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I live for the Devil's Lettuce. Just kidding, I don't even smoke, but I'm an idiot savant. Savant by intellect, idiot by nature. I tend towards obsessive curiosity. It's even better when that curiosity leads to buying new toys and researching new subjects in depth. Growing is my current obsession and I spent a couple of weeks doing research before ordering seeds and plotting out equipment purchases.

As I said, I don't smoke, although decades ago I'd wake and bake every day. I love everything about weed except the high. I always keep a good selection of different strains on hand for friends that do smoke, and talking about the merits of each is like discussing the differences in single malts and blended Scotch whisky.

I got this. And if I don't, what's the worst that can happen? A few plants die. :rip:

I've got a grow journal started if you'd like to check in on the progress of a complete noob.
The good thing about obsessive curiosity is that you always have something to move on to... You never know what it's gonna be, it sneaks up on you, and suddenly, there it is... For me it's making the things i obsess about.. My Miscellaneous Projects thread is just a short list..

Ha! That's so true! And once it takes hold there's no stopping it. My projects run the gamut with no rhyme or reason and I'll move heaven and earth to see them through.
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