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EtOH extraction with vacuum purge


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If the passion is in growing, then having several pounds of contraband in storage is simply an unnecessary risk. I don't blame you for doing this one little bit.

Guy Cavallero

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Thank you, guys. Very kind of you.

I agree completely! Even last night I said the same thing on Scrogdawg's thread after seeing the results of his ice water extraction. And the guru of hash, the Hashishin Frenchy Cannoli says the dry ice method is his least favorite.
It figures i read this now, right after I made this today.

Guy Cavallero

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I've known all along that you're a stand up dude Rider, but your generosity never ceases to amaze me. Why it couldn't be donated is mind boggling!

Sad day in Mudville.......


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Sad day. Other than what was produced for my brother and a small holdback for personal use all of the excess was denatured with gasoline and tossed. I love growing but with the wacky laws between the state and the Feds I'm taking no chances. It boggles the mind that this wonderful plant is still treated like cocaine or heroin on the Federal level and that state laws don't take into account bumper crops. :confused:

Ah that is a bummer man. I was going to say maybe you could concentrate it and it would come in under weight limits, but I guess maybe consider that for next time or something.


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Great write-up Rider! Sorry to hear about the overage you had to dump. Hang on to enough gear to start up again when the laws change or the need arises. Might not be your brother (for a long while), but you never know where you might be able to help again.
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