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Hi all,

i have a 2x4 sunhut tent ($178) with t5 lights total of 8 bulbs (6 blue,2 red) 4' lights (18/6)
i have a 4x4 sunhut tent ($??) with a 400w hps ($??) (bought these long time ago don't recall price)(12/12)

my idea is 16 plants in flower with two plants going out every week (8 weeks of flower)
8 plants in veg (one going to flower every week)4 plants in cloner selecting the strongest, one goes out every week

let me know what you guys think, all this is soil only the oxycloner is ........ hydro?

i currently have 7 in flower (5 white fire og#3 and 2 skywalker og) in 2 gal plastic containers but i would like to keep them in 3 gal fabric containers . this was just a test and learned that 3 gal containers make a big diff

1 mother white fire og#3 in veg 3 gal plastic

8 Skywalker og vegging in 3 gal fabric

7 white fire og clones in 4x4 rootmaker cups

do you think this set up is possible to pull out one plant per week, i don't have a demand of weight but maximizing is ideal , i enjoy growing and this starts something new for me,

both tents have a/c veg is sealed, flower isn't, light is ducted and leaks out (i don't want to run the a/c all day that's why i am ducting the light but ducting is from a window to the light and the light to an inline fan) don't want to throw money on a new hood if i did id buy a whole new system with 600w but maybe after the first few flowers of proven success

any advise is welcome

ill post pictures as soon as i learn how , thanks for having me

couple pictures i took
realized descriptions don't come out,
pic1 4'x4' tent exhaust vent from the window to the light to inline fan with good filter
pic2 skywalker og in veg
pic3 cuttings of white fire og#3 in a 4x4 rootmaker pot
pic4 inline fan with filter (cheap filter ) for veg tent
pic5 lux temp thermostat controller due to a/c has not thermostat because it is at the level of the light (t-5)

pic1 sunscreen over oxycloner to prevent too much light
pic2 oxycloner clones in 9-12 days
pic3 over view of veg
pic4 a/c , back side of tent a has a U opening , i used panda plastic to ducting tape to seal it in place, saves space and it works quite well ofcourse a/c is on the wall on shelf brackets
Hope all is well in your world.

How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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