Medical Legal Canadian Grower With Small Rotary Gardens: 1st Grow


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Hello 420Mag,
I know there have been a few different rotary gardens posted to this site in the past with various results. This one is different again as the diameter is only 2 foot, and the number of plants per garden is only 4. The idea is to fill in the drum by starting in the center, and training the plants along the T5 lamps towards ends of the drum. If this works, it will cost very little per grow as there will be a power draw of only 160 watts per garden, and only 4 x 3" rockwool cubes.
There are eight lengths of twine running end to end, and the plan is to top the plant when it has enough size to clone the top, leaving two sets of leaves, and training the remaining four runners of each plant along the twine. Running the branches laterally in this way brings the bulk on the plants flowers into the Goldilocks zone, which is critical when using T5 lamps. I have the twine at three different distances from the lamps in order to zero in on the optimum distance.
If this units looks familiar it's because it was custom created for me by the folks at Omega Garden. This is experimental, however if the concept works well it may come to market. Canada is going legal for recreational in a couple of months, however the costs are expected to be straight up retail $15/g. My script is 3 grams a day, so $45 a day or $1,350 a month. The original reason I learned how to grow is again the same as why I am now learning a new way to grow. $1,350 a month is more then I pay for housing. 160 watts = will cost me approx $0.25 a day per garden, so if any kind of yield comes from this setup...
I am using an organic plant food that I have no experience with, so fingers are crossed.
Also have one static plant to see the affects of rotational growth on the plants. I am thinking about training it in a similar way to see if this comparison can be drawn out longer then the point of topping.



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