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Top cola too high!

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Hey guys

Growing a sativa indoors as a first "trial grow" and it looks nice but I'm afraid the top cola is too tall for the indoor light; leaving the bottom branches to grow slowly and ineffectively
Running 400w mh, 1 1/2 months into flower, small closet with lots of light leak when the light is on.

I'm split with my housemate over what to do with it.
I'm suggesting lst, bending over the top cola with string so that light can be lowered to the bottom branches
Roommate is suggesting we keep as is and chop off the top cola when it's ready , then lower the lights to the bottom branches

Photos should give you a good idea of the problem

What do I do? Thanks

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You should switch to an hps bulb for flower. If light leaks when light is on, it leaks in when light is off too. Bend the top, the lower buds might be ready at same time so waiting to lower light won't help.
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It doesn't when light is off, because it's in a dark room and the light is off at night-time.
Thanks for the advice.

I'll need a few other people to confirm whether to bend or chop because my house-mate is pretty set on his way
I agree with Peyton, Your lower buds will most likely be ready the same time as the top. Tie her down and switch to HPS light, that will help fatten up those buds.


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Use an HPS bulb if possible. Either bend the main cola over (do not break it!) Or just turn the entire plant on its side, covering the top so soil does not leak out, then cutting a hole on the side facing up to make that the new top of the pot to water from.


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Thanks fellas!

How beneficial would laying it out on it's side be over just leaving it as is? It just so happens that we did this all without a fan so the stem is fairly bendy
You would get light across the entire side, not just the very top. I would do like cricket said and put light sideways, and just rotate the plant 90 degrees at lights on every day for good coverage.