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Leave Weaver's Multi-Grow Experimentational Harvests

Leave Weaver

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Hey everyone, I am going to make this first Journal post very general because there are multiple strains in this grow as well as offspring due to controlled pollination between my male and femaleBlueberry Smack strain, got feminized seeds from my Global Fuel strain(clone hermi'd enough to prouduce one set of bananas which i harvested pollen from), crossed my male Blueberry Smack and female AK-47 as well as my female Global Fuel enjoy the ride.:439:

Leave Weaver

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Ok Ladies and Gents, heres my set-up:


Grow area: 15" x 20 1/4" x 23 7/8" = Approx 4.20 cuft :439:
Lights: 2 68w 2700k, 3 23w 2700k, 1 45w 6500k (All CFLs)
Lumen: (2)4200 + 3(1600) + 3000 = 16,200 lumen
Fan: 50mm 12v 11.6 cfm 5500 rpm
Soil: 25% potting soil, 50% Peat moss, 20% Perlite, 5% Vermiculite
Containers: Mothers 3gal, seedlings in 32oz cups
Light Schedule: 12/12
Nutes: RO water, Alaska Fish Emulsion 5-1-1, Schultz African Violet w/ micro-nutrients 8-14-9
Co2: homemade generator (sugar, water, yeast, nature!)
Schedule: Mothers every 4 days, Seelings every 3 days / Foliar Feed very lightly ever other day

Leave Weaver

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Here is the Blueberry Smack strain parents

12/12 from seed (sprouted 11/9/09)

topped twice for space reasons

I got 16 seeds total, germinated 6 after a 2 month dry n cure.
i used the paper towel method
4 out of 6 sprouted within 2 days
here are the 'Purebreds'
B1(top left) to B4 (bottom left) in clockwise order / B3 is my Male prediction

day 20 12/12 from seed

Leave Weaver

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really nice looking plants man, im in!

Leave Weaver

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What makes you say that? :peace:
in the peat tray, it stretched to the dome the first day, then it exhibited the fasted growth after transplanted, as well as the most symmetrical leaves and structure out of the four. the father of this one also grow very fast compared to the mother, almost twice as fast.

in less than two weeks i will see if im right.


Leave Weaver

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Here are some goodies from the Blueberry Smack:439:
Enjoy and vote for her in POTM to prove micro-grows can bring out award winners as well:peace:
PS 56k'ers beware....

Warning: Chief'n on some good ganja before veiwing is recommended, although viewer may be lost in the pictures if unaware of the immense beauty....

Bonus shot: AK-47 w/ Blueberry Smack for the very last picture. Shared the same pot for 4 months.

Next Strain/Seed update will be the AK-47

Leave Weaver

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Hi Leave Weaver, pics don't really do em justice. :peace:
You're exactly right CocoJoe, but you know what would do her justice. Plant of the month followed by Nug of the month in February, then i could do her right and enjoy my fruits God hath blessed me with. I wish everyone could smell her pheromones permeating into my salivary glands....



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Leave Weaver, just read through your grow and I am very impressed. You've got a knack, that's for sure. Like I;ve told MountainHigh in his grow. I'm interested in seeing a 12/12 grow (Cees) looks like you got one going. +reps on the 12/12 and the beautiful pics!
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