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Gonna Grow's Indoor Soil Big Buddha Blue Cheese Grow 2014


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Thanks for coming! Currently my girls are 4 week's old. Here's some of the basic info.

Big Buddha Seeds - Blue Cheese
Genetics: (Skunk No. 1 (Cheese) x Afghani) x Blueberry
Type: f1 Hybrid
Harvest Date: October/November
Flowering Period: 8-10 Weeks
THC Content: Unknown
No. of Seeds Per Packet: 10
Characteristics: A Sweet, Fruity, Berry scent, with musky undertone of the original cheese.

Blue Cheese was created, first, by selecting a blueberry male from the entire collection of several different breeder versions of blueberry. The selected male was then crossed with our proud mother, and the backbone of many of our breeding projects; the original U.K. cheese. From these crosses a male with extremely fruity characteristics was chosen as the father of Blue Cheese.
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Now for my setup:

Indoor Insulated Grow Room
Medium- Advanced Sunshine Mix #4
Bucket Size- 5 gallon Smart Pots
Light- 1000w in a Sun System XXXL 6" air cooled reflector
Fans- (2) 640 cfm Cent. W/ Speed controllers
Temp of Grow Room (GM) = 75F
Humidity of GM= 45%
PH of media= 5.5-6.5
No pest, No mold
Watering every 2 to 3 days
Nutes= Botanicare Liquid Karma & General Hydro's Flora Nova Grow
Nute & H20 mix= Liquid Karma 5ml/Gallon+ FN Grow 1/2 tsp/Gallon

So that's where I'm at today. Everything has been setup so I can move it if I need to. Its been pretty cold the last few weeks here in Ky, So I've been trying to get the environment in my GR perfect. The GR is in a basement that is heated by a baseboard heater. I've been trying to only turn the baseboards on at night when the lights are off to save on power. While the light is on I have been using the heat from it to keep the GR 75F.
For more info on the GR setup check out my thread here.


Again thanks for coming and any input would be greatly appreciated. More to come later. :tokin:


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Time for a update! Were currently at week 5 from seed. I've moved some things around to make the room run more efficient.

I put the carbon filter on the light and the air is now being pulled through the filter then light the exhausted out of the room. There is also a fan blowing fresh air in through a flange and flexible ducting mounted in the wall.

I also installed a baseboard heater for the super cold nights, and hung a osc. fan from the ceiling that can be raised and lowered by removing or adding sections of the pipe which I got from a old shelving unit.

I also fabricated and installed my Co2 Halo, so all that will be ready when my environment controller gets here in a week or two. You can see it mounted to the ceiling in the first pic.

The 4 girls are doing well. I just topped two days ago, and the new chutes are really coming up fast. I'm planning on doing three more weeks of veg then time for flowering! Let me know what you think!!

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My opinion would be leave the fan leafs until a week after the finial stretch is done. They are very important for plant growth with how your your plants are and size. If you decide to cut them I would vote two of them at the most.


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My opinion would be leave the fan leafs until a week after the finial stretch is done. They are very important for plant growth with how your your plants are and size. If you decide to cut them I would vote two of them at the most.
Awesome! I will leave the upper ones, and maybe cut off the bottom two that show nute burn. I see your very familiar with the scrog. Do you think I would achieve the best results with this method.

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You would only if you let the veg longer and under net to fill the net then flower. Just putting net over plant and go into flower within a week or two will not utilize the scrog. Now I would say it would be well worth adding a month to fill scrog for the amount of buds gained.


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I am worried about electrical on the ground, but hey thats just me. With soil you got less chances, but still, I try to hang all my elec on the wall just for ease of mind. Subbed!
Thanks! I just installed that fan yesterday, so I haven't had a chance to install the power cord properly. It will be up off the floor, I just need some free time. Thanks for the sub. !:thanks:


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5 week's old yesterday. Took everything out of the room for a minute when lights came on. Cleaned it out and put a 1" piece of foam in the center of the room so the plants aren't sitting on just panda film and concrete. Then put down a new sheet of film so there are no cracks for dirt to get into. Also found some shallow square pans to put under plant's to catch any runoff. Lined those with panda film and I like them better than the round drip trays I had before. All the girls fit together nicely.



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8 weeks old! Flower started yesterday. Switched up my nutrient mix gradually over the last week. I've been using FloraNova Grow, Nova Bloom, Humbolt Honey, Humbolt Big Up Powder, and Liquid Karma. Switched out the bulbs for a brand new hps, and put the old MH in a econo wing for transition. I wonder if I should keep the MH throughout flower, or is it wasted light? It does raise the temp possibly causing the exhaust fans to cycle on too frequently. Right now I think it filling the room with co2 instantly then the fans cycle every 30 min. That's gotta be wasting a lot of co2.

I still have to figure out how to neatly arrange everything's wires, eventually installing conduit will be fun. I'm pretty close to where I sit back watch them grow.

Anyway here's some pics of what I've added to the setup.:joint:


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Looks pretty darn fine to me & the girls look healthy, most excellent work :high-five:

Those are gonna be a fair size bush after the first few weeks of stretch in 12/12 but looks like ya got plenty of head height, i'm looking forwards to see these flower.


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Here we are half way through week 3 of flower. The girls are looking great! There's some purple on the new growth so I got some Cal-mag. If that doesn't help I'll go up to 4 ML/ GL of the Flora Nova Bloom.
Had to kill the choco o.g. x orange o.g. it was def. hermied. I just replaced it with the same strain I started at the same time but I've been keeping it in a small pot. Here's some update pics, I finally got some good close-ups thanks to CoNerd's advice.:21:
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