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Hey guys. Ive been debating on doing this for a while. Ive kinda been covering 2 grows in my last journal so i decided to break things up a bit.

This journal will be covering...

my 9 PPP clones
my 2 Kaya gold sprouts that were gifts from a friend
my A-Train Seedling
my Lucy Seedling

As you can see there's quite a few things going on in that tent, along with the closet Scrog im doing so here is a bunch of info on this veg tent!

PPP (clone), Kaya Gold (seed), A-Train (seed), Lucy (seed)

Grow room: 5x5x7' Lighthouse Hydro Tent

Containers: 3 Gal Root Pots

Medium: Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil

Ventilation: 8'' Mtn GearSmith Inline Fan @ 733 CFM w/ Carbon Scrubber

Ballast: 225w of 4' Florescent Shop Lights and a few clamp on CFL's. Will be changing to 1 - 400w Revolt Ballast and 1 - 1000w JD Lighting Ballast

Lamps: 400w GE MH, 400w Plant Max MH, 400w Plant Max HPS, 1000w Plant Max HPS, assorted wattage florescent strip lights, and CFL's.

Reflectors: 2 - 6'' HTG Supply Straight 6 Cool Tubes

Temperature: 73*F - 78*F (Lights On) / 65*F - 75*F (Lights Off)

Relative Humidity: 15% - 50% (Our Climate is very dry, we have a humidifier if needed)

BPN 3 Part Elite System w/ a dash of super thrive(feed with every other watering)

pH of Water: 6.0-6.8

Yes i have been battling fungus gnats for over 2 weeks. Just hit them in an azamax soil drench last week, they are due for another one this week.

Ok so here is what i got going on. The 9 PPP plants were cut from 4 different mothers. (they are the plants that are flowering under my scrog right now).

So the PPP are the oldest ones outta the bunch going on 3 weeks old i would say.

The 2 Kaya gold were given to us as a gift, they already have 4 sets of leaves i want to say they are about a week or 2 old.

The A-Train and Lucy seed were germinated about a week maybe a week and half ago so they are the youngest out of the bunch.

Like i stated before i have been battling the annoying fungus gnats. Ive been taking almost every precaution i can when it comes to fending them off. Soil drench, DE, Neem Oil, Let soil become dry between watering, Yellow fly tape, fan directly on plants.

Seeing as this grow doesn't become infested with these gross, annoying fungus gnats i intend on making all the plants mothers so i can get my 2L Hempy SOG going. Thanks for checking in and stay tuned i should have more updates this weekend!!!


Pure Power Plant (pics taken approxmatily 1 week ago)

Little LST Lady

Kaya Gold Sprouts (feminized)


A-Train and Lucy (i got them mixed up but hopefully their traits reveal their true identities)



Blue Planet Nutrients

JD Lighting Hydroponics

I'm in bro, looking great! I almost went with that same exact tent but settled on the 4x4.
Thanks for subbing guys!!

Few updates tonight...

Pure Power Plant
Just got back from seeing the babies, id have to say i am seeing less and less of the gnats everywhere. Those yellow sticky cards are really filling up. We have been going 2+ days in between waterings to try and dry up the environment so they gnats will die off.


Today i took one of the plants completely out of the pot to inspect the soil, i dont see any kind of eggs or larva which gives me hope.

About a week ago we noticed some browning on the edge of the leaves on almost every plant. I am not to concerned though as it may just be a reaction to The Soil drench or the DE we put on the soil. I will post some pics of the affected areas though.


Kaya Gold

These babies are looking fabulous. They are starting to get there 3rd set of leaves. getting bigger by the day! going to transplant soon!


A-Train and Lucy

both sprouts are the same height, they are growing but very slow, starting to put on their 2nd set of leaves.


Can i try and replant these 9 PPP plants into a ProMix Soil-less medium, im trying to stray away from soil since i have had this fungus gnat problem. can i transplant from my soil (i will trim the roots too so im only working with a small root ball) into a Soil-less medium?


What is that yellow discoloration on the edge's of my leaves? any one know??/

Thanks for stopping in, subbing up, and answering my questions if you do!!!!:thanks:
I have been battling fungus gnats for the past 2 weeks. last week i gave them azamax soil drench. And i sprinkled Diaotmatious earth on the soil.

a few days ago i noticed some discoloration on the edges of the leaves on almost every plant. We only fed them with BPN 3 Part Elite Seedling Formula, maybe the soil was already hot and when we added the nutrients it started to burn the plant??/

maybe the azamax soil drench is causing it?

Maybe the fungus gnats are feeding at my roots and that is causing it.

Let me know what you think thank you!

Alright well i got some input on the leaves, apparently its nute burn so i am going to give them a soil drench tomorrow and flush them at the same time.

Going to Order the Plant Max 1000w For the JD Lighting Ballast.
Also going to order a co2 regulator. Already have a big tank, and the sentinel evc2 will control that.

I havent seen them in like 3 or 4 days so im trying to taking alot of pictures and notes when i see them.

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ok folks, The gnat problem is definatly getting under control, i could only see 1 or 2 of them hovering around the soil. We have been letting the soil get bone dry before watering so they dont have a wet enviorment to live in. The plants looked kind of droopy so i gave them a good amount of water to try to help them perk up a bit, also to flush the soil because of the nutrient burn.

I trimmed off any leaves that had bad nutrient burn, also trimmed the lowest branches on each plant.

The LST plant has made it to the edge of the pot i will now start training it around the pot in a circular motion. I also Tied down all the side branches.

I topped or FIM'd 3 of the plants. i didnt keep track of witch ones i did it to, i usually just figure it out later when i see multiple branches.

Sprayed them all down with neem oil after they got their water. Replaced all the fly tape with new ones.

If we still noticed the gnats by this weekend we will hit it with another azamax soil drench.

The seedlings are all looking good, the kaya golds are starting to take off, the LUCY and a-Train sprouts seem to be streching quite a bit so we put them closer to the light.

We intend of getting the new lights going this weekend so we can have these puppies take off!

I ordered my Sentinel Co2 120v Regulator and a PlantMax 1000w HPS for my new JD Lighting Ballast!

Alright enough talky talky heres some pics!!

Kaya Gold


Lucy & A-Train Sprouts


PPP clones (miscellaneous shots)


Group Shot
so i am still noticing some yellowing of the leaves. Going to give a good flush this weekend with the azamax soil drench and also test my pH run off. The pest problem seems to be going away now i just need to correct my Nutrient problem, haha damn one thing after another with this grow, its not going as smooth as my other 2 but it was bound to happen.

I snapped some crappy cell phone pics of my LST plant. Starting to grow more shoots, and getting a bit longer, going to start working it around the pot now.

heres some pics!

I agree with Alaskan.....give a good flushing then water with good Ph'd water for the next couple of waterings. Still looking nice, you will have some monsters on your hands soon enough. Will be watching this grow.... :popcorn:

IGG - the white stuff on the leaves is diatomatious earth. I used it a few weeks back on the soil and it got on the leaves, its not bad for the plant it just looks ugly. I think i am going to trim away the lower branches and foliage on the very bottom of all the plants, They are very thin and weak.

ill give them straight pH'd water for the next few watering.

I also know that they are kind of week because i dont have alot of lights for those 13 plants.

I intend on getting them into a new tent with 2 ballast (one of them being the JD lighting ballast) so i will see them grow faster. I only have like 220w of Florescent in that tent for 13 plants its just not enough.

I have never nute burned my plants before so i am hoping i can correct it before its too late
lol well the scroggy pics will be up on my other journal (hopefully by the end of the weekend),

If you wanna see a multi strain jungle, then stay tuned ill have pics up by the end of the weekend.

I like to wait a few days between taking pics so you guys can actually see the growth. If i was taking pics every 24 hours they would get boring after a while.
good luck with the cloning, i never took a clone in flowering but i have seen it done before on some ones journal, the clone is going to try and re-veg, so this might take longer than you expected, also you may see weird new growth, along with the old bud site dying off.

like i said my knowledge is limited but theres tons of info about it on the internet
So the plants are still looking a litte iffy, just droppy and still discolored.

We gave them all a small flush with 4.5 Cups of pH'd water each. It was enough to leave a good inch of run off in the drip pans, I tested the pH of the run off and its a little under 6.8

Why do all of my plants in this tent have a discoloration? the pH of my water is 6.5
Do you think i will noticed a difference after the mini flush i did?
Not really seeing any more gnats. I hope we nipped it in the bud (no pun intended).

We transplanted all 4 seedling/sprouts into bigger containers.

They got FFoF soil with extra perlite mixed in.

PPP Veg Plants


Kaya Gold


A-Train and Lucy


I am noticing a slight discoloration on the seedling/sprouts as well, which leads me to believe that there is an underlying problem some where. Im still trying to figure it out. Not much i can do but try different things and see what happens.

We have been waiting a while between watering but now they will get watered at least once a day.

I think there color will come back without having to transplant. I have had my plants turn real yellow on me before too. I was using tap water and as soon as I switched to store bought 6.5 Ph'd water with no nutes they came back after a couple of weeks. With the flush you did and a little time the yellow should go away soon enough.:rollit::peace:
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