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Medic Grow Fold 8 LED Grow Light PAR Test & Review


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Medic Grow Fold 8 PAR Test & Review ::cheer:
"In the official test, the Medic Grow Fold 8 delivered an average PPFD of 723.2 µmol/m2. That is a great average, especially for a 5’ x 5’ test. The 723.2 µmol/m2 average across the 2.25 m2 space, means the Medic Grow Fold 8 delivered a Usable PPF of 1627.3 µmol. That is higher than any other fixture I have tested! During the test, I measured the power draw at 721 watts, which is exactly as advertised. 1627.3 µmol with only 721 watts shows us that the Fold 8 has a superior Usable Photon Efficiency of 2.26 µmol/w!"



"I measured a maximum PPFD of 1000 µmol/m2 at a hanging height of 43.5cm (about 17”). When I dragged the sensor over to the corner to start the test I was immediately impressed. The corners are below the 500 µmol/m2 threshold, but barely. The Medic Grow Fold 8 produced a truly excellent 5’ x 5’ PAR map. "


"I raised the fixture to see if I could get the corners above the 500 µmol/m2 threshold. At 61cm (24”), it came very close, which you can see in the PAR map below. Raising the fixture helped spread more light to the edges and corners. However, the average PPFD fell to 691.4 µmol/m2 and the efficiency dropped to 2.15 µmol/w. Regardless, both maps are excellent and suggest that the Fold 8 has a large range for optimal hanging height."

"In the 4’ x 4’ test at 80% power, the average PPFD was very high at 884.3 µmol/m2. The Usable PPF was an impressive 1273.3 µmol. Since it was dimmed to 80%, the Fold 8 was even more efficient than in the official test. It drew only 544 watts, giving it an incredible Usable Photon Efficiency of 2.34 µmol/w! At 80% power, you aren’t getting as much light, but the cost efficiency for a 4’ x 4’ application is still incredible at only $0.46/µmol."

Medic Grow Fold 8 Dimming Test: :thumb:


Great thanks to Dr MJ Coco :circle-of-love:

Check here to know more about Medic Grow Fold 8 :yahoo:
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I'm sure you're right about that. Good chance I'll be buying a 2nd one after the grow for when I use both 1/2's of my tent. This winter I plan to move my tents to my Shed so my AC will cool the entire shed & I wont have to keep it in my tent. My AC has heat too so I'm good that way. That will free up more grow room & require a 2nd light. I have other lights I could use in an emergency. But I like to keep things uniform so 2 of the same lights is my preference.
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