Lighting for autoflowers


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I've heard lots of different things when it comes to the light schedule used for autoflowering strains. If you grow autos I'd like to know what you use and why.
18/6 pal that's what I am running it's my 1st grow but I had 2 plants stated early plus 4 more on a final 10 day flush but I had great success

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I've been giving them 6 hrs of rest now since the day after xmas and can already a big improvement. Thanks for the advice folks :thanks:
18/6 on current run with a 12/12 run coming up in a few weeks to show the difference.

In my journal below

20/4 or 18/6 , i did 20/4 for veg last run, then 18/6 on flower, but this time i think ill stay 20/4 the whole time... Ether one u pick will work.

That works....saves me from having to do it will be interesting at 12/12 to see if I can fit them in my

Ive done 24/0, 20/4, 18/6 and 12/12 from start to finish. 18/6 start to finish consistently had the best results with autos by far for me.

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I have two photo's to run out when my current auto's are done, I just wanted to do it for lack of having anything else to do :)
This is my first indoor grow and using hydroponics, I have LED lighting and have been using 18/6. Because they are going to flower regardless, light and rest is natural
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