Cheap LED Bag Seed


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Seed is from a batch of very seedy bud i got a month ago. It had huge buds great high and tons of mature seeds

Cheap $30 no name 600w led light

Cheap 24"x24" x 48" tall tent

General hydroponics nutrients

Germinated 12/4

Coco coir medium


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Love the plants. They look good and healthy. If I make a suggestion, get another cheap LED. You'll most definitely get a better yield that way. Your 600 watt light is definitely not true 600 watts LED's are rated differently. They advertise a wattage they claim to be equivalent too, but often they are very skewed and not at all reality.
I just have the seedlings under t5 for a week or so. This led brunt and stunted growth on my last plant. I really wanna see how much bud this cheap light will produce. It did awesome on the male gsc plant a few weeks ago.
Yeah for now fluorescent lights are the way to go, but when your flowering those girls out you'll probably want another. It will really help with your bud yield. I dont think it is quite as important for males but I'm really not sure since I havent started working with males. Yet.
I wasn't planning on messing with a male either but it happened. Got some gsc pollen to cross with this grow tho.
11 days old.
They got the first weak feeding tsp/gal
1/4 g 1/4b 1/4m
Put a handful more seeds in a cup to soak over night and will be in paper towels tomorrow might as well see what this bag seed will do for germ rate.

One on left is looking sickly


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Ok every light is different just keep an eye on them. If they look like they are “turning” away from it try raising it up.

you know your set up best. Just a heads up.

looking good
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