Amnesia Haze & More - T5 Lightwave - 2 x 600W HPS - 2.4 x 1.2 Tent

quick update I have changed this weeks water res 100l full so im gonna measure a few things: how much they take per day,PH levels from top of the tank to the run off at the bottom (my ph rises so I check as often as I can) I like the sweet spot to start at 5.8 and then catch it before 6.2 try to keep it within these zones and iv never had problems like this

Did you top the Haze? At full nutes what's you ppm? Looking at your growth of the haze it looks promising, I will be a little short on head room for any more height then you have going on. I'll be running 2 - 1k air cooled hoods in a 5' x 9' x 6' 4" high room.
no I didn't top any of them I have however decided to lollipop a few and check the difference after harvest because of the height difference of the plants my light is pretty far away from the shorter ones and they started to stretch the bottom set branches to reach the light I decided that the energy was better directed at the main colas
I don't even have an EC meter I just follow this chart precisely change out the 100 litres every week with a fresh new batch of nutes constant PH checking and if my plants show signs of illness/deficiencies I diagnose them and take care as and when with each individual plant...and iv never grown a small yielder in all my growing time

when I say I follow the chart precisely with the A and B I start with the lowest amount recommended and build it up through each week until maximum amount is required
quick update: everything is going smoothly besides a little heat stress on the purple pineberry so I have changed around some fans and timers hope fully she shall recover in the next couple of days


That last pic is the PP, leaves are a little drooped but iv changed the temps now


This is the royal cheese shes very small but already covered in frost and sticky resins so only a little will come from her but should be sweeeeet


This is one of the plants I left in the smaller pots (fifth element) I lollipopped it and its turned into a lovely green rose type flower full of frost
Girls are looking good. Quite the difference between the haze & the royal, to bad you couldn't get her up to the light.
I'm thinking of 10 gallon pot now for the Haze ebb & flow, then super crop the shit out of it!!! It could be a monster in my 5x5x6.? room under 1000 watt air cooled. I can only go with a few girls, So may as well go big haha.
As long as you veg them so the roots fit the pots get the stem nice and strong with the right training you could have a beast under that light in that space...what strains you thinking and medium.
I have the following:
Amesia Haze - 12 beans
70% sativa, 30% Indica
Flower Time 10 weeks

Lasqueti Island Haze - 12 beans. 80% sativa, 20% Indica
Flower time 9 to 10 weeks

BC Blueberry - 12 beans
80% Indica, 20% sativa
Flower time 8 weeks

I'm going with RW cubes, 1" then into 6" cubes then expanded clay pellets.
Haven't planted anything yet, may be moving soon so better to wait!!!
I have everything ready to go. It's sucks having to wait!!!
I know I'm moving after this one before i do 4 ghost train haze in 25 litre auto pots! Might do them under 1000w iv fixed the problem of plants being at different heights. I have put the shorter plants on an upturned 11L pot (il have to hand feed these 2 from now on but that's no problem the royal cheese and the high priority were very small bud had lots of bud sites so now there a lot closer I shall add pics in the morning it's 3am here. Goodnight 420 family
All is growing great besides the purple pine berry she is still drooping a little so iv turned her nutes off gonna let her dry out and flush with pure water start her on nutes again next week.

The amnesia are all looking strong with plenty of bud sites they still have 6-7 week left so...they should be massive!

The star of the show at the minute is the high priority (middle right) she's very short but full of massive white hairs ready to explode into tight nugs.

The royal cheese and the blue cheese are super sticky covered in frost and starting to smell so a lot to look forward to over the next 4-5 weeks
Sounds like you got everything dialed in and working well!!!
Over the weekend I did some shopping and made up a new power board for my grow room and decide the ebb and flow isn't going to do the job, so DWC is the way I'm going. I picked up a new air pump and 4 X 12" air stones, I new 250 gallon water pump just I case I decide to top feed at the same time. I have 3 -18 gallon rubber tubs and going to start 18 regular seeds in the next couple of weeks, 6 beans each from 3 strains. I only want 2 of each strain 3 mothers for cloning and 3 to flower out. My DWC setup will be 1 girl in a 18 gallon tub x3 and an 18 gallon res for easy res changes and adjustments. I ordered 10x 100 black and white poly to cover the room completely. I know I said I was moving and was going to wait. but a buddy of mine has a heated mobile trailer which I'm looking at to purchase in case the move happens lol. So I believe I have all bases covered for now. Let's hope haha.
The purple pine berry is still drooping and has a tiny bit of yellow on the tips I have flushed her now so I'm going to wait until she dries out thoroughly before turning her back on to the nutes. Besides that all is growing according to plan, I reckon the royal cheese will be ready first
Fucking estate agents letter arrived today with an inspection notice even though I was inspected 9 weeks ago!! not sure what the plan is yet.
Put them off inspecting or risk moving them to a new location.

Stealthing is a possibility which iv done before but kind of a mission impossible with the size of the plants and the pots smell etc... plus this is the estate agent coming round not just the gas man (checking the floo in the attic in my last house when I had a custom built grow den in there with 6 plants) I pretty much used Xmas tree boxes to box them up hid them under the stairs covered with blankets deconstructed the grow room and rebuilt it 12 hours it took overall let me tell ya that was bud earned!
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