Cheap LEDs & Bag Seeds


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I am starting off my first grow with some cheap Chinese LEDs. They only pull 1,350 actual watts from the wall, but are supposed to give off a light equivalent of 2700 watts. 3 lights in total.
I am going with bag seeds for this first grow so I can get some general experience with germinating, watering, topping, and training as well as the whole gammet of harvest, drying, and curing. The seeds I have are from cheese and some purple strain of indica that totally knocked me on my butt. I also have a feminized three kings seed given to me by a friend. I will also pop that guy. I will use my GSC, chocolope, gorilla glue and others after this first grow.
Once I get everything set up (probably around the end of next week) I will post some pics of the set up. Wish me luck fellow tokers... I'm set for launch!
I can't name the manufacturer of the lights as I did this when I tried to post my grow journal earlier and it was deleted for mentioning the manufacturer.
Ahh, enough said. I know what lights you have. 3 of the 900's huh? Well just fyi the 2700 Watts that all three put together are rated to does not mean that they are equivalent to 2700 Watts of HID lighting. What it does mean is the light contains for instance 300 3 watt LEDs so if they ran all the LEDs on full power that would be 900 watts per light. What it actually is is they run all 300 LEDs at only 1.5 Watts a piece so they don't burn out. 1.5 Watts x 300 LEDs equals 450 actual watts used per light. I have had my room completely full All of the Lights you are using and did very well with them a few years ago. Anyways, I just thought that might be some useful information for you down the road.
Yeah, I know they only draw 454 from the wall, but They claim to be the equivalent of 900 watts so I just added them together. I guess that's not accurate huh? LOL No matter, you said they worked very well for you, so thats good enough for me. Besides, I think 1,350 watts should be ok. I have two and will order a 3rd tommorrow. I should be able to douse every inch of my 4x8 tent with usable light. I am pretty excited to get this grow going.
Ok guys, the grow tent finally got here (well, Friday afternoon actually, but I was waiting on my sick wife all weekend). I originally ordered it on Dec. 14, but it never showed. I contacted the seller on the 2nd and they sent out another. Now I can finally get this grow underway! I have all day tommorow to get everything set up and dialed in and I'm really looking forward to it. Tonight I am going to pop 5 bag seeds and 1 feminized 3kings. Shits about to get real.
Ok, so my wife has been pretty sick, I didnt get a chance to work on my grow set up at all. Well today she was back at work and I went downstairs to assemble that grow tent and the space I had cleared for it just didnt allow me enough access to all the doors. Its 48x96x78. So in order to set up a space where I would have enough room to access all 4 sides I had to majorly rearrange the basement. I have been busting my ass all day but I finally have it done. It actually worked out better this way as I now have enough room to set up another tent. I am gonna get a 4×4 to use as a veg tent and devote the 4×8 to flowering. I will try and take pictures later tonight.
So, it begins...
wow! that must have taken some creative engineering! I am impressed! :adore:
I actually bought 5/8 inch wooden dowels that I cut to the desired length and used them instead of the lower sections of the metal poles that were too long. I didnt want to cut the metal poles down because I want to have them in the event that I ever move the tent to a location where my height is not an issue. I'm kind of OCD, and the extra baginess at the bottom kind of bothers me, but it was either that or not growing. It was a no brainer.
Nice man! You won't be needing all 3 lights just yet, 1 should suffice for a month. Lots of seeds, wow! You're gonna have a good time! And with @Emilya watching ya, the plants will stay healthy! Cheers everyone!
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