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Hello everyone I'm the new to these forums and relatively new to growing with only 5 grows under my belt.

My first grow was from a few bagseed I had acquired years before even starting growing and grew out 6. I ended up with 3 females and 3 males and ended up keeping one male alive outdoors to see how the male plants grow and potentially breed with the 3 females in my grow tent. Eventually I collected the pollen in a jar in my shed and brought each female plant into the washroom and pollinated about 3 budsites with a paintbrush and the pollen off the purple stinky male around day 21 flower grew them out fully and realised I had a very special plant within those 3 with beautiful purple leaves and calyxes and a very vibrant candy grape smell and fire orange hairs and this plant also had a ton more trichromes then the other two females I was very happy I was able to make some seeds in Hope's of keeping that plants genetics going.

A couple runs later I then grew a few Northern Skunk from peakseedsbc and a handful of the seeds I made and believed to be Grape Ape or Purple Urkle after a bunch of research on those two I believe its Purple Urkle based on the purple buds/leaves heavy grape smell with skunk in it. Seems pretty spot on with what I have in pictures and description and flowering time. One plant really took after the mother with all the traits and that grape smell I wanted so I used some colloidal silver to reverse a branch and make some s1 seeds from it and also an f1 cross of the purple urkle with northern skunk by peakseedsbc and pollinated another Purple Urkle sister that appeared black and took after the father plants Genes.

Anyways I ended up with a ton of really nice feminized seeds that i will continue to grow in the future. I have always loved cannabis growing up especially getting a bag of some AAAA but since I started growing it really has sparked a passion for this plant. Theres so much too learn and it's truly amazing the variation between strains and how they grow ie. bud/leaf structure flavour aroma colour vigour resistance. I learn something new almost everytime I research and am happy to have started this as a hobby. Looking forward to growing my knowledge of growing this plant with everyone here!

Heres some of the ground bud from the Purple Urkle. Happy growing everyone!
Welcome to the forum. Id suggest starting a journal for growing to keep notes for yourself and it also allows other members to follow along or even help when needed. Alot of great growers with some very valuable knowledge on this site.
Thanks I'm just starting up a new grow right now in coco coir for the 1st time I will start up a journal right away they are about a little over 1 week.
sparked a passion for this plant
I had big intentions for a full on vegetable garden...not one seed other than weed plants for going on a year has popped yet! No room for that sillyness now...Cheers mate, luck to your grow! :yahoo:
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