Amnesia Haze & More - T5 Lightwave - 2 x 600W HPS - 2.4 x 1.2 Tent

re: Amnesia Haze & More - T5 Lightwave - 2 x 600W HPS - 2.4 x 1.2 Tent

Just thought id show the final set up all auto pots set up now they was only fed recently so im going to leave them a couple of days to completely soak up all nutes and then when there gagging for a drink BAM! hit em with a full tank of perfectly calculated PH'd Nutes and sit back to enjoy the show...:thanks:
re: Amnesia Haze & More - T5 Lightwave - 2 x 600W HPS - 2.4 x 1.2 Tent



re: Amnesia Haze & More - T5 Lightwave - 2 x 600W HPS - 2.4 x 1.2 Tent

Its now been 14 days since I flipped them all 11 have turned out female so that's good news.
re: Amnesia Haze & More - T5 Lightwave - 2 x 600W HPS - 2.4 x 1.2 Tent

The royal cheese strain has really took off it took 4 days to show signs of sex which I thought was amazing there must be some ruderalis in her somewhere! All plants are 2 weeks into bloom and are all looking fine besides the back right amnesia haze is a little short but I will keep an eye on her,adjust the light possibly. The auto pot system is fully working now and they drank a lot when I first turned on the water butt nearly 40 litres! So hopefully this is what they needed and they shall thrive
quick update...since the nutes were turned on they have grown significantly a good few inches since sunday I shall add pics tomorrow when I get a chance
I would say the strongest looking ones are definitely 3 of the ammo and the royal cheese just seems t be loving the nutes im currently following standard dutch pro coco/coir feed chart
These are now 26 days into flowering I have still left the chocolate mint and the fifth element in there in small spots but there flowering nicely...every little helps




The largest is the amnesia haze measuring a whopping 3 feet (36 inches) this is pretty good considering I flipped them around 10 inches,

the high priority (middle right) is short in stature but very strong looking and producing bud sites very tightly together hopefully some serious nugs will come off her.
If anyone is reading this and is confused by my set up from the title of the journal...Certain situations had to be taken into consideration weather, heat, location etc 2 lights would of been a problem as im just about getting it to 28C with the one light and im running 5 various fans! in the winter I shall be upgrading to a bigger set up
Is your carbon filter sitting on the floor of the tent? I see some ducting that looks to be running from the floor to the top of the tent.
No problems as yet just, they all seem very strong and looking great. week 4 starts tomorrow so double the explode that I add to the tank and watch these babies go biiiiig!

I think the Amnesia will go into weeks 11+ but the others blue cheese,royal cheese, high priority and the purple pineberry will be ready around 63+ days

And the PP is looking brilliant no purple as yet but I will try to change her with temps at some point need to do a bit more research on that yet.

Any info or questions are all welcome!

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