Support For 420 Magazine App For Android

Appreciate the update, DeVille.

Believe me, we're on the developer's back every day.

We have been told this will be fixed in a forthcoming update. We are now trying to find out exactly when we can expect that.

Have a beautiful day yourself.
Cant upload images through app at all. It just says "you may not have permission to do this action"

Tried re-logging, uninstalling and reinstalling, still not working.

We are receiving multiple reports concerning being unable to upload photos via the app. (Laptops and PCs appear fine).

We are working on a fix as top priority.

Apologies for this frustrating problem and thank you for your patience.

Please note

This issue only applies to the app. You have 3 other options:

- You can use Google Chrome (our recommended browser) from your smartphone/mobile device
- You can use a laptop (iOS or Windows)
- You can use a PC

All these options allow photo uploads. We are continuing to work on the fix for the app.

Using Google Chrome or any other browser from your smartphone/ mobile device is absolutely atrocious and NOT user friendly. Have you guys actually tried it admin? The App is now officially buggered, 420 worked perfectly until the day before last which makes things really frustrating as a mobile device user. I've had to drag out the damn laptop just to send this message. Hope you guys can sort these issues out rather sooner than later as you are creating an unfriendly user experience. From my point of view I think the planning of this change has been very poorly handled by 420 and blaming the guys that messed up the app holds no water now that 420 has also crashed.
Can I get a commitment from anyone that mobile device users are still being considered when changes are being made or is this being done for PC users only?
I also can not login to the app. Are you guys bringing the service down for the fix or what? I can login to the forum just fine (I am posting right now). But no go with the app. Thanks.
is this the end of the app?

It's the end of the App as we know it.

The App company were screwing with us regarding photo uploading.

The new website adapts to screen size, but once all the wrinkles are ironed out there may be a new app in the future.
Yeah I notice how sleek the site is now, but still a tad behind on the overall experience compared to the app.
So I suppose there was something going on between 420mag and the app dev.
Looking forward to the new app. Should be not too hard to give this site an app with all the whistles the new site has though ;) it is quasi an app already.
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