Wedding Pi & Some Other Kinds, Winter 2020


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Hello and welcome! Thank you for stopping by and hopefully we can spend some time together! I’ve done a handful
Of journals across a handful of grows, both with varying results. Last grow was my most difficult, I brought some beautiful specimen home, and they came with hidden disease. Powdery mildew started a couple weeks later and because I had taken clones, all my spaces were infected. Anyways. We got rid of the plants, cleaned and bleached everything we possibly could, got rid of all the hydro system setup, and started all over.

Started as seeds that I got from different sources...

Wedding Pi - this came from a friend, said it was “wedding something”. His favorite number for as long as I’ve known him has been 3.14 - thus we have a name folks...Wedding Pi:)

Gorilla Bomb -seeds that showed up in some gorilla Bomb Fem I grew out a few years ago.

#R - used to call this #Random, but when moving a label it ripped and turned into #R. Comes from bag seed of unknown origin.

Growing in 3 or 4 gallon pots with bamboo stakes for future support. Using fox farms solid and Canna Nutrients. I decided to not do a scrog this time, I want to keep the plants more mobile so I can service all sides of plants and all components in the ceiling

Grow using LED lighting, 4 cob fixtures and 3 burples. Running around 1100 actual watts. The fixtures get too hot for my liking, so I put them in ducted hoods and dump the hot air out.

I grow in a shop, and have 3 spaces I use to help do that. Small moms booth is 3’ wide, 3’ tall, 2’ deep, and clone booth is 3’ wide, 1.5’ tall and 2’ deep. I have a modified mars hydro reflector 96 in the moms room (removed stock ballasts and replaced with dimmable, and installed dimmers for each bank of lights for the grow phase.). My grow room is 7’ wide, 5’ deep, and almost 6’ tall.

Here are some pics about what I’m going on about.

I will give updates as things grow and change, please ask questions or give advice as you see fit!
Hello and happy New Years Eve! Just a quick photo update today. I removed the lowest set of fans, as they were just a little below the level of the rim of the pot, and could potentially cause airflow issues. I’m going to top these ladies in a week or so, all the plants have at least 4 exposed nodes, but I’m feeling like we may go for 6 to 7 exposed, remove the bottom 1 or 2 and the top 1 as well. Hoping for 6-8 nice colas per plant in the end, but that kind of depends on if I train them well enough.
New Year New Growth! Since I moved the plants into the big room and under the bigger stronger lights, they have really been growing even faster. Upwards is starting to be noticeable daily now as well as outward. Have a great day!
Hello, and welcome to my Wednesday update! I absolutely love this part of the grow. Everything is just exploding and the plants are happy and healthy. We topped a few days ago, and that just turbocharged the process. We are watering every few day, with about 1/2 strength Canna nutes. I have tied down the lowers on the Pounder plant, and have done a bunch of LST to the big fans on all the others. The first serious defoliation is still a little ways out, but really we couldn’t be more than 2-3 weeks until the flip.

As always, thank you for stopping by!

Lots can transpire in 9 days, and this grow is proof!:)

We are still using half strength nutes, and watering when the weight of the plant shows all (or most) water has been processed. Watered just before photos today.
I tied back a great majority of the branches a few days ago, as we all know an even canopy is the highest producing canopy;)

Here we are as of this morning!


I have a total of 7 led fixtures and they are not what most would call traditional:). Here is a shot of them in action, lol.

This area definitely requires shades

Cheers my friends!
Jesse....found ya brother. Gonna grab this here chair if ya don't mind!
Hey Van! Boy am I glad to see you here, missed you brother!
Good morning from the Pacific North West! A couple days ago I changed the lights from 24/0 to 18/6. I could see the vertical difference the first night, but last night (the second night) they literally grew 2” up! I’m hoping to get another 6-8 inches of growth before I flip to flower, then hoping for only about another 12” of stretch. That being said, I took some pictures, but they don’t do a good job of showing the difference, so I’ll post a picture in a couple days that shows the difference better! Have a great weekend friends!
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