CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18 - 400W LST

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Curling down and in leaves, only on tip of nodes on a few colas.. the rest are all fine . ANYBODY?? I need help I dont have a ph meter and im working with the drops for about another 5 i cant flush because I want the ph to be exact..

Ive been reading and it says soil/ soiless mediums are good to adjust feedings at 6.5ph instead of keeping them at 5.8-6 throughout?

Has anyone experienced this? should I maintain my 5.9ph feedings or put it up to 6.5??

Refer to nutrient uptake to ph ratio chart.. it says 6.5 is perfect for any soilless flowering...?????

But what is up with my leaves ^^^
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Wish I could help Ghetty, I have gnats..damage on leaves, no telling how much damage from using Neem, covering the soil with DE to kill the gnats. But today I vacuumed all the DE off and watered and I also am starting to see curled leaves on the newer leaves. HAD TO PUT ON MORE DE TO KILL MORE GNATS!!!
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TMAC' sorry to hear about the gnats. An elder once told me about solving gnat issues though if you cant keep them at bay with neem... try a small amount of powederd or liquid Thuracide from ace hardware or home depot.. its pretty good to use for organics and it kills 100% gnat larvae, so use it one watering, very dilluted.. and it will kill off the larvae, the live gnats should die off within a few days. put some sticky traps on top of the soil and water once with Thuracide. should help your prob, be sure to flush after your gnat problem ceases to get out all the thuracide...

let me know if you try it how it goes.
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should i be worried?
I don't see a problem. Some fans go peculiar, but over-all and new growth is where it's at.

pH is not a rigid requirement. 6.0 is cool. 6.2 or .3 has never bit me.
Modern(pricey) chelates are stable through a fairly large range.
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I'm no arborist by any means... but I'll toss in my two cents worth. I've had those style of leaves come and go at various phases... one morning I would notice them, be unhappy about them... but by the next day, no sign of them. Sometimes it would last for a week... but the next watering would reduce them.

All in all, I wouldn't stress too much about the curling down leaves. They're still rich green, and you should be able to tell by the new growth whether the plant is healthy or not.

It might be something as simple as O2 content of the soil... ie, they'll perk up as the soil dries out, or once you add new, oxygen-enriched water.

Good luck and keep rockin' the buds!
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Still cant figure out this claw problem guys... I flushed soil to 6.3/ 600ppm,gave plenty of time for soil to dry out and then watered with PH RO no nutes...

Still having claw issues, it isnt my lights because its happening on nugs that arent even getting light.....

Check it out though on the main stalk...
It dosent seem to be hurting anythingbut I know theres a way to fix this...

(Sorry about the pictures... 420 isnt uploading them correctly or something.. idk why there sideways)

And time for the cola updates..


Road Runner

Burmese Kush

Upside down shot of the new lights.... 2 digital 400w HPS/MH
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Hah that would be cool propa.. Im not sure how to fix the inverted pictures... ow well, nothing a turn of the head cant fix.:bongrip:
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Update for all.. WE HAVE SOME PURPS COMING!!
Added a two bulb T-8 4ft, adds an extra 6000 lumens and a dual spectrum, also filling in more light that the hps wont cover...

What do you think? Ill will buy the 2nd T-8 housing prob tom.

x2 400w HPS (55,000 lumens each)
x2 Twin Bulb High Output T-8 (6,000 lumens each)
Lumens Total= 122,000

I have a grow area consisting of only 6 plants in 13.5 SQ. FT.

SO... thats an available 9,000 Lumens per Sq. FT. or 68 Watts Per SQ. FT.

Heres the Road Runner, started flushing yesterday. 10 Gallons @ 6.2PH

Heres the OGKUSH

C99 Cinderella (Still dont know what is up with this claw/ downward cupping effect?)

AND The Burmese Kush (Starting to purple) Week 4.5

(Better shot of the purp on the burmese)

Week 4 Going on 5...
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Thats awesome! Your OG Kush are so freaking frosty.

Funny thing I was told from my seedman I got Burmese Kush, but my BuKu looked so different from yours. Im starting to think I got some other kind of strain... It came in a TH Seeds box so I know its from them. Did not say anything on the box what kind of strain it was so I just took the guys word for it.

Well anyhow. Keep up the perfect work!
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Got up the 2nd light fixture today. Totaling 4 lights on 6 plants :cheer:

Temps are mid to high 70's Low is around 65-70

Plants are continueing purpling, including the Road Runner AF. Shes on her flush and her colors are starting to shine through.:blunt:

Cinderella plant is oming along slowely, no major changes in her yet..

The OG Kush looks like frosty pinecones coming in, very nice calyx formation!

Feeding around 800 ppm.Every other watering and 6.2PH (3/4 strength nutes)
-Canna A+B (Nitrogen, Calcium, Mag)
-Cannazym (Potash)
-Cal/Mag (Cal/Mag Suppliment)
-Humboldt County Snow Storm (Potash)
-Unsulfered Mollasses (Potassium, Calcium, Iron)
-Epsom Salt (every two weeks) (Magnesium Sulfate, exact same as wats in Botanicare sweetner FIY)
-PK 13/14 (2 ONLY times during flower week 3)

This i week 5, almost halfway there!

ON My List Of Things To Get Before Harvest...

--Bubble Bags (Can anyone help select the right bags, I will end up with a couple oz of trim and need to know what to use)

--6" Vortex Fan with Carbon Scrubber for room exhaust

--Portable air conditioner 10,000 BTU (Intake and Exhaust Ports)

--Vacumn Sealer with Canisters. (Any advice?)
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Updates For the Purps!!

Week 5
Burmese Kush..

Burmese that isnt Purpling Yet.. See the difference!?! and its the same plant!

Week 8 (Week 1.5 Flushing) (5% Amber/90% Milky/5% Clear Trichs)
Road Runner


Cinderella C99 Clone Week 4
(This is a text book LST plant, multiple colas, short and a LARGE YEILDER!!!)
Re: CoCo Coir Reverva Privada OG Kush #18. 400w LST

hello, just got to your journal. great lookin plants! i was thinkin o trying out that og 18. how has she been treating u so far? easy grow so far?
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