First Grow! Coco Coir, Dinafem White Widow Auto, GHS The Church Triangle SeedsG13 x Blueberry Headband

Hey so a lot has been going on in the garden. I’m looking at this WW auto I started to lst her any one have any experience giving autos some defoliation should I just take a couple leaves off a day and see how she deals? She’s so Indica dominant her leaves are massive!

I began the mainlining process on one of the church girls let me know if it looks like I did a good job @Agemon. On the second church girl I tried lst’ing and light defol. Had a hiccup and broke one of the branches that was just starting to show new growth after being topped kind of sad.

For the headband and third church girl I left alone to wait to grow more before mainlining both of those. Would I fare better if I used a Scrog method? I’m prepared/aiming for a longer veg time on these photos so I can finish up this auto. 530B9F6A-DAB1-40D5-9798-AC6C0D309C58.jpeg




Do you have any exhaust system on that tent? Best thing you can do for heat is set up an air intake system. In line fan motor pushing cold air into tent. Then get one pulling air out. Hot air rises and cold air sinks just like thermo clines in the water. Looks like you've got plenty of space on top. 4 and 6 inch hoses don't take up too much space. Heres' what my 'finished' tent looks like.

It's a bit of a mess up there but you'll notice a filter back left and an inline fan/ exhaust going out the top of the tent. The intake is simple another in line fan pulling air from outside the tent and pushing the air into the lower part of the tent. Note this pic is a week or two old. The lights have raised and the two white fans are now facing down on to the plants below while I've aimed the intake ducting over to the far right of the tent, notice the black fan angled at 45 degrees to pull the cold air down and across the top of the plants. I'll grab another pic for ya in a bit. This tent here is finished with the exception of upgrades.

I’ve just bought 2inline duct fans with ducting one 4” the other 6” I’ve got the 4in with no duct in it right now for exhaust on the top I just got it today! The larger fan comes in tomorrow. I set up my intake ducting no fan yet into the bottom of the tent. Hooked into the window bringing cool air in without a fan just one near it with this I was able to get temps under control!

I was thinking I could get away with oscillating fans I was totally wrong how does the carbon filter work for ya? I’m not too worried about smell seeing as my home already reaks of it. Might just buy one if scents get out of control and leak to the outside world.
Carbon Filter works well if you keep your tent closed most of the time. I keep mine open to allow some heat to bleed out from the top. I try to keep the door zipped at least as high as the lights are, but sometimes, where I live, that's just not an option. If you don't care about the scent then why waste the money, all it does it deodorize your exhaust...
Hello my grower kin. This is my first official grow yeah it’s in a closet a nice sized one though! This is more of a ceremonial first grow paying tribute to my first attempt at growing.

The dream all started when I was 13 puberty was just setting in was toking pretty heavy but there was nothing but commercial weed in my town then the occasional kind bud that literally blew my mind. I was a bright kid with a plan I had done my research and I figured out you could grow this stuff indoors and sex them and you’d get no seeds what?!!

So I set off to Walmart. I had some bag seeds and I was off to buy me a bunch of cfls.I had a couple tall lamps already that had 3 sockets each I disassembled said lamps and hung them over the clothes rack in my closet had 6 60 watt cfls haha

Then I set off to eBay ordered me a brick of coco coir cal mag and gh trio but,
then my mother caught the cal mag in the mail because the mail man came the same time she got home from work.
She looked the substance up and my plan went down the drain.Ever since I’ve found myself unable to start a new stuck in the researching stage 10 years later I’m here....

Now since I’ve told you the backstory let us begin the journal. I’m growing 3 GHS the church,1 Dinafem white widow auto and one triangle seeds g13x blueberry headband. All in coco coir perlite mother’s earth 70/30.

Nutes I’m Using are GH trio rapid start cal mag and silica. I’m on approximately day 9. The 3 church have a few days head start they are almost two weeks old I’d say.

I’m running two Viparspectra v300 led lights yea I know they are cheap. I’ve got them about 3 feet away from the babies. I’m having problems though first off algae? How do I prevent this and will it cause harm?

I also seen the tips and sides of my leafs are curling up and looking very serrated. Also some yellow spots is this maybe due to the fact I had the lights too close at first because I did raise them a foot or so.

My Nutes are at about 250 ppm x500. Am I getting nute burn looking for advice and will be a regular poster who wants a seat first free pop corn for the first guest!!!!
I wish i knew u when I was 13 .......i was straicht up a little hood ass nerd
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