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Large Spider Mite infestation - Day 1 Flower! Help!


Hi I have had my girl's on a 18/6 light cycle for the last 90 days now, at this point
I've decided to flip the lights to 12/12, failing to recognize the enormous spider mite infestation, is there anything i cam do? or should i just let them flower and smoke the buds?

Thanks everyone!


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Pick up some spinosad, spray the plants with it covering tops and bottoms of leaves and add a small amount of spinosad to your waterings, then pick up another spray like BonNeem or Mite X and wait 4 days and spray the plants with it, repeat the process every 4-5 days for about 20 days. This should get rid of them. Rotating 3 sprays is even better.

I recommend:

Captain Jacks deadbug (spinosad) by Bonide
Mite X by bonide
Bon Neem by bonide.

All organic.

also pull off any leaves that have a lot of damage or where you see eggs.

Its worked 100% for me 3 different occasions, just don't spray the plants once the buds start filling in.


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Neem Oil every 3-4 days for 2 weeks. Be sure to coat the undersides of the leaves and get the entire plant very wet with the Neem Oil spray. Trim off any parts that have lots of webbing. You have to be diligent with the Neem and do it every 3-4 days for 2 weeks. Also make sure you keep your grow room clean and free of any dead leaves. If you buy the concentrate and mix it yourself be sure to mix a fresh batch every time you use it. Also add a few drops of dish soap to the mix to act as a binder. If you were further along in the flowering stage you'd be screwed but it's early enough to wipe them out and not damage your buds.You can buy it at Lowes and Home Depot for cheaper than the grow shop.
Good Luck Brother!!


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If you have a small crop you can pull your plants out, place in shower and thoroughly wash them making sure to get inside and underneath the leaves. This will wash away most of the mature mites and some eggs too. Treat with neem oil until flowering starts then give them another good couple sprays with water to wash away any dead bugs or neem oil.


I would upload some pictures for you guys,
but unfortunately I haven't took any for a while and the light is in its 12 hours of darkness right now.

I will upload pictures tomorrow, they are about anywhere from 7in to 22in, and very healthy "looking".
Thanks for all of they advice guys
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