Cheap LEDs & Bag Seeds

So anyway, I thought I'd give an update as to what I have growing on. I curently have 11 ten day old seedlings going. 2 white widow, 2 black widow? 2 skittles, 2 GDP, and 3 Blackberry Kush. Looking forward to these girls its been a while since I've had a nice crop.
I would'nt necessarily say I'm happy, but life is carrying on. Im slowly adjusting to my new normal. Eventually I'll be back to 100%
Yeah life throws curve balls at us, a lot of the time we might not notice and life goes on, but other times the curve ball curves right into you’re noggin and you drop!

keep you’re head up man!!
So anyway, most of the seedlings are about to go into gallon pots. The problem is I screwed up and slowed half of them down. I mixed up my solo cups and used 5 clear inside cups that didn't have drain holes in them yet. This resulted in them keeping there toes too wet and general unhappiness. I figured out what was wrong about a week ago and remedied it. Maybe I'll post some pics of the healthy ones. So far, it seems like the Blackberry Kush will dominate they are vigorous. They are even dwarfing the GDP'S
Thats true. I wish I had a growing friend nearby. It would be really fun to share the fruits of labor and smoke up together. Eh, nevermind. I live alone now and its just getting to me a bit I guess. With covid I cant get out so im literally alone. Its depressing me a bit.
I know this isn't the real world. But it's still a good way to become friends with or at least talk to like minded people.
Hopefully covid will pass then you can get out and about more chasing tail. Haha
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