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Damn I read that as metals and bone...o_O

You have me well-trained Crazy ;).

Canceled the trip tho... Had way too much nerve pain in my legs today to even think about doing such a trip... I will have to order the bone saw. :)

He’s a Swede, they are metal as fuck! Lol
Haha! I think you guys are way more bad ass that us. It's just hill billies around here. :)

. Mmmmm......
Julmust, beetrootsallad.... Mustard crust ham.... :cry: me tooooo
Yeah, that would have been a treat right. :) Wounder if they serve the Julbord every were in the world like they do with meatballs?
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I'm so happy! Got news from my mom, she was on her kemo yesterday and they now say the cancer is gone! She is going to keep on with the treatment but It's so nice to hear... it's the third time she has beaten this decease! Going to make her a cake today and we are going to celebrate this! :)

Keep it green folks! Update coming tonight!
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The pills or the shots? My dad has done both.
Keep forgetting the name of it. It's some sort of treatment that boost her own immune system. She gets it in drip 14 days apart. She has been on this for 3 years now.

Update on the girls.

White widow seems weeks apart from Spliff Berry. But Spliff Berry has come a long way now. She is about to start flowering. The babies have opened up now and are growing good.

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Yeah, I haven't had time to f-ck anything up yet. :)

Been experimenting some with my rez pH since I got the Canna pH down. Started the experiment with 7.5 pH and went down to 6.7. Let the air stone running and the day after it was back at 7.5. Shut it off this morning and now it's down to 7.1. So the hypotheses about pH raise while airing the rez is true. Going to add some more pH down and try landing it at 6.5 and see if it stabilizes there or not. Should have a small propeller mixer in the rez. Don't like leaving such volume of water and chem sitting for a week+ it's a recipe for sedimentation.


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:yahoo: Great news Crazy! Tent looks stellar and I see you have your graphics department working overtime. Gives them less time to mess up the plants ;).
Yeah we are real happy about these news. Best xmas present ever!

The GFX department have been very busy. :) But they have even had time to experiment with the pH in the rez. Haven't checked it today yet.
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F-ck.... Poseidon had a malfunction last night. The rez was empty and somewhere in the box it's sprung a leak. The pump is probably toast and the cooling blocks look like they started to leak as well. :eek:

Hmm, the easiest way of saving this is to order more strips from Digi-Key I think.