Corporate Espionage: A Copycat Flux In A SIP - Grown From Schwag?

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Did I Mention that my garden is a giant SIP???
I buried 4 French drains 10 inches under the dirt and I feed em with a garden hose going to a 4 way splitter. My timer feeds em for 10 minutes every morning. My garden last year was decimated by bugs and powdery mildew.... this year I don't have problems with ANYTHING. I just give em nutrients every 2 weeks and watch as they grow. (FF GrowBig, cal/mag, silica, Great White, bloom booster)
The original Flux plant is a dude. I put it behind the garage so customers wouldn't see it when they came by, and when I checked it out tonight, it had a bunch of big hairy balls. I'm glad now that it got mistreated and replaced.
The second seed I popped never made it fully above dirt, it died as a U shaped sprout.
Here is the third generation in her second day above dirt.
I call her Ginger.
I'm going to try and follow LAs grow and do it like he does, without fucking everything up again.
Here we go!


Those second nubs are poppin out! I think the light may be a little too bright for her next to my lettuce and herbs. I probably should have let her start life under the blurple light in the seedling box, but it's too late for that now. I gave her a super mild dose of seedling nutrients, but she'll be getting a real serving of food once I see the third node pop up.

My girl is... something. Something is wrong, but I'm not sure what...I also haven't Googled that shit either though so that's probably why I'm still in the dark.
Her stem is splitting down the sides, although I don't see any other signs of deficiency, this is not ideal! I propped her up with a piece of a stick, but I'm worried about the little baby. Hopefully a nice feeding - rich in silica and cal/mag - will help get her feet back up under her.
Never seen this symptom before, it's a weird one.
Stay breezy friends!




Growth too fast for the plant material to keep up?

It lives in a tiny 'dollar store SIP', maybe that's part of it? Growing too fast with too much access to the well?
I've not seen that before either, though I usually treat my seedlings like a regular one at the start with pretty limited watering from the top. Once it gets established I start gradually giving it water from below. Did you start right out with a full reservoir?
I've not seen that before either, though I usually treat my seedlings like a regular one at the start with pretty limited watering from the top. Once it gets established I start gradually giving it water from below. Did you start right out with a full reservoir?
I can be heavy handed with the watering can... I did give it a little top watering a couple days ago along with some res water. :rolleyes: I don't know what my problem is, I can't help myself. I'm not a born-gardener, I'm an Enabler. I'll give the things I love whatever they ask for, even if it's unhealthy. I Have A Problem, i need council! :rofl:
Here she is this morning after a foliar of silica and cal/mag - i know, more water 🤦‍♂️ I told you, I'm sick. Hahaha
She's still doing her thing, so I won't stress too much yet... I'll just eyeball the shit out of her 20 times a day!
I'm ready to Flux it up, let's get at it! Only a few more nodes to go.
Stay breezy friends.




My buddy used Mineral Spirits to clean his clogged pipe, even after I strongly suggested rubbing alcohol and salt. His pipe reeks an awful chemical smell and I refuse to smoke with it. Am I overeacting? Or can I get some support that I'm right and he is a idiot?

Preface - These are not my ideas, my style, or my innovation. I'm just painting by numbers on this one, LA and the SIP Brigade have led the way.
I plan to Flux my plant as I follow along with the @Light Addict grow, I'm around 2 weeks behind his journal so I should be able to mimic him without futzing anything up. If you haven't seen his grows, I suggest you check them out, he's a weed artist. The SIP crew inspired me to build my planters, you'd have to be a fool not to use them, after seeing the jungles a SIP will grow.

This is My Circus, however, and these Are My Monkeys! :party:
So let's get to it!

This is a simple soil grow- in bagged potting soil. "Back to Roots" soil from Walmart I believe. It'll be fed Prescription Blend, Great White, and mild bloom booster - living its life in a SIP. Starting with the small Dollar store SIP (SIP Puff Jr) and ending in my rectangular SIP (The SIP³) so that it'll fit in my nursery room. The lighting will be provided by a $40 GVG LED I got online, I know it sounds cheap but it's a proven light thats grown me good weed, despite its low price tag. (All Samsung leds)

This is a bag seed my knucklhead friend gave me, from some dirt weed he got from his uncle. Brown, no smell, and seedy - just really bad herb.
Can this Schwag seed be grown into chronic???????
Let's find out!

TLDR: Growing fluxed schwag in a SIP. Check me out!

2 days above ground.


Hello growers! My basement where my grow space resides is about 65° F on most days, if the central ac is really crankin in the house it may get a little lower

Whats a safe way to warm my 2 tents, im just cracking seeds now so they have a heat mat at 80° while the seeds are germinating
That sounds like an exciting project you have going on! It's great that you're drawing inspiration from experienced growers and incorporating their techniques into your own grow. Following along with someone else's grow journal can be a helpful way to learn and improve your own skills.

Using a SIP (Sub-Irrigated Planter) is a popular choice among many growers because it provides a self-watering system that can help maintain consistent moisture levels for your plants. It's also great that you're starting with a small SIP and then transitioning to a larger one that fits your nursery room.

As for the soil, using a bagged potting soil like "Back to Roots" from Walmart should work well for your plants. Just make sure it has good drainage and contains enough nutrients to support your plant's growth. Adding supplements like Prescription Blend, Great White (a beneficial mycorrhizal inoculant), and a mild bloom booster can help provide additional nutrients and support healthy development.

Regarding the lighting, the GVG LED you mentioned might have a lower price tag, but if it has been proven to grow good weed, then that's a positive sign. As long as the light provides the right spectrum and intensity for your plants' needs, it can be effective regardless of the price. Samsung LEDs are generally known for their quality, so that's a good feature to have.

Now, onto your seed. Growing a plant from a bag seed can be a bit unpredictable since the genetics are unknown. However, with proper care and attention, it's definitely possible to grow a high-quality plant even from a schwag (low-quality) seed. Give it the right conditions, including adequate light, nutrients, and a favorable environment, and you might be pleasantly surprised with the results. Just keep in mind that the outcome may vary since you're working with an unknown strain.

It's great that you're documenting your progress and sharing your journey. Happy growing.
Just to clarify. This isn't a Schwag seed plant, it's seed was from the pollen chuckers at my local hydro store. The schwag turned out to be a dude and it's in my back yard growing big hairy balls. I'm going to chop it down and re-use it's SIP.
Back to the action!
We got more nodes and the stem re-grew thicker, so we're coasting for now. It's hot and dry in the plant room, so I got a little leaf curl, but no biggie. As the lettuce and flowers around it get bigger they'll help add humidity probably. It'll be in the Boom-boom room shortly anyway, where it'll be subject to 90°+ temps during the day and wild humidity swings, trial by fire!
I'm following the LA's flux-tech, so I still have a couple nodes to go before I top and train.



"How can you mend a broken heart? How can you stop the rain from falling down?..."
The splitting and healing of the stem continues. I can't stop it, so I'll document it. No other issues to this point that I can see.


Looks to me like the first layer of "skin" is all that's splitting. That happens to my plants a lot when they start to get bigger.
Kind of like when you start to peel after a sunburn.
The plant turned into a quad-line, and then a car-hook ripped off one of her arms while I was at work. Sad. Now it's a tri-line? Something like that.
I'll post pics this weekend, I got a whole mess of things going on right now, no time for love Dr. Jones.
That's one of the reasons I like using weights instead of forcing them into a static position.
When you attach the weights, how do you keep them from sliding as the branch reaches up? If I hook my weights on the closest set of leaf crooks they end up damaging the emerging bud nodes. Clue me in on your setup.
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