Any advice on wrinkled leaves?


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Hi all just curious as to the leaf wrinkling on my plant here. First grow under lights and only grown an auto (unsuccessfully) once. Used to outdoor fems. This plant is 3wks from breaking soil today and grown under 20/4 led lighting in a 90x90 tent. Lights are approx 30cm or 12inches away. No nutes besides seaweed solution and growing in organic soil mixed with perlite. Growth seems fine and colour isn't too off so no idea why it looks so wrinkled. It's an auto blueberry breeder unknown. Would appreciate and info or advice.

Leaves too hot? Root stress?

Lights, as in plural? Which ones, specifically? 12" doesn't seem like too close, in the generic sense, but it could be a bit much for a small plant barely past the seedling stage - depending on the light(s).

Then, too, if that strain was created from the classic Blueberry strain... Maybe it's simply the "mangled look" that is present in some very young Blueberry strain plants, lol.

Let's pester an expert. @Emilya , paging Emilya to the botanical ER...
Thanks for the quick replies. Was an auto correct, light as in 1 light. I have had hand under light and it's definitely not hot. Listed as 1000w but only drawing around 200w off power. I have another seedling 2wks younger of same strain about to go in tent so will be interesting if it shows same traits.
I water the whole pot after mixing soil then allow to drain for an hour or so before planting. Jiffy pot straight into soil and small (maybe 50ml) water around seedling base. Since then once or twice a week watered only in small circle around base of seedling.
Well I'm just going to have to put it down to the blue genetics. Watering is fine, ph is fine and lights are definitely not to close or hot. I've used exactly the same soil mix and watering as I've always used, just never grown an auto or indoors so fingers crossed it all works out. Thanks for the replies, will keep you updated
Well there hasn't been any further wrinkled growth and plant is growing steadily. Never having grown an auto, can anyone tell me if it's looking on track? 4wks 5 days today


It looks pretty small to me for an almost 5 week old Auto. Are you seeing any pistils (white hairs) yet ? Usually an Auto will start flowering around day 21.
No nothing showing yet. I've never seen such a short plant in any of my past outdoor grows. 5 nodes and only 7inch tall. Just figured it must be an auto thing or and indoor thing but maybe not?
My lighting may be a bit underpowered? 3x3 tent with 2 plants under 2 seperate 1000w led (power draw is only around 135w each though) grow lights. Not sure if sold in US but Greenfinger brand which is similar to most of the smaller ones sold on Amazon etc.
How many hours of light per day, 18, 20, or...?
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