Mickymac's Coco Big Bang CFL Grow Journal 2014

I'm subbed.

I'm using two of those 300W cfls, yes they are a bit on the large side and the way in which "dual spectrum" is implemented was a disappointment to me; half and half, I'd have preferred alternating filaments but hey ho.

As someone suggested, you might not be able to squeeze 5 plants in that tent... though of my four plants i was supposed to pick the best and deal with the rest but I've not been able to part with them thus far.

Don't worry too much about the seedlings not looking right just yet, they'll do that.

Someone suggested not using the filter yet, probably a gokd idea although depending on your strain you might get odor during veg, i got odor a month and some days into vegging.

Hope your grow goes well. I'll check in from time to time :)

this plant was started from seed and then trained in the "fluxing" hubbing method i use.

if you look at my soil you will be able to see that it looks like it has good air flow as well as water drainage from my soil.


this guy was transplanted into soil with very minimal air flow and water drainage, you can see in the soil what im talking about.

i hope this helps a little bit for you
Thanks again GF, I think my problem is airflow, Im going to improve that today to see if it helps! Equanimity, just seems to be very little movement in growth and they have been in the grow medium for 10 days now, I'm going to have to start the nutes soon and worry this might make matters worse because the seedlings are so small and delicate.

I will improve air circulation and give them no water until Tuesday and see how they are looking. Thanks for they help guys! very much appreciated!
seedling stage can be pretty long and it's different for everyone, all depending on your growing medium, strain, methods and environment. These things can't be rushed and there's no set time for when you need to start nutes; my plants let me know when they were ready by showing me deficiencies. there's a tonne of guides on these forums that cover all growing media and conditions, you can follow these but allow some leeway for your strain which may respond more slowly or more quickly than those in the guide. make sure you find a guide that covers the media you grow in, such as coir (what i use) as these can vary drastically and have disparate guidelines.

the seedling stage is well known to be the period in which patience is a boon; history is full of growers who started nutes too early to try and speed things up in this stage; many of them failed. in this game, google is your best friend and this site is your second best friend because what you can't figure out on google can be posited here in the form of a question and we'll answer if we can.

don't get tempted to try to artificially speed things up as you could murder them. I felt the same when my plants were very small; my particular strain sprouted from dry seed in less than 2 days and got to about an inch and then sat there for a week, then grew more, then went back into chillin snail mode.. it ebbed and flowed like that until .. it's still happening.

the first grow is definitely the hardest, there have been times when I've thought about throwing the head up and dumping the lot but I'm glad i didn't, I've learned loads and i know I've so much more to learn before i can call myself a proper grower. you just have to be persistent. if you fail, start again, and keep going until something stops you (money, cops etc)

and if you have questions and can't find the answers, ask. like i said, someone will answer if we can.

keep the faith brother.
Wow man, sorry to hear.

I lost my first two plants... so I know the feeling. But the best thing to do is learn from the experience, and use what you've learned to make your next grow even better. If you take what you learned this time, and use it next time, it's going to GREATLY improve your yield when harvest time comes. It can also result in very high quality Cannabis.

Keep an eye on some other journals too, you'll learn a lot watching the people who have years of experience. You'll pick up a lot of great information from their grow journals.
Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

We are sorry to hear of your loss.

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Hope all is well in your world.

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