First Grow - Advice on number of plants & pot size please!


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Hi all, total newbie here. I'm about to start my first grow in a grow box in my attic - stealth is a big priority!

I have a grow box which is 910x457x457mm (36"x18"x18" approx)' I have a 4 inch extractor and carbon filter and a pic fan for intake. I will be using a mars hydro 300 led light. Low temperatures are an issue where I am at this time of year so I intend to have a small tube greenhouse heater outside the box under the intake fan. I will be growing in soil using biobizz all mix, biobizz grow and bloom and am intending on growing 00 Cheese feminises seeds using SGROG. I have spent ages doing research and am looking to maximise my yield without getting too complex as this is my first grow.

My questions are as follows, am I better growing 1 or 2 plants with this set up for yield, and what sort of pot size should I use either way.

I would be extremely grateful for any advice you can provide - you seem like a really friendly, helpful bunch.

Thanks in advance!
re: First Grow - Advice on number of plants & pot size please!

You could fit two plants in there if you want. Gives you more variety. Or one if you prefer. What's the reccomended distance to the plant for your light? I can post some examples of plants vegged for different time periods, and appropriate size containers.
Yeah one or two in that space be best but you could go 4 smaller ones, depends how you try and train them. See my Anti Journal link, gives dimensions on my boxes I have. Can't go real tall in a 3' box, as you subtract distance for pot and distance it has to be from light and it doesn't leave a ton. Why I ended up building bigger boxes, but mine don't have the space limitations as not in an attic. My other grow, the Purple Kush one is in my little box I bought, so can give you an idea of space as it is a 3' box I bought premade, my first attempt at flowering one in there, but it is only 8"x 14" ID so it is a lot smaller footprint than your dimensions.
Hi, and thanks for reading. The distances from my light are recommended between 24" for germination/seedlings, 18-24" for veg and 12-18" for flowering. Doesn't leave. Ugh vertical room which is why I am planning on scrog.
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