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LEDRF's Grow - Auto Mazar - Auto Dark Devil - Etc - Huge Yields


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Hey, so my last grow in this grow room, I got over 1.5 pounds dry, from six autos. I am doing six again this time around. This grow will be finishing off Auto Mazars that just went into flower, and fully following another six.

The strains are all autos.

Picture of Auto Euforia from last grow

Here is a nug from last grow

1 Dark Devil by Sweet Seeds
1 Mazar by Dutch Passion
2 Northern Lights by Royal Queen Seeds
1 Critical by Feeminized Seeds
2 Syrup by Buddha Seeds

I got 7.9oz dry off my last Auto Syrup. It actually kind smells like syrup or honey when it cures.

Okay, now for the set up. You can watch this video if you want a full run down of the room and nutrients and a bunch of growing tips and why I use what I use, etc.


First is nutrients I am using. Normally, I just use Flora Nova Bloom and Calmag Plus for the whole grow. Super simple. Then Monster Bloom (A PK booste) three times during flowering.

Flora Nova Grow, Flora Nova Bloom, Calmag Plus, Monster Bloom, Root Excelerator, Epsom salt, Drip Clean.

I feed with every water. I water every day in coco and perlite.

During the first 10 days or so, I will be using Flora Nova Grow, Calmag Plus, and Root Excelerator.
For the next 20 days, I will use Flora Nova Grow and Calmag plus.
(drip clean will be used the whole time, unless I hand water)
After that, they switch to Flora Nova Bloom and Calmag plus.
Monster Bloom and Epsom salt is used as a bud booster denser. I only water with that 3 times while the auto are flowering.

I will go through the measurements in this grow, as video updates, with pictures and text as well.

My medium:

Coco and perlite 50/50.

Grow Room Setup:

I use a closed system. This means I extract no air out of my room. I only bring in air through my filtered 12,000BTU AC.

I use open hoods. Not cooled. I rely on fans and the AC.

Two 1000w double ended bulbs, one Ushio and one Gavita. Ushio is in Box hood, Gavita in wing hood.

Both bulbs are turbo'ed with Galaxy ballast, digital.

I run a 50 pound co2 tank on a timer. It stays off when lights are off. When lights are on, it stays on for an hour to an hour and thirty minutes. Between each time it is on, it shuts off for 30 minutes. I use a cheap analogue timer for this.

I use a CO2 monitor.

Two room thermometers.

I use a laser thermometer to check leaf temps.

I use oscilating fans.

I use a dehumidifier, a large one.

Right now I am using the auto pot gravit fed system once they are fed Flora Nova Bloom. I am not totally happy with this system right now, so I might convert it over to a top fed system, hopefully gravity fed.

See the video to see how I have the room set up. I can post a few pics upon requests. Video is easier for me because I post these on Youtube regardless.

If you have any questions during this grow, feel free to ask.

Let's get this party started.


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Yeah, entered for the hell of it. I also entered the Euforia in plants of the month because it is so huge for an auto. Firgured, why not. If I win, I am going to ask my prizes be given to second and third place.

Welcome to the show.


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After watching some of your videos I opted for coco/perlite for my first grow. Had a bit of a problem early on with overwatering during seedling stage but they thankfully survived my abuse. Not going to be any trophy plants but I'm learning a lot for my next grow. Thanx for making your tutorials available for us FNG's. Looking forward to your progress on this one.


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:popcorn:You know a train LOVES big autos....

And if I come in second in the nug of month pleas send the prizes to third......I got more Sierra natural science than I know what to do with and a back up butter maker so I'm good lol..... I wish I had the space some of you guys do...

Fuzzy Duck

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Interesting to see yourself using an auto pot system LEDRF, i was looking at them myself just the other day :thumb:

I was thinking of using a vermiculite (for Capillary action) & clay pebble mix it should be pretty reusable also after a good clean, but ye not sure on those float valves they use ? sounds like they need to be checked regular or at least twice weekly.


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Fuzzy, the valvues are pretty reliable. I just didn't like how the plants didn't stay nice and green. I just finished converted the auto pot system to a top drip feed system.

I will see how that works. I do want to try it again in the future at a bottom feeding system with some pots with pure coco others with 50/50 coco perlite and no rocks or pebbles at the bottom of the pot.


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Here is part 4, showing how I water my seedlings.

I use less than half a gallon of water/nutes to feed 6 seedlings.

I put 5mL of Calmag plus in 5 gallons of R/O water and 3mL of root excel. I water with this daily, PH's to 5.6-5.8

Starting tomorrow, I will feed with 5mL calmag, 3mL root, and 3mL flora nova grow.


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Cheers for mentioning the valves on the auto pot system & gives me a peace of mind to which i shall take a 2nd look at the system before making me ol mind up upon such.

I love the experimental use of growing mediums, i think you can express more on this on how the plants develop etc

I don't use Co2 myself but could be a good idea to explain ya set up for others to make good use of your advice :thumb:
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