pics Here. Day 14 Flower - Thanks!

I got interested in growing, specifically using Hydro and the CAP system while reading through some of the journals here at 420. I've only been a hard-core fan of gardening for the last couple of months. I basically have killed all my house plants and just don't seem to have a green thumb with soil. I figured it was time to try Hydro after seeing the results.

I've had some "bumps" with the EcoGrower (small space, not easy to change res, smaller plants, drip only), but feel I've learned a great deal and ready to tackle a little larger grow.

I'm not really a DIY guy, I just prefer to purchase things I can plug-in and go. I also dig pictures and believe they can sometimes paint a better picture than my words can, so plan to see a bunch of images. Also, since I'm about 6 weeks into the veg cycle, the beginning here will be a "condensed" version to get up-to-speed.

I don't know if anyone will read my journal, but at the very least, it will allow me to document my trials and tribulations and maybe even improve my writing skills, ;-) I take criticism pretty well, so if you'd like to chime in, please don't hesitate. Also, of course any questions are welcome; don't know if I'll have the answers, but I'm sure someone will chime in.

Finally I'd like to provide individual shout-outs to several growers on the site, specifically the guys using the ebb-n-grow system. At this point I don't know if they want their names up on my journal, so they'll just remain nameless for the moment and when the time is right, I'll give proper recognition. In reality, everyone at 420magazine has been very helpful every time I've had a question. I don't think this site would thrive without the community feeling and closeness this site provides, both on a social level as well as the "definitive" growing resource. It's just a great place to be!

With that being said....On with the Grow!

Some of the Gear







So most people are familiar with seedlings, so I won't spend much time here. Here's a shot from Jan 18. Basically I used the paper-towel method of germination. When a nice tap-root was showing on the plate, I transplanted them to a Sure to Grow starter cubes. For those not familiar with Sure to Grow, it's an inert medium, to be used, instead of Hydroton. I cute the cube open, in half and placed the seed in the middle of the cube, then close the half-flap and pushed them into the large bucket inserts. Presto, that's it. Started off the first two days with plain water, about 40 gallons. Then I added about 400 ppm nutes strength according to General Hydro Nute Calculator. Also had a couple of seedlings that needed to be supported with the "straw trick" which worked wonders. An osculating fan was added to the room to provide a nice breeze and strengthen up those stems.

Jan 18, 2010

Ok, so here's where I encountered a couple of newbie mistakes. Everyone has them, it's how we recover that makes us stronger, ;-)

First issue I noticed was my new 1000 CAP NextGen ballast was not firing the light properly. It's on a timer 18/6, but often I'd come to check and the ballast would be blinking Red and the light wasn't on. In the meantime, I had my CFL ceiling can lights on in the room as well. So the plants were actually thinking they were in the flower cycle, because the MH light would come on sometimes, they just weren't getting the proper light cycle.

Here's a thread relating to the ballast issues:
CAP NextGen Ballasts: Problems?

The second issue I was starting to have was with Algae build up on the Sure to Grow inserts. Another thread was dedicated to this issue. I won't bore you with the details, but if you'd like further info you can read more here:
Sure to Grow - STG Cubes?

So here's where we're at on Feb 6, 2010


Long story, short. I placed the inserts too low, water formed on top of the inserts, pushed them down and the Algae was the result.

Prior to insert fix:

Post insert fix:

Currently, I have a m-ballast on the way, in the meantime I've just been running my CAP NextGen ballast 24/0. Once it fires, it stays on.
So four days later and things are looking much better. I've applied the S-hooks to all the inserts and they are sitting much higher now.

Feb 10, 2010

Also, at this point, we've pushed the nutes to about 1050ppm and things are starting to roll. (Another beginner mistake, my mentor tells me I was too low on the nutes, thanks Viper). The two on the bottom right were clone "experiments" and consider them goners. In subsequent pictures you'll notice these are covered up.
Four Days Later.

You might notice a couple of arrows on the picture. I was watching a video on the Sure to Grow site and they mentioned placing a piece of short PVC tubing between the buckets. This supposedly allows a little more root spacing at the bottom of the bucket. Does it work? Don't know, I guess time will tell.

Feb 16, 2010
Ok, so this picture brings us to present day, well actually it was taken a couple of days ago, but it's the first picture with the new CO2 system that I added. Incredible growth in my opinion. 1500ppm on the CO2. And the CAP devices make this incredibly easy to setup and use; three cords to plug-in, attach the regulator, and you're going!

Feb 20, 2010

PH: 5.9-6.0
PPM: 1380
I believe the final addition to getting my journal caught up with present day is the inclusion below of my feeding/"soup" mixture I've been following. I'm using a 30 gallon input for the calculator, but I'm actually putting in closer to 40 gallons in the reservoir, I find that provides me a little "padding" and it's been pretty darn close when the mixture is complete. (Currently using the Aggressive Growth column)


And that should do it. I just installed a light mover last night, so perhaps I'll get a couple of shots of that. I've also spread out the buckets in the room so they have more room for air circulation. I pruned one of the plants last night. First pruning ever! I don't think I over did it, just concentrated on the lower portion of the plant. If my back can handle it, I'm going to try and finish pruning the rest perhaps tonight.
looks good stink. . . i was thinking of a very similar setup. . .

was wondering, what are the dimensions of your grow area and how long is your mover?

if you got some STG loosefill and lined the bottom 3-4 indhes do you think that would have solved your problem before it started? a layer of hydroton would do the same thing?
looks good stink. . . i was thinking of a very similar setup. . .

was wondering, what are the dimensions of your grow area and how long is your mover?

if you got some STG loosefill and lined the bottom 3-4 indhes do you think that would have solved your problem before it started? a layer of hydroton would do the same thing?

Hey Wheel.

I'm really glad you're here. I've been following your grows for awhile now!

I don't want to provide any "wrong" info, so I'll take a measurement of the room tonight, and get back to you on that tomorrow. Also the final length of the light mover.

As for the hydroton, I'm sure that would work. Just want to clarify with you where you mention placing the hydroton. Basically I made TWO modifications based on STG recommendation. One, I used those S-hooks and embedded them in the insert (1 each side) and then hung the other end onto the rim of the bucket. Mod two was a piece of 1.1/2 inch PVC tubing placed in between the two buckets; creating extra space for the roots.

As you mentioned, I think the hail product would work as well at the bottom of the insert. I just didn't know enough to keep that insert up high in the bucket. If the water didn't sit on top, and gravity pulled it down, I'm wondering if it would've stayed in the correct position the whole time?

Finally, I have nothing really against Hydroton. I just took my small experience with it on my 1st grow (little 6" net pots) and it was a little more work than my back could handle. The appeal of easy setup and cleanup with the STG basically was my deciding factor.

Sorry I got a little long-winded with my answer, I'll let you filter what you feel is important.

Again, I'm really glad you're here. I'm sure I'll need your help in the future!

Much Respect.
Hey SF, Glad you are doing this. :nicethread: Looks great, your room looks perfect for 12 pots. I wish mine were a little larger, not a problem yet mind you. I would love to have four sides of access.
I don't want this to sound wrong, but it's somehow comforting to see that you "had issues" and recovered (and well). I accept that I will make mistakes, it's nice to know they aren't always terminal.
Very curious to see the final results with the STG. Correct me if I'm wrong but they are single use? How much did they cost?
How tall are you going to veg?
I am also totally excited to see how the STG goes. I am sick and tired of cleaning hydroton, and this is only my second run LOL. About the algae growth, can it get cleaned off? I guess now that no light is getting to it (because of your amazing growth in the last few days.) it shouldn't be a problem. How does the STG feel during flood? I have heard it turns a bit mushy, have you noticed?
looks good stink. . . i was thinking of a very similar setup. . .

was wondering, what are the dimensions of your grow area and how long is your mover?

Ok Wheel, ask and you shall receive.

Room dimensions are 9.6'w X 6.0'l X 7.0'h

Got a shot of the light mover here for you. I ended up using two sections of track, each 39" long so 6.5' - I setup the stoppers on the ends; probably about a foot in on one side, so it's traveling about 5.5' each pass.


I think it room might be a tad small, but we'll find out soon enough.

Thanks Wheel!
wow ill be following
this is intriguing!

Thanks man!!!! Welcome Aboard!

You rock bro! I don't say that about DWC blind. I have several early grows with DWC. I love soil and organics!! I am looking forward to my hydro adventure!! I want to do some watermelons in Hydro! Grow on!!

Hey Tommy.

You bring up some very valid points, and some "raw" subjects with recent drama that's been on the board lately. I won't bore you with the details but I would tend to agree with you. (Lots of bubbles around these parts, ;-)

And I'll be looking towards you for some soil advice in the near future. Would like to take a stab at growing some Mothers. If you think I'm green with Hydro, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Thanks for climbing on man!

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