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Light of Jah - 2010


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Those last few picks look alot like mine did when I over fertilized. It looks like those young ins are growing in some "hot" shit. Maybe manure or something in the soil along those lines. Also a simple pH reading of the soil might shed some light. I just realized this thread is old and how did you make out? Did you solve the mystery? Happy growing, I'm a soil guy myself.
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Alright guys, I don't have any pictures since I'm updating from my Droid. The plants are outside but not in the ground, in the morning we will finish filling the holes and will put them in the ground. Cheers!

Side Note- Coyotes jumping into the river 15ft from where your stashing the plants at night is hella scary.

Cool, Jimbo you have coyotes guarding the garden to keep out the varmits! I'm gonna have to talk to some of my animal friends, fukin deer ate half a plant in BUD! That's a first for me, although I'm not totally convinced it wasn't the neighbors goat running around.
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New pictures, I havent been to the site in like 2 weeks. Last time I posted pictures is the last time both everyone on 420 Mag and I saw them. These are the new and improved monsters. Behold.

This plant is almost 6ft tall, and it's gonna continue to grow taller and more badass.



The base of the stem is a little bigger than my thumb


The fan leaves are HUGE.


This is the second biggest plant, I'd say it's pushing 5ft 9in. It finally showed its sex and, drum roll please.....it's a FEMALE!



Last but not least, BONSAI!



That's the update for now!
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Oldhippybiker, I'm sorry I never saw your posts! Usually my phone gets an email when someone posts on this thread! As for fertilizers I'm just using a fish based organic emulsion and the plants really don't show any signs of burning or anything, they are really happy. And as for soil, they are growing next to a river in very sandy soil, probably 85% sand and the rest organic matter. The coyotes and slugs are the rivers biggest inhabitants! I forgot to take pictures of all the dead slugs at the base of the plants today...I would probably say there was a total of 30.


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Just wondering , are you putting them into some type of clay soil ? that does not look breath able .
Pictures! I took these all with my droid so I apologize if they are a bit blurry.

Our biggest plant so far (missing a bigger set of leaves)


This plant was almost untouched


Missing its bottom set of leaves


Save meeeeeeeee


Another poor victim


Still trucking


The setup

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Those pictures are very deceiving, when we planted them into the ground we mixed some clay based soil and the river sand together and when we watered them they looked like they got goopy. I assure you the plants absolutely love the soil and the roots continue to drive south to China!


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I hope they make it one more month, the Summer looks like its pretty much over and an early Fall is coming upon Washington!


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It's been a while! Here are some lovely pictures!

It was absolutely pouring when I went and visited them. The plants were too top heavy from the 2 weeks of constant rain (Thanks Washington!) and fell over into the river bamboo. The 2 plants in the ground are ok and don't look like they were effected at all. The bonsai plant has the most developed bud growth and the other 2 are slightly behind. The plants were so tall they weren't able to fit into the picture...7ft tall.

This is the perfect plant.

A majority of the fan leaves near the top of the 2 ground plants are this size. Huuuugeeee!

The buds on the ground plants are this size near the top.

The second perfect plant.

The trunk-like stems are the size of a 50 cent piece.


Top Budding point of the bonsai plant. It looks a bit stressed but I don't know why.

Feel free to ask any questions, I like hearing from other forum members!

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Hey yall check out this micro grow I have a question on!


It's a Micro, hydro, supercropped and then scgrogged sativa (Light of Jah) that I'm trying to contain in this tiny little space. It's getting really dense like I was hoping, but the problem is that the strain wants to spread out and take its time, like a sativa, and I can't let that happen as you can see.

I have a very limited space in there and there are too many leaves getting in the way of the different grow sites... none of the budding zones are getting any light! I switched to 12-12 at about the time of this picture and I still haven't received any definite signs of sex, just the 1/2 way precursors to preflowers.

So here's the question-- should I be removing some of the leaves around each budding zone just so they can start to flower?

ps-- those lights are lowered to reduce stretch, they will be raised in the future. I have about another... eh, 8 inches..!


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BTW- I'm not expecting yield here. I'm looking to regen the best one after my dubious harvest and then use it as a mother for another Outdoor like the one I'm doing in this journal. These plants are a litmus test of my skills with these varying skills I learned here, and to test the limits of space confinement and the strategies to overcome it.


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Nice stealth box, if I may add my two cents on your question about trimming the leaves. I had trimmed a lot of leaves on one of my ladies, well all, but one got more than the others, most were insect gnarled and def. ridden. As the girls became into women, the one with less leaves has far less bud sites. I can't tell you to do it or not, but I hope my experience can help you with your decision.
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I am using a sunlight solutions hydroponic system to grow loj. My plants are starting to die and I'm not sure what to do. In the instructions it said to begin using spray and grow during week 2 of the growing process but the water developed an odd film so I have since stopped using it but I think it may have stunted the growth of my plants. Also the larger leaves are a yellowish brown color but farther toward the stem its still green. I switched out the mh bulb for an hps bulb after one week of germination because that was the short growing instructions for the box I purchased. I'm becoming very frustrated and not sure if my plants are going to make it. Someone please help!
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