My 2023 Perpetual Grow - Organic, Partial SIP

Got something new this week, the Wedding Cake seed #2 I just sprouted is out of soil this morning and looking good. I moistened the soil with full strength veg feed prior to planting and will continue feeding lightly until the plant has enough growth to handle the SIP action.

Next up is the OG Kush seed #15 coming in on day 21 of flowering and just starting to show some flowers. This one is sucking up the juices and stretching nicely considering her small stature in the beginning. I have still been defoliating every day or two, and now that she is into full flower mode will ease off on the defoliation and will just do mostly training from here. This will be my Christmas and New Years weed if everything goes to plan.

I moistened the soil with full strength veg feed prior to planting and will continue feeding lightly until the plant has enough growth to handle the SIP action.
Yikes! Seedlings are usually started off on well diluted nutes, and even those aren't given until the seedling has at least a pair or two of real leaves. Hope your mix doesn't fry your plant. 😟
Hehe, naw, its Alaskan Fish feed, its all organic and shouldn't burn the plant. I've been doing this every cycle to prep the soil. Its not like adding chemical nutes.
Ok, good that you have experience with it. I make Jadam extracts and can definitely fry my plants with them if not diluted enough.
I guess its time for another update, but sorry I didn't get any pictures before the HPS turned on. If I take em now its just going to look yellow.
In any case, I am defoliating the OGK seed #15 (after 7 days of flower) every day or second day, quite heavily, still working to keep the canopy fairly even. She is still going through about 1-1.5L of water/day so things are on track and progressing nicely. I'm still feeding veg feed, but will transition to flower feed and more bottom feeding of the SIP, as I have been solely top feeding up to this point. Will try to get pics tomorrow.

you probably have a filter in your original camera app, that will shoot it to look like it was un full spectrum, white light. Look for Intense Cool, or something "cold"
''Got something new this week, the Wedding Cake seed #2 I just sprouted is out of soil this morning and looking good."


So much fun watching you make a weed-seed into something truly inspirational. Way to go mate, and thanks for doing it here with us. It really helps. Like, a lot.
Woo Saturday! Thanks for the kind words @ReservoirDog, never thought of it like that, I just grow for my own enjoyment etc. Really great that others appreciate the posts! If you look at my journal from just a year ago, things have come a long way. I'm finding its not just the soil, the nutes, the lights etc, but the techniques involved that produce a good plant. In the end its going to be all top-buds with a nice finish if everything goes to plan, due to the quad-lining and defoliation techniques. Trimming is WAY nicer will all top-buds. The SIP makes things nice and simple, and I keep it all organic, re-using my soil and adding compost every cycle, except sometimes through the winter months.

I forgot to remove the filter on my camera this week, so the pics a are a bit blue/green compared to normal.

First up is the Wedding Cake seed #2 after 7 full days out of soil, day 8 of veg by my counting. This one isn't expected to be a big grower either, but should produce nice buds. The current buds from seed #1 are cured at about 3-months and already its a good smoke, nice flavors. This one will be quad-lined as per usual and is in a SIP bucket. Am lightly feeding plain PH-d water, since the water here is really hard, and will switch to veg feed soon.

Lastly we have the OG Kush seed #15 going strong at day 28 flowering. She is just starting to build some buds, and the sugar leaves just starting to develop crystals. Every 2 days I've been topping up the SIP with about 3.75L of flowering feed, top-feeding a little bit since the buckets are so tall. There is a little bit of a smell, but not much so I haven't replaced my carbon filter in quite a while which is nice. I've still had to defoliate a bit here and there over the past week, but I think the leaves should stop growing soon and the plant should focus primarily on growing flowers. I've been allowing for a canopy a few inches below the top of the buds, but the top leaves have kind of taken over.

I grow in much the same way for the last couple of years. I quad out, often topping my tips. I use Car Hooks (named for the inventor on this forum) during veg to spread out the plant, and then a little bit of this, then a little bit of that. Just things you pick up over the years.

I'm 50 now, but in my twenties I grew outdoors at scale (guerilla, obv) and after/during that I worked in other people's grow rooms for years and years - everything from sweeping up, to a hired consultant focusing on one issue or even as Grow Foreman, for that matter (please not again, not Foreman). But I never got around to setting up my own proper indoor system that would serve me and my learning needs personally, and so a lot of interesting stuff about growing was unknown to me, filtered out by the positions I'd been in.

A couple of years ago an old girlfriend, totally out of the blue, contacted me and asked if I didn't already have a growroom, would I like to have one if she gave me $7000.00 CAD. That really was the heart of the conversation and to say I was taken aback would be.... 'accurately understating' how I felt. As you can surmise, no doubt, I am not too proud a man to receive charity when truly needed.

But, the thing was, I wasn't even smoking it at that point, a joint every 3 months for the past 10 years, basically. She wasn't trying to get me high, clearly there are cheaper ways to go about that. No, she knew that I needed something like this to devote myself to, and she knew how much I liked growing cannabis.

Gardening requires us to invest now for future gain. It's a very positive experience and while my struggles have been primarily physical, psychological impacts are unavoidable.

She apparently misinterpreted a conversation I had with someone else when it was passed on to her (shocking, no?).

I am very fortunate that someone, with whom I'd once had a wonderful relationship but by now had even abandoned Xmas cards, would want to help me to that extent.

I don't think I appeared too pathetic a figure back then, two years ago, but I'm notoriously bad at exactly that question, so I have to leave it unanswered.

Weird story, huh? Anyway, I dig your training and defole methods, they are very close to mine so I get a great deal of information by watching your plants. I'll talk about down-to-earth plant stuff normally, promise! Going through some big challenges right now so I'm in a unique headspace.
Gardening requires us to invest now for future gain.
This. It takes a few months to successfully grow a good plant, but it can produce a few more months worth of supply all at once. I really enjoy gardening in general, and being able to finally grow these beautiful alien-like plants legally is pretty awesome. Its a shame its still kind of taboo, as I don't let many people know that I grow, just family and the closest of friends. I have so much that its hard to give it all away like this, but I don't mind having extra :p.
Quite a weird story RD, but I like your style.
Time for another update!

This week we have some nice things growing on, first up is the Wedding Cake seed #2 after 14 full days vegging. This plant is looking nice and healthy, maybe slightly short on nitrogen since I've just been feeding PH'd tap water. I just topped yesterday after 13 days vegging, so I am set up for quad-lining once again.

Lastly we have the OG Kush seed #15 budding nicely on day 35 of flower. You can see some of the lower buds are already popping with orange hairs which means she is starting to mature a bit I guess, I'm going to guess 10-11 weeks of flowering on this one. The lower leaves that get hardly any light are dying off fairly quickly now too, so I have some cleanup to do at the bottom of the plant. Still feeding the SIP every 2 days or so, with a bit of top-feeding to keep the top of the soil moist.

All in all things are rocking! I kind of want to get a third plant going, but once this WC plant gets a bit bigger I won't have any room, so with the current situation (growing too much weed lol) I'll probably get this one into flower before I get another plant into veg.
Thanks @Regrowth Hopefully the final result is just as sweet.

First up this week is really the main event, Wedding Cake seed #2 coming in hot. There is so much growth from the last week I had to double check that I didn't miss a week in pictures, but no, she is just growing! I just started on training the other day. This plant has grown a bit sideways, which I tried to adjust slightly with training, but will mostly just leave it as-is.

Next up is the OG Kush seed #15 which is slowly growing flowers now. I still had to do very light defoliation over this last week to break up the top canopy a little and allow some light and airflow through the buds. Not much to say here, this one is going steady and the SIP is doing its job nicely for lazy old me.
I missed out on getting pictures before the HPS came on but attempted using the cool filter on my camera per @ReservoirDog and they came out pretty good, but still slightly yellow.

Have you considered entering some of our contests with pictures of your monster plants?
Starting this week we have Wedding Cake seed #2 coming in after 28 full days in veg. The growth is still impressive by my standards and she is showing her quad-lined shape now. I've still been lightly top-watering and filling up the SIP little by little, but its still not quite full yet. I will continue to top-water until flowering due to my veg feed (Alaska Fish feed) conglomerating at the bottom of the container if I tube-feed. I've done some defoliation in the center of the plant, letting the light get to all the buds.

Lastly we have the OG Kush seed #15 on day 49 of flowering. If you look close you can see the beginnings of some purpling, which is standard for this plant in these conditions. There seems to be a nice amount of crystals forming, not quite as crystally as some of my other OGK plants, but still looking good. Defoliation is finally over, now I'm just trying to keep up with watering it and letting it be. The individual buds are not that big, but there are a LOT of buds as anyone can see, so I expect to get a nice sized harvest out of this one in a month or so.

First up this week is Wedding Cake seed #2 after 35 full days veg and this plant is coming along very nicely. I've been doing pretty heavy defoliation on the tallest branches, instead of training them or covering them up with leaves, trying to force the main 4 branches to grow the most. This plant is starting to consume a lot of water, so I've been trying to keep the SIP topped up or pretty close. Its hard to see the shape in the picture, but she has been quad-lined and will continue to be trained outwards, to maintain a fairly short but wide plant in a rectangle shape.

Lastly is the OG Kush seed #15 on day 56 of flowering. This plant is nowhere near close to being ready after 8 weeks flowering, but is starting to pack on some big trichomes. I've just been keeping up the watering, not doing much else over the past week as the work is done, its all up to the plant now. If I do say so myself, she is looking fine!

The Wedding Cake seed #2 is coming along now after 42 full days of veg. I'm running out of height in my veg area, so will have to put this one into flowering very soon. I'm still learning defoliation, and trying to find the right balance of leaves to leave on the plant. Right now I'm taking off all the higher growth from the middle buds, leaving a canopy at the base of the plant, trying to force the main branches to keep growing instead of the other branches taking over. This plant is taking about 1.3L of water/day.

In late flowering, we have the OG Kush seed #15 after about 9 weeks of flowering and developing pretty good. Its all buds from here. Looking close at the bud pics you can see a bit of purple coming in on the bud leaves. This plant is starting to slow down a bit now, with the bottom leaves yellowing up and falling off. It has a light sweet smell to it, but this plant never seems to have a strong smelling terpene profile. Lots of orange hairs showing in the pics, so I'm now guessing 3 more weeks or longer until harvest. That would put harvest and/or trimming for this plant right around Xmas!
Up today we have the Wedding Cake seed #2 on day 49 of veg and going into flower today or tomorrow. This one is still just plugging away, with slightly bigger growth and wider internode spacing than the OG Kush #15. I am still just top-feeding veg feed and keeping the SIP topped up while defoliating all the inner branches, spreading out the outermost branches. This is under two 100w LED panels.

I didn't have a chance to get shots of the OGK #15, but all the big bottom leaves have either gone full yellow or dropped off entirely. I did a bit of a drought over the last week, going about 5 full days without watering, letting the SIP dry out fully before I did a flush of just water. Now she is finishing but will be a few more weeks at least it looks like. I will start looking more closely at the trichomes soon.

Another week another flower but lots going on this week!

First up this week is a good thing in a small package, we have Gelato seed #7 that just came out of soil yesterday morning. This is now the 3rd SIP bucket I've built. This is also my 7th Gelato seed, because on the first pack of seeds I got, only one seed sprouted, but it was an awesome plant with very nice flower. The second Gelato I grew (seed #6) came out of a separate seed pack and resulted in a nice flowery/fruity smell but isn't quite as potent as the previous Gelato or the BlueBerryKush x AK47. I'm hoping this seed more or less resembles the first one I grew, but there is that variability when it comes to growing from seed, so will see how it goes here. It should be good bud either way.

Second up is the Wedding Cake seed #2 after 56 days growth, 6 days flowering. This one is probably my best job yet of training and defoliating to promote a nice even canopy and grow only top buds on a rectangular plant. I really love this idea of only growing top buds because every bud comes out ripe, with the same light exposure etc as every other bud. It makes for nice easy trimming and maintains a pretty high jar appeal, with only big buds in every jar. This plant is growing in a nice rectangle, and its the first one I have grown so far that I managed to get the shape just right. This is because my 600w HPS has a rectangular hood, so the light footprint will match the plant pretty closely once this is the only plant in flowering, plus it helps to fit the two plants in the tent while there are two. I have been feeding high N veg feed and will switch now to flowering feed as she should have enough nitrogen to make it through the flowering stretch.

Lastly is the OG Kush seed #15 after 137 days of growth, on day 77 of flowering. The buds are looking pretty sick, with huge crystals sticking out everywhere, and if you look closely, dense clusters of crystals on every calyx. The smell isn't strong, but it is dank. I was hoping for 12 weeks of flowering, but here we are at week 11 and I think its going to take at least 2 more weeks. This means I might chop my tree Christmas morning or the day after. I want a nice mixture of amber and white crystals, so will let her roll until she is completely done growing, with mostly red-hairs, yellow leaves, and lots of amber trichomes. I started flushing her over a week ago, and did a light drought as well. I will do another drought cycle when it is closer to finish.

Thanks again to everyone here who has given suggestions and information, I am really happy with this stage of the grow and looking forward to the future!
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