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5x5 Grow Tent Questions


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Dear 420 Magazine forums,

Had a few questions regarding a tent I just purchased.

Is my 5x5 grow tent suitable for 4 plants and each one having a yield of 1 lbs each plant or am I pushing my luck with limited space?

I plan on running 2 viparspectra V600w led's to get me started. I'm most likely going to buy the following lights for maximum canopy light coverage to get me started then eventually get myself a nice blackdog 1000w led

Secondly from what I've been studying online it seems that led lighting is the future of indoor cannabis lighting.

Is that correct information I've been reading? Everywhere just seems to say they're much more efficient as opposed to a HPS or HID globe.

My local hydroponics store seems to think that led lighting is terrible but I seem to think otherwise and I feel like they may be misinformed or not be aware of the advancements in led technology.

They're attempting to convince me to grow with their cultiv8 600w hps globes with cool tubes but I'm quite interested in giving the V600w viparspectra led's a try.

Lastly though not really important and I'm happy to go search this if there's information around what size pots will I require for 4 plants in my 5x5 canopy to produce 1 lbs from each if possible.

I'm a long term mental health sufferer (Anxiety, Insomnia ect) and only have just tapered off pharma tablets recently so I'm looking for a more natural route.

I'll be growing 2 sativas and 2 indicas.

-Grandaddy Purple
-Girl Scout Cookies (Extreme)
-Pineapple Haze

-Strawberry Cough

Looking forwards to all your responses.


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Yeah outdoor cannabis and I know someone who has taught me quite a bit in indoor growing. I used to help with watering, Setting up the grow medium and pruning.

I definitely wouldn't call myself an expert but I know my way around. All of this new LED technology I just don't know much about despite what I read. Some sources seem to indicate they're better and others don't.

I know the lights are cheap but I feel as though the light from the led's will penetrate more of the canopy giving me a higher yield and resin production as opposed to the hps globes from cultiv8.

Chris Scorpio

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A lb from a plant is a big goal for yer 1st grow in what sounds like awhile

In that tent you'll need more than those two lights for sure

Look into QBs or Quantum Boards, all I use, newest and best LEDs


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I'd love to be able to afford something nicer but currently I can't. Just doing the best with what I can. My second grow will definitely be with something better I'll look into those LED's you mentioned..

Would you say a good LED is just as good if not better than your regular hps or hid globe?

I do feel you're right when you say it's a big goal but is it possible in my 5x5 tent from 4 plants and you don't think 2 600w led lights will be enough?

They claim they cover a 2.5x2.5 flowering area and I'd be looking into 2 of them for maximum canopy light penetration.

Is it a bad thing generally to run a higher powered LED than the intended grow area they recommend for flowering or it doesn't really matter?

Thank you for all your help so far you've been extremely helpful.


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In my opinion 1 pound is a bit over and for your light your viparspectra pull 260 watt from the wall so 520 watt total with both light you need 40 to 50 watt square feet for flowing stage and your tent is 25 sq feet so you only have 21 square feet maybe somebody can correct me if im wrong


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Yes it can be done...

How ready are you? Doesn't sound so with that light. I used a 1000W DE HPS for below. I could have done it with a bit less but not a lot.

I can't do more than 4 legal. I have a 5x5. A few years back I was doing all seed. 2 were Male, one was a bunk female with bad genetics. So I only got one of 4 to harvest. I should have had 4 of these if running clones. But again this is on a 1000W Gavitia DE HPS on a digital dimmable solistek ballast in a tight open air hood. All of that maters...incramental gains. I know my 400 HPS couldn't have pulled that off.



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So I've revised my grow light setup after the advice I received from here.

I'll be running 4 viparspectra v600 led's in a 5x5 tent. I'm hoping to grow 4 plants within the grow tent. In terms of yield what should I be expecting and do those led's produce too much light for the grow tent?

I'll be investing in a black dog led after this grow is done until then though these 4 viparspectra led's should be fine to get me started.


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I just got my second type of LED and man these two seem very different. I have a nice lower watt one (Mars 300, 140W) and a cheapo higher watt one that claims 2000W equivalent 400 real W. I know my eyes don't work like a plant but I am not pleased with the penetration or depth of either as compared to my 400W HID. I bet my 400W HID grows better than my 400W LED that claims to be 2000.

Now my 1000W ballast adjusts from 600 to 1150.

So I have with my 2 HID lights the full range from 400 to 1150. And I have those LEDs for veg. And I have a fluorescent tube light and ballast for cloning.

Like cymbals I guess I collect lights. I picked up 2 of those Mars hydro a few years back for cheap and they seem to be nice but I never have taken them to bloom. This new light I just got promised it is a bloom light so I may run these in a bogus side by side and see how these do.

Next lighting adventure might be making one.
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