3rd Grow - Arjan Ultra Haze #1

I know, same when the strain name is any hard drug, check the forum guidelines. Quite a few others grow it as well....Lucy is easier to type, think Lucy in the Sky by the Beatles.
icic. it makes sense. do i need to edit that post? and if so how do i edit a post?

on another note all the clones are showing roots through the rock wool. some more than others. hopefully another week and they will be out of the net pots. this weekend i plan on draining the water and adding a drain. i should have thought about that before i set it all up. it is going to be a pain in the a$s to empty. so i think i will suck it all up with my shop vac. and then put in a drain plug.
ordered my new light today. went with a 600w hps cool tube hood. with a digital ballast. expected delivery is between the 12-18. so lets hope it is in sooner than later. it is a switchable ballast but i did not order a mH bulb so i guess i technically do not need it until im ready to flower but id rather have it early then have to wait for it to arive when i want to flower.
Happy Thanks Giving to all reading this. i left town for the night and went to visit my mom. and when i came back i took a peek in the tent to see that all was going very well. all clones are showing roots through the net pots now and some have shown some new growth. now its time for these ladies to stretch and grow some sexy long legs. planning a water change tomorrow and maybe trying to pic up some parts for a drip irragation setup. also i bought a drain valve that i want to install tomorrow before i fill it back up. will post some pics tomorrow of the clones. and also the drip system if im lucky enough to find all the parts.
hey everyone. figured its time for some photos of the clones. they are looking very good. all except 4 have roots through the net pots and starting to dangle into the water. for some reason the other 2 are a little slower. u can tell in the pics because they are half as tall. i put them into the center today and raised up the light a few inches. i think the fast growth in the past 2 days put them a tad close to the light.

time for some pics.


good morning, this morning. Today i decided to spend some time with the girls and see how they were doing. and boy do some of these girls have a big root structure for the size. (well so i thought.) but i guess since this is my first hydro gro i never seen the root system in the soil. so maybe i just did not know what to expect.

Everything seems to be going well. seem to be growing at a good rate. my plan was to start flower on november first. so my plan for scrog might get tossed out the window. and just grow these ladies strait and classic. i was also thinking i might top one, and fim one just to see the diffrent ways. but im still not to sure. i am thinking of making a small scrog scenn for my mother. and grow her on the unitl the others are ready to start flower. and ill just take a clone off her and use that clone for a new mother. but this would mean loosing some room for my 6 in hydro. whats do people think? would it be worth it to grow 6 smaller/medium plants (24 inches tall at start of flower) and one in a single scrog. some pics will be up shortly
One question: Are you going to move those individual net pots into their own individual reservoirs at some point? Because if not... I would be surprised if six plants do not fill it with roots before harvest, leaving you with a rather small amount of volume for your actual nutrient solution. What's the (advertised) flowering period on those, 13 weeks or thereabouts? Between actual usage and transpiration, you will probably end up having to refill it on a daily - or at least nearly so - basis, and pH shifts will happen that much quicker.
thanks tortured soul. no i was not planning on moving them at all. in that case would it be smarter to keep them smaller? flower is 11 weeks. so it does have a longer period of growth.
hey folks. so yesterday my new light was in. along with my ph tester and ppm meter.
the light is a 600w digital hps cool tube hood. man this thing is alot bigger than i was expecting. i took a reading with the ph tester and i was sitting around 7.2 i know this is high and i need to bring it down asap. but i was stupid and did not buy ph down. the tester came with these small bags of powder though. one i believe is 4.6 and i cant remember what the other was. are these to calibrate the tester?

plants are doing awesome. they are growing so fast. my plan is to put the hps lamp in on halloween that gives them about 10 more days of growth. and then i will flower all 7.

today is water changing day. so since my ph is high i plan on going to the store and getting some bottled RO water. and seeing how that goes. i took some pics and i hope you enjoy them.

the clones




mothers canopy
so today i noticed a smell in the tent. its a musty/ stagnant kind of smell. i just changed the water yesterday so its not like it is old. and the ph is 6.1. anyone have any ideas?
feels like no one ever comes by here. lost some interest due to no one posting.
a litttle update, the hydro plants are all doing good. i topped 2 of them awhile back and do like the results i got. the 2 topped plants are 10" tall and bushy. the remaining strait plants are between 10-15" tall. 2 of them are not as full, (missing some branches that decided not to grow). i am thinking about tossing them due to the fact that the hydro system is starting to fill up. it is pretty bushy in the tent ontop of the hydro tank.

the mother plant is doing great. i stopped tying her down and am just letting her grow tall with all her many branches.

tonight i am putting them into 36 hour darkness to hopefully achieve some last minute growth spirt. and then start them under 12/12 with the 600w hps for the next 11 weeks.

will post some pics tonight
hey i hope someone can answer some questions quickly for me.

the flour light i am going to be using is a 600w hps cool tube hood.
it has an 8inch tube. i have a 190 cfm exhause fan that i am using to cool the light. but it is also being split to my carbon filter.
will the light cool enough like this or will it melt my tent?

the tent is 2feet x 4feet x 7 feet tall.

also when i turned on the hps to test it out man oh man was it bright. but when i turned it off i noticed some suet on the glass where it meets the metal socet part of the bulb. is this somthing i should be worried about. i am new to hps and dont want to burn down my house. also is there any worries i should have about my ballast over heating. its a digital ballast.

one big happy family

the hps bulb
The bulbs will discolor there, don't worry. Keep the ballast off the floor (in case it floods) and on a nonflammable surface (drywall, metal). It should not get hot enough to do damage, but I have heard some horror stories. The duct fan should do the job, but check the temps to satisfy yourself. Put the carbon filter up high to collect the warm air, I see a lot of people put them on the floor. It should go like this filter, light, fan, exit. If you can't touch it, it's too hot.....Fire safety should be given the highest regard.
thanks OG.

i put the plans into 12/12 the other day. but i did not have enough cash to get 8" dryer hose so i just used the 125w cfl i have for flower spectrum. but i will put my 600w on them tomorrow :) everything looks normal so far. i gave them there first feeding of flower neuts. 3 tsp of big big bloom per gallon and 2 tsp of tiger bloom per gallon. my ph is 6.2 which i am happy with. and my tds is 1267 which i believe is in a good range.

can someone tell me if ec and tds are the same thing. i know ec is electro conductivity nd tds is total desolved salts. but for some reason i, under standing that this is the same thing. but i might be wrong.

everything is going good and i will put pics up when i have the hps in and all vented up.
day 3 of flower and everything is going good so far. loving the cool tube. i have it about 14 inches from the ladies and heat is low. im seeing some pre flowers on the soil grow not yet on the hydro. must be because the soil plant is alot older.

her are some pics.


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