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I need a BioBizz schedule for coco please

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Hello all!

As stated i need a BioBizz feed schedule for growing in coco im currently using:

Bio-Grow - feeding 3.5ml to 1L
Bio-Bloom - feeding 2.5ml to 1L
Top-Max - feeding 2.5ml to 1L
Root-Juice - feeding 3.5ml to 1L
Mother Pukka Budwiser (high calcium %) 0.5ml to 1L

Any suggestions would be great, im also growing with a 600w hps, i have a few journals in progress if you would like to take a look at the organic one.



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I don't think Bio-Grow is good for coco since it's molasses and works slowly, but I could be wrong :)

Coco acts much like hydro, and Biobizz is a mix of feeding the plant and feeding the microbes in the soil, so you won't get full value using it in coco.
I think you're better off growing in soil with Biobizz, or using a line of nutes made for coco and go all-in on that route.

If it works with the Bio-Grow in coco, I think you should add Bio-Heaven and foliar feed with Alc-A-Mic once or twice a week in veg/early flower maybe try it in the feeding as well.

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It can be used in coco, iv got a great grow already using it, i just dont know whether im using it at the correct dosage to get the full benefit, I will be adding un-sulphured molasses from tomorrow through to harvest, do you know if i should flush with water for the last 2 weeks or should i continue with the BioBizz range till chop?



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As stated i need a BioBizz feed schedule for growing in coco
Have you tried contacting the company and asking for coco-specific information? They probably couldn't give you recommendations for specific strains, but they seem to be "cannabis-friendly." I just did a quick web-search looking for a handy schedule for coco to post and, although I didn't find one, I did see a thread at another forum where the person posted some information he received from the company via email. The text included - and I'm paraphrasing a bit due to not having copied it verbatim - "thank you for starting the thread about using BioBizz for cannabis." Also, they sell a coco-based substrate that they seem to be proud of, stating that their coco is left to decompose naturally on a beach in Sri Lanka for 20 years instead of them using chemical decomposition aids.

I'd try contacting them - and stating that you'll be posting any information they can provide HERE. <SHRUGS> Although obviously not the same as advertising on these forums, lol, whenever we discuss a product (in a positive way), how to use it, how much to use, et cetera... it increases that product's "presence" in people's minds. I know nothing about Harry's Hydroponics for Huge Herbs (primarily because it doesn't exist ;) ) - but if someone starts a thread like this about it, others post their experiences with the line, etc., well... then I do.

I couldn't find an email contact address with such a cursory search as I did, but searching for biobizz contact did show me a couple of those "Contact Page" forms that a person fills out and then gets an email reply. And if one wises to bypass such a thing, a more thorough search would probably give you an actual email address (people have been known to post big lists of nutrient company contact email addresses from time to time) .