Lion's Humidity Issues?

Howzit fellow growers,
Ok, so I'm just about to tackle my next grow, but the new grow location has changed and I'm having humidity issues. The new grow is taking place in a 4x8x7.5 grow tent (240 cu.ft.) in a garage.
My problem is that I can't seem to get the RH below 70%...even with adequate exhaust and ventilation and all that. (It rains a lot here...especially in the winter months)

This grow is on a very tight budget, so I can't afford to buy a 'real' dehumidifier. This fix is going to have to involve some cheap DIY action. I was looking into silica gel or something similar that can lower the humidity within the tent. But, I am not sure if this will really work...and I don't want to buy anything if it wont end up working.

Has anyone else done something similar, or have any different suggestions?? Any help would be much appreciated!! THANKS!!!
Does your tent have a floor or is the concrete exposed inside the tent?

Sometimes concrete holds a lot of moisture.

I know we use to have those damp-rid buckets in our basement as a kid, and they seem to fill up with water fairly quick if I recall. I forgot the formula for desiccant, but you would need a ton of surface area to remove the moisture that way. I have a coffee can size desiccant canister I use to dry out trimmings, and I think it is rated for 54 cubic feet.

Is the ambient temp low enough that you could run a kerosene heater or something outside the tent in the garage to dry the air out? Or maybe run it when the lights are off to keep the temps down?

Maybe find a used dehumidifier off of craigslist or something? Or get one of your friends to buy you one in exchange for some nugs when the grow is done?
Thanks for the reply Aero!

Yup my tent has its own floor, so it's not the concrete. I'll look into those Damp-Rid buckets.
I also like your idea on the heater...I hadn't thought of that. Do you think it can be a little plug-in space heater, or will it have to be like an open-flame camping heater? It gets pretty damn cold up here in the winter, so I have been thinking I may need a heater anyway to keep my girls cozy especially while the lights are off. I'll do a little research and see what I can find.

Thanks brotha! Aloha!!
Space heater work good for small spaces. Best to use at night/lights out when temps are the coolest. this also helps regulate ur grow temp and keep it in a stable (hopefully) desired range. A dehumidifier is a must for basements in the rainy season. In Cali u can find one under $100 if u get it b4 the 1st big rainy season. GL.
Aero420, nice point about concrete holding moisture. I never factored that into the equation. +reps for slappin the thinking cap on.
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