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My First Grow: Blueberry, Gold Leaf, Strawberry Cake & Pineapple Chunk

blue rust

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So this is my first grow ever, I'm pretty sure I've managed to kill Lima beans in the past but I've decided to jump into this with both feet, an arm and a couple of elbows.

To start it off I ordered 5 feminized blueberries and 5 gold leaf because they were on sale. I got antsy while waiting and also ordered 5 big bud strawberry cakes and a pineapple chunk also because it was a freebie.

I'm growing in a 4x2x6 hydroponics tent using 2 300 watts leds viperspecter and lightunnel. Using foxfarms ocean fertilizer and ph ing all water down between 6.6-6.8.

I started with 1 bb and 1 gl after a couple of days I decided to heck with it let's fill this tent and planted 4 more Bb,s.

Of course that's when strawberry cake and pineapple chunk arrived. So I bought a new tent and growlight. This time I got an apollo 4x4x7 and a 600watt led viparspecter. This time I've started them in a soil cube under a humidity dome unsure of the brand.

B.B. Is growing fine it seems I've had her a little directly in front of a small fan and today had to prop her up a little. I've adjusted the fan so it's not direct at any plant. Gl seems to be a squat little thing so far. It may be my fault for not putting the soil to the top in her cup. The sisters are all sprouted and are showing their own personality. Dummy number 4 doesn't seem to want to drop her seed pod.

2 days for the strawberry cake and pineapple. About half have started to work their way up no pineapple yet though.

Can't wait to have some fruit salad. Any suggestions or advice is welcome. Sorry to be long winded and I feel that I left out a ton but there will be more days to come. :thanks:

Seeds: blueberry fem
Gold leaf fem 40-60% indica dominant
Heavyweight strawberry cake genetics chronic x white widow x cheese 70%indica
Barneys farm pineapple chunk indica dominant genetics cheese x skunk
Soil: fox farms ocean forest
Temps: between 73-77
Rh: 35-76
Watering ph 6.8 with liquid seaweed 1/4 teaspoon to 2 cups of water initial watering only no other real watering since.


blue rust

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Turned on my other light yesterday after I noticed there were a few dimmer spots in the tent. Also started 16/8 light cycle. Unfortunately there were some heat problems when I checked on the girls this morning. I readjusted the fan to blow some of the heat up I may raise both lights up a few inches as well as opening one of the exhaust vents up top. I also received a carbon scrubber and exhaust fan that I have yet to put up that may help. I'm a little nervous about doing too much all at once and have to fight the other direction. We'll see though.

Blue was looking a little droopy and her soil was pretty dry so I gave her and the other ladies a good soaking with regular h2o with about a half teaspoon of liquid seaweed. Phd to about 6.4. I've had some heavy leans with some of the girls so there's been some propping up hopefully they fly straight soon.

Dummy number 4 was still holding onto her seed pod but a gentle nudge and it popped right off. She's a real girl now I'll have to change her name.

The new girls have me a little nervous though. Pineapple is holding onto her seed pod and she looks like her roots are above the surface. I'm not sure if this is because they've been under the humidity dome or if I didn't put her deep enough into the growing medium. Also one of the strawberries you can see the root poking up and one has yet to surface. I'm wishing I had treated these girls the way I had the others.

I guess my options are to put some soil on top of the exposed roots and hope they don't get upset about it. Or let it be and let time tell. I'll probably opt for the former in either case the humidity dome has been cracked and will probably be removed altogether by tommorow.

Thanks for listening this seems like more of a whine fest than a journal today but I'll go with it.


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Looking good man. Im excited to see how those lights work for you. I have the viparspectra 450w and I love it. I just wish I had another one. Im thinking about getting a 300 or maybe 2. One for each side. Im not sure though Haha but hey you should check out my journal. Its a work in progress but im getting there [emoji14] im subbing to this though. Caught my eye for sure [emoji14]

First LED Grow Tent

blue rust

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So I added some loose ffof to the top of pineapple and propped her up a bit. I also am removing humidity dome. While I was working on her I noticed Goldie had a pretty good lean to her so I used a twist tie to keep her headed in the right direction. My stems in general seem weak any advice other than what I've done would be appreciated.

blue rust

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So what I thought may of been heat related I now believe was overwatering. At least the symptoms of it. When I checked on the girls this morning I noticed some root activity coming from the bottom of my solo cup so transplanting day came earlier than I expected. I amended some ffof with perlite in 3 gal fabric bags added some mykos to the root ball and threw it in. I also moved her and Goldie over to the big tent. Wish her luck cuz she's looking prett sad ATM.

blue rust

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So blue seems to like the transplant, she's starting to bounce back a little at least the undamaged looking fan leaves are starting to rise. I am concerned about her damaged leaves though. As I'm not 100% sure as to what caused the damage it could of been splash, a consequence of overwatering or a combination of items. From what I've read there is some conflicting information about what to do with her damaged leaves. I could cut them in half which is what I was thinking of doing but some say that cutting your leaves stresses the plant and takes away some of her ability to photosynthesize. I don't know if damaged as they are whether or not they still have the ability. I've also read that it could cause her to send out more roots which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'll consider any advice.

Goldie apparently loves her new pot. She's getting nice and fat I just wish she'd add some height as well. She's just a short fat Oompa Loompa.

I also moved the lil blues into the big girl tent. Their quiet and tend to mind their business. They like their new house even though they have to sit on Tupperware to reach the 24 inches to the light. I added a 100 watt cfl because their a little closer to the wall and I want them to have all the chances that blue never did.

Humidity was a little high in the big girl tent I believe this is because of the water run off evaporating into the air. I've removed the tray I had them in and just added a planter tray(name?).

3 out of the 5 strawberries are looking good and strong so I'm pretty happy with them. I hated the medium they were in so I moved them over to a solo cup with ffof. I added a little mykos to the hole and watered the soil its regular water phd to 6.5. I just took the whole ball and placed them in I can't really see that as being the wrong way to go as that would be what I did eventually anyways. They just get one additional transplanting this way into the 3 gallon fabric pots in another couple of weeks. I investigated the non growing strawberries and found one actually seems to be doing something. She's starting to poke her little seed covered head up I'm not gonna hold my breath on her but if she makes an appearance awesome. If not I didn't really have room for her anyways. The last strawberry is a dud never to be spoken of again. Her root was broken off of her seed. Whether I was too rough in her planting by pressing the soil around her or if the root burned off somehow when it was exposed I'll never know.

Piney is another story I've had to prop her up in the past I'm pretty positive I didn't plant her deep enough and the roots came up with her. when I came home from work she was just flopped over on her side. I know she's had a hard life so far but that's no reason to just quit, right? So I transplanted her with the strawberry girls she's so small that I don't want to do too much but I propped her up some more and made sure that the problem area was covered with soil and am praying to the weed gods that she turns out ok. She was a freebie but I really got excited about seeing her in all her glory. So fingers crossed she makes a go of it.

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blue rust

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So blues doing OK it seems. She had me nervous, still not sure if I should cut those leaves so the energy can go elsewhere or not. Everyone else seems to be doing OK. Piney is hanging on as well she oriented to the light anyways. I'm not sure how to go about straightening that stem though. She's so little and delicate. Maybe if I shoved a zip tie in the surface and tried to lean her against it. I think I'm going to give her another couple of days anyhow to try and fly straight.



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blue rust

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Just a quick update, the splashed leaves on blue are a loss however I removed her terminal bud last night and started some lst. All Temps and rh are as they should be I suppose. I gave them a feeding of ff wholly mackerel and boomerang the other day no water yet. I propped Goldie up a little just for a slight lean. Baby blues seem to be living life. I'm seeing some roots pop through the bottom of the solo cup so I believe I'll transplant this weekend to their forever homes. Piney is starting to stand up a little better on her own. I still have high hopes for that girl.


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blue rust

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Re: My First Grow - Blueberry, Gold Leaf, Strawberry Cake & Pineapple Chunk

So yesterday I started training Goldie a bit, with her I'm going for the north south look. When I checked on her today she looked so much bigger. What a difference a day makes sometimes. She might be into bondage I wish she let me know, we could of worked something out.
Blues just chugging along doing blue type things.
I transplanted the baby blues today. I had read somewhere to let plants dry out before transplanting so the sides wouldn't be as tight against the sides. I believe this was a huge mistake or maybe I took it too literally. When I went to transplant it didn't release well so I had to do more squeezing than I would of liked and for all 4 the soil didn't stay together at all. So I scrambled to put them in their new home and packed soil around them as best I could. I could of waited another week there were a lot of roots bound on the bottom but not all the way up. Perhaps if I had waited they would of had a better network of roots that could of held together better.
I forgot to add mykos to the "root ball" or the prepared hole so I sprinkled some on the surface. I don't know if that will work it's way down to the root system but fingers crossed it helps. I fed them with big bloom PhD down to 6.64 ppm 381. I also did a foliar feeding to all the girls of wholly mackerel and boomerang. This was a mistake because I had fed them the same within the week. I also added some calmag to the mix. We'll have to wait and see if any adverse problems arise.








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blue rust

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So I made some mistakes staking down my girls they ended up a little twisted. Restaked blue this morning and after reading stinky snids post on fluxing I tackled it again with blue and Goldie.


I'll probably pull the terminal of Goldie in a week or so and try my hand at cloning. Even though I really don't have room for it.

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The Gold Leaf LOVES to be topped we found. She's gonna be an animal! Great stuff liking the mainlining, it shall fetch you a bountiful harvest I can feel it

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