OG Kush - 1000W - 12 Plant Soil Lucas Journal 2011


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This will be my first journal, ive lingered here for some time. watching the pros hard at work and every now and then get a little support from the community. so i think its time i start contributing. hopefully my experience/ trial and error method will help someone in the future from making the same mistakes i do. im new at this kinda thing but ill do my best to keep it simple to read and easy to follow! lets get it started...

>Tahoe Og- hybrid sativa dom.
>Purple Master- hybrid indica dom.
>Fire Og- hybrid Sativa dom.
>Master Bubba-indica

-Indoor 4x4 tent, 4" duct fans(exhaust/intake) typical amateur setup
-vegged for 3 weeks
-first week in flower
-all plants in 5 gal. pots with FFOF premix soil
-been vegging under an aircooled 600w Mh, i like to wait 1 week into flower to switch to HPS, to help reduce stress. next week gunna hook up the 1000w for flower(aircooled as well)
-temps in the room range from 65-70 lights off and 70-80 lights on
-RH is never higher than 20%, its low i know but PM starts overtaking the room anything over 25%
-No pests/ just my bff powdery mold:high-five:
-Nutes: im using the Lucas formula
Veg.- 2 part micro/1 part bloom+ cal/mag+ great white
flower- 1 part micro/2 parts bloom+ cal/mag+bloombastic+ great white
watering as needed, usually every 2-3 days

few pics too give you a good view of things
pic of the room from afar and close shot


close ups of the Fire Og(tall about 2 months/ short 1 month)

Tahoe Og

Purple Master


these are the next batch of beauties 27 RP OG kush

these are going to be my"attempted" breeders


sorry for all the pics. hope im not going overboard but if so my apologies... haha so i was thinkin just add bloom mix straight into the soil, but ive heard negative feedback from a friends that i should flush the soil before adding bloom mix?? i can see the logistics of flushing but thats a ton of work for me lol (hauling waterlogged 5 gal pots up&downstairs is a no bueno) so idk... once again sorry for rambling but i wanted to make sure i got everything in.

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Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

so day 3 of flower, everythings looking good so far. took the raw end of the stick and decided to flush before adding flower mix. tested runoff Ph was running 6.7 just a lil high, so i countered the mix at 6.3. hopefully that keeps things in a good balance. will post pics later toight or sometime tomorow.
Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

so couple pix to show getting nice healthy green growth coming out just waiting to see those hairs. started moving things around in the veg room, looking a lot better and more efficient spacewise/ lighting wise etc. transplanted some of the seedlings and found that some of them where starting to be overrun with root aphids/fungus gnats?! im guessing it was the pots i used, ultimate rookie mistake, i didnt rinse out my starter pots... hmm transplanted the ones i can and drenched the ones that were infected with GH azamax. should do the trick, anyway day 4 of flower...
day 4 flower




the babys in their new bed

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Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

That Tahoe looks just my style she is a cutie, where do the seeds come from?
Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

Thanks nw, got the seeds from Cali conn. I was very impressed by my final results on my baby's moms. That was my first og batch, made a lot of rookie mistakes on her learning for this grow, all in all smoke was pretty smooth, nice big trichs, and def had that priceless flavor. So far I'm pleased haha

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Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

Thx man i have been looking at that company i have only heard good things about it so far, where did you get them from like which seed website. im investing in a new strain for potential breeders,
Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

I just picked up the beens from a local trustworthy club. Somewhat got hooked up got 10 pack of tahoe 90+half price on another 10paxk and they gave5 bonus seeds of their house strain.. Never really heard of their house before going there maybe u kno more, it's called blue Sonya.. Gotta do a Lil research on that one haha on another note got my 1000 out of storage today, dirty as he'll after a Lil clean, gunna install 1000 move 600 over vegging table and throw up sum pix

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Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

OK... so i just finished cleaning my 1000w and got it hung up only problem is now the temps are ranging 85-90 w/ the 1000w to 75-80 w/ the 600..... so i think im gunna switch the light sched around to run at night or i gotta trade in the 600 and get me sum AC. another problem, as i was tinkering around i noticed a lot of flying aphids, and saw sum yellowing on numerous plants. so im sure the root aphids came back and were starting to show their damage. so i mixed upa batch of azamax and h202 mix, drenched every plant. hopefully that should stop those damn things. ill post pix as soon as i can

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Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

finally got some pix goin, rearranged the room a bit took out the big oscilator and put in my tower fan on its side to help air movement and keep even temps in the room. very excited too see the difference and how they react to the new spec and increased wattage. im kinda thinking maybe the 1000 might be a lil too much but we'll see... anyway heres a shot of the room right before lights off.

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Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

Ez fix for Root Aphids i got this from someone on this website, Top your plants with a good layer of perlite and then take womens nylons and cover your bottom holes with them, just slide them right on and the little buggers cant get in there.
Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

Thanx Nw threw the nylons round the bottom holes, but I didn't have enough perlite to top dress all the girls. I did sum research and found that sand essentially has the same effect. I guess it suffocates all the new large at the top of the soil. Is this the same purpose with the perlite?

Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

Perlite just makes it so its hard for the little guys to make it to your soil, havnt heard too much about sand but thats not to say it wont work. and this is a long shot because i cant find this but your in cali so it might be easier. Diatimatious Earth (DE) Food grade or plant grade never use the pool stuff its toxic, use it as a top dressing the way it works is its like microscopic razorblades that slice the little bas**rds and their eggs as they land and try to live. Take care man
Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

glad u said the pool stuff is toxic, i was about to head down to my shed and grab a couple scoops lol nylons are round the girls, and i got top dressing of sand. hopefully those lil pests stay away. finally got some hairy flowers coming in. second week of flower. also went out and got me a bottle of great white as the final add. to the recipe. got the mix down
8ml micro
16ml bloom
half scoop of great white
5ml cal-mag
2ml Bloombastic

finally got it setup, couple pics to show progress..


clearest pic

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Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

:D I help when i can and be careful with the great white, the stuff is great but you only need a little bit and not every feeding IMO you can over rootbound a plant in a hurry with too much
Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

so got couple updates today... im switching up the recipe a bit went out and picked up some AN kushie kush. was talking to a buddy and he mentioned this stuff was the key to unlocking full kush potential. so adding 8ml/gal to the mix and rotating the great white btwn every 3 feedings.

day 14 of flower, great progress
the fire og is coming along best out of the bunch, not too much on strecth and the flowers are twice as developed.
the tahoe is coming along pretty well itself, where as the stretch was a bit more substantial gaining almost 7" the last week the aroma its putting off is tremendous.
the pmk, however slow start compared to the rest, they seem to be keeping up with things. cant wait to see hwo they react to the KK, its guna be interesting. gunna take a few pics and postem up just a bit

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Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

heres some pics of the girls

side shot

and some closeups of the future budporn

even the lower branches are coming along

and some PMk

3 week marker im planning to either defoliate or lollipop... got a lil research to do.

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Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

been a couple days since last update couple things to report.

temps started to sky rocket the last few days, hitting mid 90's outside and almost 100 in the tent! so that opted me for some A/C. found a lil 5000 btu window A/C only $100 at home depot. perfect fit, specs showed the unit is rated for almost 200 sq. ft. installed that sucker and now my temps never exceed 78 lights on but never go below 68 lights off.

the girls are definately taking to the Kushie Kush while not in weight or size the calyxx(i think thats what theyre called) production has nearly trippled in length and volume! the master bubba and Og's are taking very well to the nute sched no burnt tips, ph has been good, very dark healthy leaves, new growth and constant progression. where as the purple master i understand is more indica dominant, 1 out of the 5 is doing just fine but the other 4 have burnt tips all the way around. not severe but one is starting to lightien up in color on the new growth. im affraid if i push any harder they'll go into lockout... ive been making seperate batches for the PMK to ease off em and let em get comfy, lighter doses and Ph a little higher than the rest. hope it keeps em in check

since i drenched and top dressed with sand, have seen no root aphid damage or the adults flying around spreading their evil seed :wood:

did some more research on the AN line, found big bud being thrown around quite a bit. couple ppl said that since An is mainstreamed for MMJ, the kushie kush is more for sativa dominant strains and the big bud is more for indica dominant strains:hmmmm: thats just what ive heard and have no idea if AN is really what they claim or just another marketing scheme. any comment or advice much appreciated...

since the new add. ive lowered the doses of both from 8 mL/gal to 5mL/gal
did watering today with the new mix: Ph 6.6
Modified Lucas Recipe
8mL- micro
16mL- bloom
5mL- cal/mg
5mL- kushie kush
5mL- big bud
half scoop of great white
2mL- bloombastic

so thats it for my rambling here are some pics lights on and ill get some better ones when lights are off

pic of the current line up

Day 19 12/12

fire og

future budporn:)


Master bubba chilling next to the new A/C

side shot of the purp master

ill be back with some pics of the girls during lights off to show their healthy glow
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Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

as promised some pics of the girls with lights off
og's are lil more lime green but dark green serated edges, whee as the PMk is dark all around. guessing its due to the genetics.

fire og

nice pic of the fire, finally seeing some resin production. making my mouth water already

thanks for stopping by!

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Re: Og Kush/1000w/12 plant soil Lucas journal 2011

Everything is looking great cant wait to see those girlies fill in. your keeping my interest pretty high on this breeder ive heard complaints about auto flower tendancies and hermies but it looks like everything is going smooth :D:goodjob:
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