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JDL 600 First Real Journal


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Hey guys! I'm going to do a journal using Jd lighting 600w hps and farmers pride organics by Blue Planet nutrients, the strain will be white skunk by white label seeds.

the tent I will be using is 36x20x60 inches and I have a 6 inch inline fan with a speed controller for the exhaust.

waiting on the nutrients and the light to get here right now so I have them in a 2x2 cab with (2)23 watt cfls.

5/18/12- Stuck (4)seeds in paper towel to germinate

5/19/12- 1 seed had a big enough taproot so i stuck it in some ffof with about 30% perlite added 5/20/12- the other (3)taproots were large stuck them in soil and few hours later they were all sticking through the soil

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will take pics soon as it arrives, fedex is shipping it at the moment. but it came with a cool tube the jd lighting 600w ballast, hps bulb,hangers and a timer for 195$ sounded good to me.

Thanks for the reply, following your thread aswell :goodjob:

I might run into some heating issues with the tent being that small and summer heat, so i might have to have the ballast dimmed for a while i dont know yet though.

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you will need a 6''inline fan, well if you in Cal state.With out my inline fan in my flower room, it gets to 86f right now, but that in a room not a tent?With inline fan my temp never gets past 75-80f at the heat of the day

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If you dim it down to 50% that will help big time, till you can get that fan.I'm running a 400w for my mother room, and run it from 6pm to 2pm and temp stays at 76f with my ac house on and 8f4max when not on.With a 20'' fan when the light are on.

No inline fan right now, just a warehouse h.i.d I turned in to a grow light.I've had that light 10yr's 5 grows now under it's belt!


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stuff arrived, decided i'm going to be going 12/12 from now on with the 4 white skunks, later i will veg out a mother, just not enough time right now. If i need to add more plants i still have 6 white skunk seeds and one feminized tnt kush. damn whats it take for replies ?lol..:peace:

the light is actually lower then that, i just had it up at the time of the pic..


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Looking nice man, I like your tent/setup. I have a similar size tent I am growing in now (2'x4'x5'3") and have thought about getting a fan and carbon filter if I ever fill up the tent a bit more as with two plants in there right now my ONA bucket I use is working but more plants might push it.

And as to your question with the seedling, you need to post clearer pictures if possible and include more information about your growing situation (temp, humidity, any symptoms on other plants, how did symptoms come on; fast or slow water used, nutrients and watering frequency; you said none yet just an example) and other stuff. Some information may not be needed but better to have too much info than not enough, really helps with correct diagnosis. Here is a link to a sub forum where you can ask advice and see things to include in questions.

How to Ask for Grow Support

Not sure if that is a white skunk that is the plant in question but if so you might want to wait to flower until you get the problem solved as harvest will be effected if you start flowering when plant is not healthy I believe.
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Hey Thanks for the replies!
I think it's just from the soil being too hot, i took it out of the ffof and just used regular potting soil mixed with perlite, i also put them into the tent with the hps but have it at 50% for now, the temp stays at about 79 with these settings and about 40% humidity.

they are only 5 days from seed at the moment.


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I wouldn't ever consider using a product where the contact is a Gmail Account and then there's the product line itself:

Farmer's Pride Organic Bio-Juice 0.5-0.1-0.6 - made from Sea Kelp Tea, Concentrated Alfalfa Tea, Worm Castings and Molasses

Organic growers make this up on a regular basis - for chump-change

Farmer's Pride K-Bud 0-0-7 - Sulfate of Potash (K20) and Elemental Sulfur

Bordering on completely worthless and benign

For less than $10.00 you could put these 'nutrients' together to create 20 gallons of concentrated base and you'd be using legitimate plant materials.

A Gmail Account and a mailing address in Louisiana?


someone from a diff forum said not to buy the BPN nutes any other input?i dont really care if i grow organically or not aslong as the results are good, so is there any reason to buy when i currently have bio-bizz bio grow and bio -bizz bio bloom?

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someone from a diff forum said not to buy the BPN nutes any other input?i dont really care if i grow organically or not aslong as the results are good, so is there any reason to buy when i currently have bio-bizz bio grow and bio -bizz bio bloom?
why, I bet he never used them?I'm sold!$80 bucks shipped for 3 gallons of bpn nutes!Great nutes at a great price!Mark my words!

Buying nutes from his on line ad, help keeps cost down.Where say, Fox farm, there great nutes too, but your also paying for advertisement, and hydro store needs to make some money too.But if you feel like paying more is good, then go for it.

Forgot to say his online store is also Paypal certified.I just made my secode order from them too, check this, out
I ALWAYS answer emails as soon as I get them. I may be in an important meeting or handling personal business but I never take more than 24 hours to respond to an email unless it has been sent to my SPAM box. I will check that shortly to make sure that everyone has been taken care of. In fact, I offer grow support to my customers over the phone on a person to person basis if they need it. What other companies offers that kind of service? Just ask sqwheels (my latest prodigy).....and many other members on this forum. I have spent hours talking to just one person at a time helping them on their grow.....for FREE....on a personal basis because I truly care and love my work and I take genuinely care about medical cannabis growers that need their medicine. Cannabis is my medicine as well and I understand its importance, and necessity of it.

As far as coupons go, my nutrients are priced well below my competitors, even with shipping costs included. I get requests for freebies/coupons multiple times a day and if I gave in to everyone's requests, I would go broke fast and BPN would no longer exist so I have to say no sometimes. My selfless nature and giving spirit sometimes gets me in trouble because it seems like folks try to take advantage of me at times and it is really frustrating to me. I have a full time job because that is what I have to do to pay my bills, take care of my responsibilities, and survive. I invest ALL of my disposable income into BPN and I have to tell you all, BPN is not providing me with much profit. Again, that doesn't really matter to me because helping folks grow cannabis is my true calling and I will continue to do it until I die. When not at work, I am answering emails, packing orders, and helping growers via email and over the telephone. Somewhere in between all of this, I find time to sleep a few hours. I haven't been on a fishing trip in over 12 months!!! :)

As far as "getting nutes" goes. As soon as I get an order, I receive an automatic email and I package up the order that evening unless it is past my bed time. If a phone number is provided, I used to call my customers and thank them for ordering from me and supporting 420 magazine. I have stopped that because it sometimes freaks folks out due to the nature of this business. As soon as I package up an order, I print a shipping label and an automatic email is sent from UPS with the tracking number as long as the email provided is valid. This happens no later than 24 hours after an order unless on a weekend.

NO ONE have never complained about my service and I ALWAYS make it right if with FREEBIES if there is a mistake with an order. There has been very few mistakes....but I am human. If there is a mistake, All you you have to do is contact me and it is taken care of promptly.....the customer is always right. PERIOD.

I am sure that you all get what I am trying to express so no more splain'in is needed.

One more thing, Very shortly, I will be offering a very special "GROW JOURNAL SPECIAL" to 420 members. I am fix'in to blow this place up with BPN grow Journals. I have a few more things to work out but expect some VERY GOOD deals on nutes in the next couple of months. I am going to make BPN a success if it is the last thing that I do! I cannot do this without the support with the 420magazine community.

Thanks for everyone that has provided me with support and positive vibes..............I need them now more than ever.........I love you all.

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