420 Magazine's Grow Journal of the Month: January 2018


Honestly, and those who know me know this, I usually have lots to say but I'm speechless :0

Since I've been here, I've had nothing but love and support from the great people here, and can't thank you all enough. I know that this grow wouldn't have been what it is today without you, so thank you all!

Special shout out to KingJoe he's been my day 1 homie since I signed up here and continues to be a role model to me, showing me what 420 is all about. Thank you buddy!

It's a real honor to have been selected by the 420 mag staff, and an honor to keep journaling for, and with everyone who continues to join in on our BignStrange grows!

I'm honestly still in disbelief, and it'll probably take the day to set in, but I really want to say thank you. I really can't believe I've made a journal of the month and I'm just honored and thankful.

Thank you to our sponsors, 420 mag admin, and all of our wonderful members for making this all possible! You never fail to put a smile on my face .

I think it's time for a wake n bake y'all, you in? Jumping on the crystal coma this morning .

Thank you again, too much gratitude to put into words over here. So I'll send love and hoots from Bignstrange Farms, take it easy people, and thank you again! Happy 2018, let's grow some monsters y'all! . . . . . . . . . . . .

:thanks: THANK YOU ALL! I can't say it enough <3

You deserve it big waht a way to start the year brother. :high-five:
Congratulations to Bignstrange for GJOTM :cheer::cheer::cheer:

You deserve it big waht a way to start the year brother. :high-five:
Congratulations on the journal of the month. Looks like you really deserve it.
Thanks y'all :3 I just love growing n journaling here seems to really help me keep my head on straight and stay on top of myself .

It really is a pleasure to be here and share the shenanigans with y'all, my families just starting to get interested now, but needless to say it woulda been a lonely first few months In that tent without y'all .

Cheers guys! . :.
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