Bubblegum Deep Water Culture LED/CFL Grow!

Should work with the sh nutes though I dnt kno too much bout em but all nutes are slightly similar. So still veg nutes in res? Leave them and just continue topping off, only now you will b topping off with flower nutes. Just remember to keep an eye on ph and ppm. Peace!
I am using veg nutes to give them the extra N for the growth spurt that starts with the first 2 weeks flowering, at the end of this week i will switch it over so that they get what they need to produce the buds

The SH nutes should be fine, a lot of people use them but i may go with something more powerful next time
It's not really about powerful nutes that makes good quality and yield. It's more about environment control, and having a good ratio of npk, micros, and macros. If you have never heard of Lucas formula, or read any of the Ask Lucas thread, I would suggest you do so. Google ask Lucas. Lucas formula is the simplest way to give your plants what they want and need without the hassle of mixing a bunch of nutes, additives, and other plant supplements people use
Ill look into it along with a few others, my plants have no complaints on the SH generic nutes though, and more powerful might not have been the correct word
Not sure about that light so I can't answer that question. But when you are ready to switch to the SH bloom nutes, just do a res change and put them in. ;)

I just found this thread and am in the process of checking these nutes out.
very cool, keep me informed on them if you dont mind. Well when i went to check/adjust the ph just now i noticed the water is already down 1.5" and i just filled up 6 hours ago.... they must love it :) :woohoo:
would my plants be any different right now if i was using an HPS light?

air temp 77
water temp 62
ph 5.75
ppm 850
16" high (40 cm when they are supposed to get to 75-100cm)
flower day 7
I'd say at a near watt for watt exchange (so let's say a 150 watt HPS) at 7 days, maybe the inner growth would be a little tighter (less stretching).

No need to wonder "what if", your ladies are looking good! If you are at 40cm now at day seven, I dont see any problems with them hitting 60cm + in the coming days. Some strains of bubblegum are very aggressive growers at flowering time.
My humidity is between 45-55% i have read that humidity can cause problems, should i worry and what steps should be taken?

Lower is better during flower, like 35%. I like a dehumidifier myself, but better air circulation and exhaust may do the trick for you. 45% isn't that bad, high humidity opens you up to the possibility for bud mold.

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Don't know about your LED question, maybe someone else does. I'm currently following SettingSuns 300W LED vs 400W HID now to learn more.

I've never used the SH nutes, but if I had to guess, I'd say stay with the same ppm you were at with the grow nutes.

Been a while since I read Rose's Feeding In Deep Water Culture Tutorial, but I remember he used SH nutes in it. Maybe you should browse through it again for an answer.
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