Fem Gelato & Bag Seed GSC

I have always checked the PH and PPM levels also to have an idea what needed to be added but basically just added what was taken out in a 24 hour period.
Nice, I’ll have to do some testing, but maybe not on her, she seems finicky lol

I wouldn't suggest not changing the res. It was a test run for myself also to see exactly what happens to the roots. I was adding so much water so often it seemed the res water didnt have time to build anything nasty in there.
Gonna follow along. I have a Cookies group dropped myself. Colossal Cookies from In-House, GSC and Blue Cookies from Burning River Genetics.
I also kept temps low 80's in veg and mid 70's in flower. I use a little hydroguard once a month. No chiller either.

The seedling looks a little light too.

Same. I use the CX line of nutes that has a guard in it, but yeah. As long as you have something to combat the pythium and other fungal baddies, you'll be fine with a little bit higher temp.
I started top feeding the GSC seedling with some nutes today, and took a couple fan leaves from the gelato not much action other than that
update time, the bigger girl, gelato, is doing ok, the smaller one looks kinda funny :bongrip:and seems to b growing kinda slow, but she started from a bag seed that looked like it wasn’t mature really so I just threw it in some water with the few others I found, it was the only that made it so don’t really expect much
Well I think I found the reason it is a little stunted, the roots don’t look so hot, at first I was thinking I been having the temp a little higher than normal in there but the girl right next to it has nice roots, I did a res change the other day and I mixed the nutes in the wrong order, and it looked like there was Finley stuff right at the water line, so now I’m thinking the nutes just didn’t mix correctly and congealed or something
Eww the roots on the GSC looking like something a 50 year two pack a day smoker coughed up :rip:idk if it’s gonna make it, the actual plant looks ok, just hasn’t been growing the past couple days, I putsome peroxide in there,gonna check it in a bit and go from there
Oo im gonna follow along in and out im growing gsc and im about 3 to 4 weeks from harvest... I think... After a spout of aphids I've been looking at the hydro setups i wish i felt more confident in it..
Definitely some growth above and below since I tried to handle the root situation yesterday, and the bigger girl fills out every day lol I’ll defol and boom it’s all back, I guess that’s a good problem to have
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