CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18 - 400W LST

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Hello staffy, The OG 18 is def going to be a repeat for me, BASED SOULY on the fact that it is producing mouthwatering nugs. HOWEVER growing the OG 18 in my experience has been moderately difficult. I believe if you grow it from a clone it would not stretch nearly as much, i grew from seed though so my OG 18's stretched to atleast triple there veg heigth. Where as my other plants only about doubled.. So Would I grow the OG 18 again? Yes, but from clone only..With some major LST!!!!

Thanks Tmac, Im excited to see them changing colors
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edit... I guess we cant post pictures of seed companies?

AND FINALLY.. My seed list for 2011 from attitude!!
Check it out, let me know what you think.. I will also mother the best ones (Its predominately Indicas and Hybrids)
Sorry I cant provide pics as moderators will take off...... ??

--Burmese Kush Fem.
--Carmelo Kush Fem.
--White Berry Fem.
--La Diva Auto.
--Star 47 Legend Collection
--G-Force Northern Lights Fem.
--Early Purple Kush Reg.
--Pre-98 SFV Bubba Kush Reg.
--Hash Plant Haze Reg.
--G13 Blueberry Gum Fem.
--G13 Pinapple Express Fem.

Attitude is also providing 15 additional seeds for free as promotion.

Freebie 5 UFO Seeds All Feminized=
--Kandy Kush
--La Blanca
--Big Bud
--White Widow

Freebie 13 Reg. DNA Genetics Seeds
--Pure Afgan Skunk Hybrid Reg (Mostly Sativa)_________________
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Update on the lights... I added another T5 to the two T8's and 2 HPS's.. I know Im light CRAZYYY!!

There is a light over every square inch of plant now though... :) With the main Hps's In the middle.

Now totalling 130,000 LUMENS! :tokin:

The sun is 10,000 lumens per square foot in mid-summer. Im putting out close to 9,600 lumens per SQ FT!!!!!!!!!!

HEres what it looks like, its rediculous... I know hhaaa

5 Lights on 6 plants!



Now there are NO EXCUSES for these ladies no to grow!!!!!!:roorrip:
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Power went out a few times today, gave me a chance to get some shots of the Burmese Kush without the HPS's on..


Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

CFL I have a total of 1000 watts for 13 SQ FT. Thats two 400w HPS's, Two 72 watt T8's and 1 56watt High output T5. Im still getting more coverage than if i were to simply just buy a 1000 watt.

Freedom- I did infact veg with a 400w digital MH. for close to 6.5 weeks before flower. Then added the new 400w and a few extra lights ;)
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420 I need some opinions!!

Im attempting to enter my Purple Kush into the Jan. 2011 "Plant of the Month" hosted by 420 Magazine. ( I missed the dealine for Dec. by just a couple days, I was told by a ADMIN to re-enter my "beautiful" plant next month)
420 Magazine's Plant of the Month Contest: December 2010


Im asking for a non-bias opinion, present to me your very first thoughts when seeing this picture below. I want to know if it might be elligable for the contest as well as a picture in 420 MAG itself. Ive emailed a copy of the photo to 420 for submission to the Magazine as well.

Perhaps if the higher-ups see your opinions on this photo then they may agree it will catch the eye of potential magazine buyers as well!! That means more money for 420 and a very pleased Ghetty :cheer:

Thanks again 420 for all your support so far in this journal!! I feel like this grow, being my 3rd season, really inspired me to push the limits of this great plant!

The Purple Burmese Kush will forever be a mother for me!


(of coarse ill work on getting some even higher quality resolution photos)
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Update on the Burmese Kush.... This Plant is UNREAL!! Def a repeater!!

Here it is on 12/10

Here it is on 12/18

AS I SAID.... UNREALLL!!! :cool:

Heres some more shots of the Burmese Kush (Which I might be renaming Black Kush)

Heres a canopy shot, check out the fan leaves!!

In the Growroom, Showing its autumn colors

Smell: Almost like fresh blue berry muffins... Really, no joke
Trichs: Mostly Clear/ Milky
Fan Leaves: Mostly Purple with spots of green and autumn brown.
Heigth: From top of of soil to tallest cola = 18"
Size: 12 Dominate colas, 8-10" in length, all filled in. About as wide as a an oreo.

Guestimated dry weight after cut and cure: 70-100 grams.

This plant will be submitted for Plant of the Month in Jan. PLEASE VOTE if u like :)!! Also Check out the December Plant of the Month contest, they need votes!!
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Couple updates..

Burmese Kush also now known as "Black Kush" :tokin:
Week 6 (Shes showing signs of maturing, im think only another 2-3 weeks including flush)


R.P. Og Kush #18 Week 6

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All i think there is to say is friggin whoa!!! thats awesome man, i think since the limit here is 12 plants im going to go this route, i bought gh nutrients because they were cheap but after i get some money up i am just going to have to have some cana stuff sent to me. I had been reading up on them for a while and this just totally totally convinced me of everything i suspected!!!!!!!!!!
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ahh i see u got some botanicare in there 2 kick ass ive read good things there 2...

couple ?'s

did you feed the burmese and the other you had in soil/perlite the same nute solution?

also with the dirt how often did you water with nutes?
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

Balzin USA- I def like the Canna line of nutrients. Im currently running the Canna Coco A+B, CannaZym, Rhizotonic, and PK13/14(only use once). Every other feeding @ around 700-800 ppm 5.8-6.3 ph. They def give great results with little to no nute burn. I used to use foxfarm, never going back...

TMAC- Thanks, hope to get it in there for Jan. so be on the lookout!! :)

j4s2u0- Thanks man, i know im surprised and indoor can change colors like that!!

BurmeseKush- Thanks again, be on the lookout for it! Im hoping to enter it for Jan 2011.
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

Heres the last update on this grow..

Hy the way please dont forget to vote if you think this was a good grow!!:thanks: Click link below
420 Magazine's Plant of the Month - January 2011

Heres the shots

Some purp burmese kush nugs cured out


Reserva Privada OG Kush 18

Kush and some OG hash

Group photo... dry weight still to come... estimated around 7-9 oz/s


Thanks for all the support guys and girls!!! Please dont forget to vote !!!:thumb:
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