3rd Grow - Arjan Ultra Haze #1


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Hey everyone, the crow is back.

just bought a new house and decided to get things going again. this time im doing arjans ultra have #1. i started off with 3 seeds. one "the church" one white widow and one Arjan. but the other 2 died so i guess ill just clone this girl and see what i can do.

so my set up.

Strain: Arjans ultra Haze #1
Medium: Soil. (Potting soil, Perlite, sand)
lights: 1x 150w CFL grow bulb for veg.
Neuts. Fox Farm big bloom, grow big, tiger bloom

i germinated my seeds last month cant remember the day. (stoner memory)
and i put the seeds into soil on Aug 12th. So i guess now im sitting at day 29 in soil. all looks good, for the most part, everything is nice and green. No burns or yellowing. im watering once every 2 days. with 1tsp of grow big per 2L water. and today i did a heavy feeding of 3tsp of grow big/2L. i did this for my last 2 grows and all seemed to go good.

the only problem i am having to date. that i have not been able to fix is my fan leaves are curling. I have read many other journals and cant find a similar problem. when ever i see people with curled fan leaves its the tips are either curled up or down. but mine are curled on the sides. like if u were to roll a joint with the leaf. i will post pics this after noon. and i hope someone will be able to help me out with this.
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too close to lights be my guess...i'm a newbe...just been doing a lot of reading...waiting for my beans to arrive...also trying to get lights and room put together...i hope beans will be here next week...can't wait to start journal...been practicing with bagseed...good luck with yours...i'll be watching....peace
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here some pics, any idea on reason of the leaf curl?





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Wow, that's harsh. I expected to see them folding up from the middle of the leaflets, like they were too hot. Yours are curling up at the edges.

Seems like I saw a copy of a page from an old book - might have been Marijuana Botany, might have been another - that had a leaf like that. I think it was in the part discussing phosphorous. I cannot remember if it was the bit that covered deficiency or the bit that covered toxicity. And there are probably other things that that symptom could point to.

Not over-watering? Have a fan on them (a 150-watt CFL does produce some heat)? pH in proper range for a soil grow? pH meter properly - and recently - calibrated? Not over-feeding (giving too much of this or that component can cause a lockout condition with others)?
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hey thnks for stopping in. i do have a fan on them. and im watering about every 2 days. im going to try watering less the next little while. since when i do water it the soil never seems to be dry. as of ph i do not have a meter at this point but will be ordering a kit this evening. if it was a phosporus toxicity how would i go about correcting that? since it was occuring before i started giving plant neuts?
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If that's the case, an elemental OD is highly unlikely. A deficiency is somewhat unlikely - they aren't consuming much at this point. A nutrient lockout due to pH being out of range can occur at any time (that the pH is out of range, lol) of course.

Check the pH ASAP and adjust as needed. Keep whatever heat your light-source produces away from the plants. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings.
So a few days have gone by now. I have had some new growth since the leaf sets that were curling they seem to be alot better. The ones in the pic r still the same but the new froth seems to be normal. Hopefully this problem is resolved. I have not watered in a few days now and I also raised the light slightly. Planning on taking a few clones on Saturday. So will take pics then. Hope all is well with everyone tuning in. I just renovated my kitchen.
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hey so today was cloning day. :) this was my first time cloning and i hope it goes well. i used Green light Roo-Ting cloning powder. and followed what most people said on the forum.
i have them in a humidity dome now. and i misted them when i put them under the light. hopefully all goes well.

heres some pics.




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so hopefully someone will be able to answer me this. i bought these seeds the same time as my last grow. which i believe was in march 2010. they were kept in zip loc baggys in a dresser drawer. i had 3 left. 1 church one white widdow and this arjans. only this one seemed to actually grow. he other to popped out of the soil but never really went anywhere and just died. so i figured the seeds where just old and bad. this one seemed to grow but gave me some leaf curling problems. could this be due to the age of the seeds? and if so will i have future problems with my clones?
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so lastnight i ordered myself a hydroponics system. i could have made it myself but since i live in a small town access to the nessisary items is a little hard without driving to the city. and with the price of gas at the moment where i live it was just easier to order. got a 6 site 18 gallon system. each net pot is 6 inches in diameter. im going to need to order new neuts for this system so im looking for suggestions. i am also planning on ordering a 600w HPS cool tube in the next month. my plan is to do a scrog once i have the new light and everything set up. i have never done hydro. so this will be a new adventure but i hear it is a little easier than soil grow. so im looking forward to that. will have pics up when the system gets here.

also it has been 3 days since i took my clones. they are still pretty droopy. and no growth has occured. i hope they work out. maybe the stems should have been longer. but at first if u dont succeed try try again. so i will take 3 more larger once once the hydro is here with the rockwool cubes.
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hey all. so today i decided it was time to do a little bit of work on the plant. for the time being i am going to be using this as a mother. and i dont ant her getting to tall. so i decided i would lst her a bit and allow light to her lower nodes. i also trimmed off some of the lower fan leaves. they were dried out and not very good. they were the ones that use to be all rolled up. just to get a little more light down low. some pics are to follow. i also noticed some purple coloration on the main stem. is this something to worry about?
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thanks for stoppin by. it had been purple before the tiedown. still dont have my ph meter that is in the mail. so im thinking it might be high ph. because im pretty sure the pipes in my house are old.
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Low temperature.
Improper pH.
Too little Mg.
Too much Ca.

Take your pick. There's also genetics, but that's a highly unlikely explanation for something that happens on part of a plant.
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i hope not. any ways, if i remember correctly my "church" grow i did a year ago had a bit of red/purple in it but slightly different it could be because of genetics or low ph i will check ph as soon as i get my meter and adjust accordingly. if it goes away it is ph if not who knows.,, fuck im high and rambling,
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