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A Passion for Cheese - Stratonites First Grow - 300 Watt CFL

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I'd firstly like to thank Paddysmoke for the clones! I now am the proud owner of 2 Cheese and 1 Passion#1 plants.

My setup is:

Space: Grow tent 80cm x 80cm x 160cm
Light: 1 x 300watt CFL Dual Spectrum
Growing Medium: Coco Coir & Perlite mix
Nutes: Hydro Coco "Grow", "Flower" & "PK Boost"

why'd you change your name?

Let's hope this grow fares better. mine is still going. I'm gonna follow this to see how you get on with the PK nutes and such.

seriously gonna hit poundland like tomorrow for these thanks lad :)

also, yeah, i don't use equanimity anywhere else, and it makes finding my post a breeze. "equanimity grow" in google and you're there.

Oh by the way, where'd you get the bulb and what wattage is it?
when i started my grow (from seed) the soil stayed moist for a full week, til the point i was worried about mould. it did eventually work itself out though. i didn't give them any more water until they'd started drying out
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It seems the 2 cheese clones haven't taken root. They still look healthy so I took them out re-cut them, dipped them in rooting powder and re-planted them. I have been reading about getting them to take root and there seems to be some conflicting information. some forums say to mist the leaves a few times per day and other say only to mist the dome. Anyone any advice?
i think with misting leaves they cant really hold the weight , i just do the domes personally , i think they have enough work to do putting their effort into growing roots , it can take up to 10/14 days to see roots
i made a little bubble cloner if you want me to make you one let me know , did you see it on my thread ?

good luck
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Another few pics of the babies, the 2 clones are still looking healthy although they haven't rooted, I think going by my photos that the Passion#1 is growing ok but very slowly, It's hard to tell when I'm check them every few hours! lol the Passion is 3 weeks old now, Is it time to start feeding full strength nutes?
lol your as bad as me , at the start my head was never out of the tent LLF :3::3::3: it looks like nothing is happening , but then id not look at them for a few days and i did notice new growth , but let me say its very very hard not to look , it drives you nuts at the start , i was obsessed not sleeping or feck all , i thought i was heading to the red brick mate , but once you get the run of things and dont panic as much it not as bad ,

mental !!!:thumb:
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Cheers Paddy, I know I actually picked up the passion the other day and said "grow ye bastard ya!" like it would work! lol Do you think its time for full strength nutes? I've read so much about over doing nutes and burning the plant. But at the same time I want these to be as big as possible and I'm sure the early stages of growth will be a big part of that.