Cheap LEDs & Bag Seeds

So as a lot of you know, I recently went through a divorce. While the former she-squatch found a place and got moved out, I stayed with an old army buddy. When I got back into the house, my plants were not in a good way. My ex tried, but she has a black thumb of death. Sadly, I lost my entire crop. I'm buying bag weed these days... So bad times indeed. Anyway, what was worse is that my stable of mother's I had been collecting for over a year were in a really bad way. Half dead. Fungus gnats, powder mildew, and spider mites. I shit you not. They were all looking beautiful just a month earlier. So, I've spent the last 4 months nursing them back to health. I have some very nice cuts and I lost some of them but luckily, 2/3 of the mother's have recovered and all pests have been completely eradicated. Now they are all far to big to flower, so I'm gonna have to clone new mother's. The original intent was to keep them small. This time there will be no lapse in care. I was thinking I'd get a few pics of all the mother's smashed into my 4×8. If I had been around to keep them small, it wouldn't have been an issue.
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