Let It Grow! :)

Great Journal MedicateToday! Some great info throughout the thread, you need to purchase a camera! I want to see more!

Ill have to check back after I do some more reading on things, still not up with all the lingo an talk quite yet :blalol:
CONGRATS TO ALL 10 MEDICATETODAY'S WRAPPED UP INSIDE YOUR HEAD ON YOUR HARVEST.:bong::;)::yummy::hmmmm::bongrip::rollit::yahoo::thedoubletake::lot-o-toke::smokin::helpsmilie:+REPS
What are the next strains on the agenda?

Hello there Mr.Chimp :thumb:

I already have started a new grow but i dont have a camera so a new journal with just words is a little "EHNN" ... :(

But the strains i have are : Somango Widow , 6x CBD Skunk Haze , Kaya 47 , Kali 47 , Bluehell , Lemon Skunk , 4x Skunk Nº1 , Critical :)
You can always throw some my way if it's too many.
I'l eventually do Bluehell. I did Medical Seeds Y Griega, 1024, 2046, and Jack La Mota before and liked them all a lot. Man I got too many seeds now but Jack La Mota, Bluehell, and No Name would be a nice order.....

The Y Griega Genetics are amazing! :) i want to try in the future from Medical Seeds: No Name
Devil Fruit
Sour Diesel
Channel +
White Widow
Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

Please head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too.

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