Bubblenuggs - Hempy - Crop King White Widow - 2015


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OK Guys and Gals. This is my first journal so if I forget anything please let me know and I will try to include it in future posts.
*2 plants
*Strain - Crop King White Widow
*60% Indica 40% Sativa (according to website)
*Age - 1 Day after popped from plug
*3 gallon Hempy Bucket (3 parts perlite 1 part vermiculite)
*600w MH for Veg and 600w HPS for flower(Air Cooled Tube Style Reflector w/ reflector wings)
*48x48x80 Tent w/ 1-6 inch 300 CFM fan for intake 1- 6 inch 300 CFM Fan for exhaust
*Tent temp with lights on is 83 degrees and off 72 degrees. Humidity is averaging 40%. Getting to 60% after watering.
* PH of Nutes is 5.8 @ 70 degrees
*No Pests
*Nutes - GH Flora Series @ 1/4 recommended strength to start.
*Watering every other day.

Like I said this is my first journal so I will be learning as I go and hope to get some good advice from all you experts out there. One of the ladies has broke the soil but the other has yet to show herself. Should be in a day or so. This is also my first SCROG attempt also so I will be including lots of LST and super cropping. Should be interesting.
OK. Just wanted to give an update on the girls. They have both popped from the grow medium and are starting to develop their first true leaves. You can see them trying to pop out of the middle. I have to say, I am very excited to be growing this strain. Crop King seems to have some great genetics so the end product should be amazing. If I don't mess up the ladies. I will post more pics when they get the first true leaves. also wanted to clear up something from my first post. I haven't started to feed notes yet but will start at 1/4 recommended dose when second set of leaves appear.
Ok. Just want to update. I placed 2 ladies in there hempy buckets last night. They should start to take off. I was trying to add pics but realized you have to have 50 posts before your pics will show up. Is that correct? If so I should have 50 by tomorrow so you guys and gals can see some pics because no journal is fun without pics.
Not much has changed so I will start to do a weekly update from now on. My 2nd ladies is looking good. They should grow into some beautiful buds. Here is my nute collection and a pic of ladie #2. As soon as I see roots coming out of my rapid rooter cubes I will place her in the other hempy. I wanna also thank everyone that stops by and takes interest in the grow. If you have any comments on what I am doing right or wrong please let me know. I am relatively new at this so any advice is greatly appreciated.
Ok. Well I pulled up the crazy looking plant because it stopped growing and started to die. I did plant 1 more WW and I just got my Purple Kush beans from Crop King Seeds so I planted one of those too. I still have one lady that was pictured above. This pic is 5 days after that one. Still going strong and i will post pics when the other 2 sprout.
Little bit has changed since I last updated. The WW that I had sprouted but it didn't have any thing on top. No leaves, Just a stalk. I left it and I woke up this morning and it was dead. The Purple Kush sprouted and looks great. It is the little bitty one in the pic. Ok so now to the important question.... I have some browning on the edge of my first leaves on the healthy WW. Plus a little yellowing of the leaves. Pic below. I researched and looks like cute burn to me. I might have gotten a little excited on the nutes. This being my first indoor grow and the first time growing in a soilless medium I just want to make sure I do it right. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I wouldn't really be giving them any nutes yet. They should have 4 or 5 nodes before you start light feeding. So that may be the cause of the issues you are seeing. Maybe try straight pH adjusted water for awhile, and for the next watering, just give enough runoff to kind of rinse the nutes out. They don't look bad though, and will recover just fine!
i just checked out your journal JoJo and I must say...WOW! That scrog looks amazing. I have never tried it but I will this time around. Thanks again for your advice. I value knowledge from growers like you. If you see anything I'm doing wrong feel free to let me know.. as I said i am new to the indoor scene. I did check them when I got home from work and they look great. The yellowing has went away and the only evidence left is the brown on the edges of the bottom leaves.
Good to hear! You'll see them telling you when they need more food. Growth may slow, or the bottom leaves will start yellowing. You shouldn't have much longer until feeding for the big one. Looking good!

Thanks for compliments! Always welcomed :) But I'm just a newbie as well, I've only been doing this for a bit under a year. Fortunately there have been many harvests. This should turn out to be one of the better harvests, thanks to the Scrog!

Just a side note: I think your pictures are rotated. Try taking them with the volume buttons of your phone pointing downward next time!
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