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Small Grow: 1 Plant Dakini Kush


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Hey everyone.

I am new here and I love documenting my grows so I figured I would try and start a journal here.

I am from the East Coast, I am very poor, but I have a good 5 grows under my belt using this or worse so I'm hoping this grow is a bit better.
I am a MMJ patient and among my conditions severe insomnia and PTSD are always present so I only use Indicas or Indica high hybrids(preferably 70:30 or higher like 80:20 or 90:10 with 100% indicas preferred.

I live in a small room, so I work with what I got. I also have a unliveable budget so I've spent years saving and gathering together what I have. I used to have tinfoil, I took that out and lined it with 2 Mylar coated bubble wrap pieces I was given. Smaller space but that's ok. I also got and added a hanging 2700 lumin 42w cfl. That took time to save up for.

Strain- Dakini Kush (Pre98 Bubba x Hindu Kush) (Centennial Seeds)
Genotype-100% Indica
How long? - 3 days from poping soil
Indoor closet grow
In soil
Started in 1 gal bucket to transplant eventually to 3 gal.
Type of soil- Fox Farms Happy Frog
Light- one 4 Bulb 2 foot T5 24w 6500k 8000 lumen and one hanging 42w CFL 6500k 2700 lumens.
Temp-no idea but I have a small white clip fan blowing 24/7 across the tops of the lights and onto the plant.
Ferts- Fox Farm Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom
Water- Every 3-4 days

I have no computer just this phone and I am unsure how to post pics but I will post them ASAP of my seedling/small setup.

I am very excited to be starting this strain as I have yet to have the pleasure of growing a 100% indica and as indicas grow small for my situation this should be a perfect strain. I'd like to keep a mother plant of this strain in there and just take clones off it till I am forced out of here and have nowhere to go but nowhere near enough light. This is an uber budget grow. All old/used stuff.

Until I figure out posting pics, for now ill just describe it. It's a small seedling with the cotyledons and first set of small 1 finger leaves getting bigger by the day. The pot is full and the stem is about an inch and 1/4 long or so. No stretching. T5 light is about 5-6 inches above the seedling canopy/top.
The seed was placed in soil on the 21st of this month and popes soil on the 22. It still had it's shell(looked like an alien eye haha) so I am calling the 23rd day 1.

Hope this helps, and I can't wait to see this beautiful strain grow. I want to get some more 100% pure indicas like Mazar-i-Sherif, Afghan Kush, Afghan, Williams Wonder and other hardcore indicas but most are not easy to find.

I will of course update this as I go. I am very excited to have beans of this strain. It's sad not many pure indicas are around anymore .

Keep growing everyone...F-the government and I say let's overgrow them. They can never stop this beautiful plant. As I am a MMJ patient you COULD call this a medical grow, but honestly it's only because it's an outlet for me/hobby and I love this plant and am a strong advocate for it.

Stay Lifted and "Have a Dank Day" everyone and happy to be here! ✌
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Small CFL/Flourescent grow, Dakini Kush, Follow Me!


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I only have this fussy galaxy s4 to access internet with so I will keep posting updates but pics are a pain so I'll try to keep up but forgive me if I fall behind. I am very proud of my efforts.


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Small update... Day 3 from popping up in soil. I germinated the bean in soil not towel as I was told by the breeder they were to fresh for towel/glass. Just put it directly in soil.

I gotta water it today or tomorrow(I like to give them a day of dry for the roots to grow a bit). Checked it out...looking good! For now I just have the T5 going. I will turn on the CFL once it starts it's first set of 5 finger leaves or maybe 3 haven't decided. I plan to vedge her for a month and top as I read this strain does well topped. But I'm unsure if I will assuming it's a girl. I prefer regular seeds as they are not chemically altered by colodial silver or what not.

You can see in the middle new growth is starting! Growing is very exciting even if it's using less than recommended power but I think it'll be ok. I've grown a few plants in here and been able to get about an O/plant total with topping or just letting it do it's thing. I'm thinking of getting a couple 2700k tubes for the T5 for mixed spectrum for flower. Plants flower fine with 6500k though. I could put up pics of my last plant, Mother of Berries. Got over an O and smelled and looked amazing!

Hope some of you join me on this adventure!



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Thanks @Guage Steel :thumb: Have a seat up front!��.
I love this plant. So far I have only used bagseed/low grade genetics. Never had such fresh/strong genetics/beans before. I've also never germinated beans directly in soil. Always do the paper towel method as it's been 100% successful unless the casing on the bean that grows and hardens over it after 4-5 years can't be fixed so water can penetrate it to start a taproot.
I've been collecting from my seed orders(I have a genetic collecting obsession haha) as with the little extra money I've had I've spent more on beans than anything. I like the idea of genetic preservation and knowing I have that strain preserved and able to grow if/when I choose. As I'm in a cheap rooming house it's the best way as I can't house mother plants though I might eventually try with this strain once I get a female pheno I like and if I can find someone to hook me up with a cheap light and I am able to get a thin tent(dream I have).
I hope to find some of the hardcore indicas and indica landraces/heirlooms I've been searching for. I saw a strain called Habiba on AMS(never used them) but I'm iffy as it's fem and if a seed germs it's supposes to be the tall phenotype of Mazar-i-Sherif. DutchPassion has Mazar but it's crossed with Skunk #1. I want it as pure as I can find. Inbred. And I especially want the pheno that stays SMALL (40-50cm). I got some Mazar bud from a delivery service that got busted/shut down a few months after. Sad. I loved it. Smelled like sage or something close to that and had good the/cbd ratios from effects. I also want to get Williams Wonder beans. I saw them on a site for a pretty steep price but it wasn't a breeders page a resellers so I'm not sure if they are the ones I'm after. I'm looking for 100% indica unaltered beans. I forget the breeder that brought it back(Reeferman?) from old SSSC stock . The real one is unstable and doesn't hermie but grows nanners that don't turn into seeds but scare the he'll out of ya, haha. I do a lot of research. That's a strain I dream to grow. Afghan and Afghan Kush are also. I have Afghani but Afghanica strains are my passion. I'm not a sativa fan because of effects as well as the way it grows and leaf shape but I respect it as all cannabis is theoretically "Cannabis Sativa".
I once was given bagseed told they didn't know what it was but maybe Sour Diesel. Well, all I'll say is that it was my X'mas tree that year and grew so tall in flower the top cola got bleached/burned a little and grew right up into my T5 lol. If I can find a picture I'll put it up. Long story short room inspection day was coming so I had to move it out, it was 6 weeks at least into flowering and the person I asked to hold onto it accidentally broke the stem in half (supercropped it). I didn't have stakes to hold it so they taped and proped it back up with toothpicks. It healed fine but that was nerve wracking. I know it hurt my yield.

I'll be updating daily or every other day unless events conspire to prevent me from doing so.

Enjoy the ride everyone!

As Subcool/TGA says... "HAVE A DANK DAY"! It's a WeedNerdNation! ✌


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@425jesse pull up a chair and have a seat! :rollit: :48: :;):

I have it about 5" or so from the light give or take. I know it can get very close so I like to keep my seedlings between 4"-6" from it as there's a small white plastic clip fan blowing across the bottom of the light and the seedling as the stem is so weak I like it moving around as it helps eventually strengthen it. I would say the stem is about 1&1/4 inches long. It was a bit longer when I checked it the day it popped soil. I had some room left(ridged inside top area) with some space left so I covered it up to the top of the pot and now it's still pretty small. I wish it was a tad smaller but that's ok. I want it as close as possible as I want/like/need short internode spacing not like 3/4-1 inch say per node. So yes I am watching that. I generally take the plant out for pics as I can't get into the open closet(yes there is a sheet covering it) and it's easier as I don't have the light shining on my phone screen so I can see the pics. The first post I accidentally posted more than 1 of the same pic but I'm aware of why so won't happen again. I can't edit it or I'd fix it.


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Awesome! The more the merrier! Have some popcorn blaze it up, take a toke and pull up a chair! :roorrip::popcorn:@ganjaninja30


This is actually my first post aside from my intro and so far everyone here seems very nice! I think I'm going to enjoy it here! If only pics were easier to upload with a phone. Oh well. I like it here much better than ThcTalk and IC! Thanks for following and I'm open to ANY suggestions/comments as long as it doesn't require me to during this grow purchase anything different.

Like Mendo Dope says... "We're the Planters Of The Trees" and it's "One Plant One Season":2:
Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do! :yummy: :ganjamon:


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Hey Good Morning everyone! It's 8:40 AM here in MA as I type this. Today is day 4 maybe 5 since germ(depending on how you look at it) but we will go with my current status and say today's DAY 4!

My soil in the 1 gallon pot was dry yesterday(moist the day before) so today I watered it and man was it thirsty! I like to give my plants 1 day of dry soil as to not over water them, let them adjust, prevent root rot, but mostly to encourage root growth. She(I hope it's a she) is one happy seedling! I did what I always do, watered it, waited till it was absorbed and started dripping into the catch pan, than once it slowed down and there was a nice puddle. I then put it in my extra catch pan while I cleaned and dumped/wiped and dried the pan and put it back in it's original. I don't switch I have one I use during growth and one to have the pot sit in so the floor doesn't get wet:2:.

The Dakini Kush seedling is doing well so far and the first finger leaves are getting thicker and new growth is starting in the middle. I see a tiny bit of leaf curling but I have my fan blowing hard on the seedling to eventually get the stem nice and tough so it's from the fan not heat stress.

Anyway, that's my update for today. I am very happy/proud this plants growing so well. I am going to cherish these other 13 seeds of this strain as I NEVER can afford nor find such fresh beans and strong top grade genetics. I've always been forced to use cheap autos, fems, or bagseed that has never grown anything worth keeping or that has the legacy, strength, and quality this breeder or strain has.
I LOVE cannabis history and researching strains and how they came to be as well as their lineage. I LOVE Indicas and Afghanicas with a passion. I have many other strains saved in seed form but my most prized that I haven't grown yet but will are some Afghani, Packistani Valley, and DNAs 60 Day Wonder(couldn't find real Williams Wonder seeds from herbies at the time as Reefermans listing doesn't have an option to buy) so I got the next best thing. Hopefully someday I can find/obtain seeds for WW as well as some others like Mazar-i-Sherif, Chitral, and Afghan among others.

Sorry for going off track but my love for this subject makes me go into spiels sometimes.
Here are some pics I took this morning after watering when it was out, than one showing it in the closet.

Enjoy the pics fellow Weed Nerds and 420mag/Cannabis Culture lovers and enthusiasts.

Follow me on my Dakini Kush ganja grow! The herb is for the healing of the nation, and only gives off a Positive Vibration.

Thanks for watching and the more the merrier!
Stay Lifted, Stay Irie and "Have a Dank Day"!:yummy::rollit::ganjamon::2:


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Pics I meant to upload this am but apparently never got up...my bad. Sorry for the lateness but better late than never and there will be a shorter time between new pics. Always good.



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I just noticed I left out the pics from this AM but here they are. Better late than never! :peace: everyone and feel free to pull up a seat. I'm just getting used to this place and using my potentially virus/mallware filled slow metro PCS galaxy S4 to go online and use the site. Not easy to do but manageable for sure. Stay Irie! :peace2:


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Im down for the ride. Love the passion goingnon here. Im coming from an outdoor grow my 3rd one. To my first indoor, im still contiplating my set up and method so i dont have a journal yet. But i will onceni have a good idea of what im doing

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That's awesome @Soilwork, please join the fun.:thumb::welcome::2:

I have never had the opportunity to try outdoor growing as I have never lived in a good place and I've never been close to a forrest/woodsy area where I could do so. I want to though but not only is outdoor growing illegal in MA(only indoor such BS) despite someone(the only) person in my family I care about just getting their card(they were very hesitant, sadly I'm the only person from my family with an open mind), as the house they are living in until they die belongs to my grandparents so because of their stubbornness and fact my grandfather now has Alzheimer's and is getting worse(he drank daily for years but to him despite it just being a plant he thinks it's some chemical drug like meth, H and other opiates, speed/amphetamine, or even cocaine which if not mixed with chemicals is a natural plant with ALKALOIDS(Naturally occurring Organic Compounds, NOT Chemicals(Synthetically produced Compounds)) and I wish them and others would realize the difference. So despite them and my mothers sister(a horticulturalist and naturalist, and Hypocrite) drinks booze and uses natural plants and herbs and grows/dries/extracts em, believes cannabis is evil and should not be cultivated and voted against legalization due to (people driving "drugged" up). It's OK to drive after drinking but if u smoke or eat extract from a natural plant God help us! :2:

Anyway as you can see my hands are tied and my first grow, I had all my supplies and equipment andbsoil/nutes etc stolen after NEEDING to move it due to a certain event that occurred, so someone I thought was a friend stashed it all after I gave it to him, had a friend finish it and I never even got the harvest from it. He lied, denied, than moved to CA. That persons back here(I know someone that still knows them) and I got their number but they still deny it and refuse to take back my T5 light, bulbs, and whatever's left he gave away. I sadly don't know where he's living or I'd pay him a visit. So I've with no income had to slowly put something together over years time and get 1 thing after another very slowly. Why my closet space looks cheap and small. I have bulbs for a MH/HPS lamp, but no money for a tent and better bulb. This rooming house is very very poorly kept and the rooms are so small u couldn't fit 2 mattresses in one with any space left for a thing other than the door.
So I'm making the best of my situation. I'd like a small tent(2x2x32" or even 2x2x2) but can't afford meds so can't afford one of those to get out of the closet(landlord is a slumlord but MJ friendly and as long as there's no trouble for him he is OK with me growing in here). So I hope to someday.

Anyway, it's almost morning update time so thanks for joining, I'm open to any and all questions/criticism(how else do we learn about and how to correct our mistakes?), and I hope you have as much fun as I do.
I love reading others journals as I do have a lot of passion for this plant(big reason my family wants nothing to do with me and I get held back and discouraged even from my mother as they feel I'm "obsessed" but it's honestly the fact this plants so versitle, has a beautiful appearance/odor/fragrance, and can do so much for so many and no one IMO other than out of hand non med taking schizophrenics as we know it makes them worse sadly(and I live with this so I see the results daily) despite being a HUGE advocate for medical and non medical use as it can really help keep u healthy and avoid sickness before it begins by boosting your immune system.

That's enough, I have to do my morning update, but enjoy the ride! Also, if you know how/where to obtain landrace beans(I know about seedfinder.eu and most Dutch/US seedbanks but never used seedbay nor any idea how to but that's ok) or other 100% indica strains to look into besides the obvious I've already listed, I'd appreciate it. As well as any info on the cheapest places besides egay and Amazon/craigslist to get a cheap tent I'd love to hear of it!

"Have a Dank Day!"


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Hey everyone!

Today is day 5 and I made a couple changes and as I don't have a ruler or anything, I cannot give an exact reading so I made things much easier and I had some thin plastic cups so I stacked some on top of each other so you guys can get a better idea of my current height. If you think I should lower it some, I will, let me know! Also, I know it's a little humid in the small space...as my room is by default so the closet is more humid obviously. Its very cold here (in the 20s-40s usually at this time) so I like to have the window closed (obviously) but to try to get the humidity down in there I'm using more heat and leaving the window open a bit. I'm thinking the fresh and cool air

Anyway, here are today's pictures!

This is how close to the light it is now as well as a height demonstration with the plastic cups. Holding them still and taking the picture was NOT an easy task....haha



These are pics of the small plant from various angles. I don't like how long the stem got which was one big reason for moving it up. I don't want it to get any longer. It's longer than yesterday so I think it'll stay like this directly under the light.

What do you guys think?

Yes I will be trying to update daily to document as much as possible :)

"Have a Dank Day":peace:


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Hey everyone at 420mag!

WeedNerd420 here, hope everyone's been good the last few days and today. I am VERY sorry for the lack of updates. I have had a rough 4-5 days and I sadly haven't been able to make enough time to upload pics and update here. I am sorry but I'm going to try to keep anything like that from happening again.


I have been keeping up with and watering her regularly as well as cleaning out my catch tray every time after I water and let it drip out all that extra water. It's been very thirsty. Depending I've been watering every other to every 2-3 days. I will admit it's a bit humid in my closet, but I can't control that. I have a cheap air purifier in there with a broken air vent, but somethings better than nothing! :2: It's finally getting out of seedling stage and into verge state which I'm pleased with. I have it close to my light so there is little stretching between nodes. This strain Dakini Kush is slow during vedge and grows slow from what I read on seedfinder.eu and on the breeders site as well as a few other places(not much info out there on this strain(I HOPE my journal can help change that a bit :thumb:).
I watered it yesterday so it's still nice and damp today. My room is small, and I only have 1 window. It also gets cold in here if my windows open even a crack because of thin building insulation. I can't install a vent or alter my room so until I can get a tent my "closet" will be a bit humid always as I gotta use space heaters and their weak heating system to keep from freezing. But I do my best to keep my girl(I hope! :pray: ) as happy as possible. Someday I'll be able to get a small/thin tent but until then, I work with what I have. I will do my best to not let more than 1-2 days tops go between updates as I like to document progress from start to finish. I have pics from the last 4-5 days or so but I'm only uploading today's pics. IF anyone asks me to, I will update some pics from the last few days.

NOW, Without further ado, here's the pics for today! She's definitally going into vedge now and out of the seedling stage ☺ . As you can see shes got a nice healthy green color and fat indica leaves growing out from the middle area. Beautiful and VERY EXCITING!
ANY questions/comments welcome and hopefully more people come to watch and join in the fun! :thumb:


Dakini Kush from Centennial Seeds Day 10(I am counting days from after it poped up and shed it's shell casing so it could be 1 day further along why I'm putting 2 days as some will consider day 1 once it pops dirt regardless of leaves showing and shell still on it at the start.

STAY LIFTED everyone and "Have a Dank Day!"


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Hey 420jesse. To answer your question, not at all. T5s do not get very hot at all. You can put your hands on the bulbs and you will feel some heat but not much. It's very happy where I moved it to, as you can see. I can't help that it's a bit humid because of my rooms general heat and the fact my body doesn't regulate heat well so to keep from shivering I have to have it warmer than most everyone else likes to be comfortable. It's a circulation issue and I think heart also.
Anyway, it'll always show a bit of humid stress but that can't be avoided. It is and will do well. I have had a sativa I grew by accident grow up into the light and the only worthwhile bud(main cola) was sticking into and laying against the lights. Worst outcome was some light bleaching and some fan leaves turning brown. Lesson I learned from.
You have a Dank Day man! Positive Vibes :thumb:
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