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I will join the forem. Leaning towards potassium deficiency in which causes the internal temperatures of the foliage to climb leading to light burns. Potassium def always happens in flowering. Hope you get your girl all fixed up!


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Hi everyone I have a problem I can’t seem to figure out. Getting brown leaf tips similar to a nute burn but only running .8/.9 ec. Humidity is 60/70% ph 5.9/6.2 room temp is 24 degrees. There growing like mad but this keeps happening across all of them some top leaves some bottom some middle. There in deep water culture undercurrent system. Only thing that’s been a little off is the water temp has climbed to 22 for a few days but is back at 18 now.


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It’s 5.9/6.2 and using tap water
OK...I think you just need to lower your PH to between 5.5 -5.8 and it should clear up...

What you have looks like a Calcium deficiency, especially since your temps & RH appear fine. Most common causes of a Cal deficiency would either be using R/O water and NOT adding a Cal-Mag supplement, or incorrect PH.

You can see by the below chart that, in hydro, Ca starts getting locked out at 5.8:

I hope that helps! :goodluck:


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I'm not a hydro guy,but I'll give this a bump so someone who
is may see it and give you some pointers...


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Ec means nothing without knowing your nutes

What ya using

What strength

Any enzyme cleaners

Good bubbles

Any Goopies or crumbs in the bottom of yer buckets

Pics of entire plant is also good


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AN phperfect is the best to use none of that phing anymore just apply to ur water and feed . Happy growin


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Thanks every one. I will take full plant photo latter and put them up, I added cal mag yesterday just befor I posted and will lower the ph today also. The food I use is green haze a/b and at the moment there 3 weeks into veg in 55 litre bucket loads of bubbles. Will also take photo of all nutes being used and roots. Thanks again for taking time to have a look everyone


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Ahh that makes more sense mate lol. I've heard there are pH perfect hydro nutes but not something id ever put my faith in. Too many variables in hydrothat effect it.
Really never new that now c I haven't had a chance to try hydro yet . Wen I get going again il be doing soil for a bit again then start up the hydro after another grow or 2 thanks for the helpful info bro and happy growing
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